Haulover boats battle the rough waves at Haulover Inlet! Plus a rescue at the end. Enjoy the video.

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  1. Wavy Boats

    Wavy Boats12 days ago

    Who did it better? The Boats or the Yachts? 🌊😳

  2. Tristian Manuel

    Tristian Manuel2 days ago

    @Logan Jimmy yup, I've been using flixzone for since november myself :D

  3. Logan Jimmy

    Logan Jimmy2 days ago

    A tip: watch movies on flixzone. Me and my gf have been using them for watching all kinds of movies during the lockdown.

  4. James Reed

    James Reed8 days ago

    The guy on the surfboard that assisted the 2 numbnuts with the Kayak gets my vote... He just paddles off after they are rescued.

  5. Wavy Boats

    Wavy Boats8 days ago

    @Justin Bozeman because we want to? It's the scenery that is around our cameras all day.

  6. Justin Bozeman

    Justin Bozeman8 days ago

    If it's Haulover why are you showing girls in swim suits!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. TheInappropriate1

    TheInappropriate1Hour ago

    Great job recording the rescue!

  8. Sean Mural

    Sean Mural8 hours ago

    Are those boats transgender.....just asking a ???

  9. cathy vollrath

    cathy vollrath10 hours ago

    People are idiots!

  10. stringer 2295

    stringer 229511 hours ago

    Wow that 'Sunseeker 84' don't they make them in England.????

  11. Robert Doback

    Robert Doback19 hours ago

    All thehe women on the beach look stressed the fk out.

  12. wfdix1

    wfdix120 hours ago

    At least the stupid kayak guys had life vests.

  13. wfdix1

    wfdix120 hours ago

    Sometimes I think these videos should be titled, “Lotsa money, No Brains”

  14. Noah Seller

    Noah Seller21 hour ago

    Mystery boat number #2 was a sunbeam jet boat, my grandfather had one sense the 80s and uses it every weekend

  15. Daniel Yon

    Daniel YonDay ago

    They even saved their kayak??? Great work and service!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  16. Daniel Yon

    Daniel YonDay ago

    What is the best way to get out, with speed, or knowing when to throttle and when to let off?

  17. Chris Steff

    Chris SteffDay ago

    I fuck with wavy boats 🤟🏻

  18. T. J.

    T. J.Day ago

    Plot twist: owner of the yacht has a huge insurance policy on his lady friends...

  19. laura c

    laura cDay ago

    Mako for the win!

  20. Jaime Rivera

    Jaime RiveraDay ago

    The Makos are obviously designed for tough seas. Good for them.

  21. Michael Stevens

    Michael StevensDay ago

    Where is this? I'm from Oregon, if anybody in these video clips tried this on the Columbia River bar they'ed all be dead. Not a lifejacket amongst them.

  22. EliteDavid Horne

    EliteDavid HorneDay ago

    Considering the mass and horsepower the Azimut should of done better

  23. Cptain.Fine

    Cptain.FineDay ago

    Why are you recording some random girls on the beach fucking creep

  24. gunnersplace

    gunnersplaceDay ago

    The mako is how it’s done. Pin it to win it

  25. gunnersplace

    gunnersplaceDay ago

    Why let anyone on the bow. Ignorance

  26. Stop Enil

    Stop Enil2 days ago

    What is wrong with these careless, incompetent, negligent, morons? They should not be allowed to operate boats. They are dangerous and stupid. The ocean will always win. When returning from sea ride the back of a wave and do not attempt to out run it. That is simple and intelligent and works. Those that refuse to educate themselves and endanger others are negligent, careless morons.


    CHOO CHOO THE LIL SAVAGE !2 days ago

    Dummies on the bow again

  28. M W

    M W2 days ago

    what gets me is these captains idol out dumping water over the bow...put some power in her - raise the bow and they'd be better off

  29. Philip Murphy

    Philip Murphy2 days ago

    I used to wonder why women would lay-out on the bow during the roughest part of the trip, then I realized-its part of the TRAP!

  30. LovingAtlanta

    LovingAtlanta2 days ago

    😡…and we idiots on the bow without life vets on! WHAT is wrong with people?😡

  31. miamiwax

    miamiwax2 days ago

    Bow riding thru the inlet should be illegal and folks should get tickets. Why is being hazardous on the water ok but not in a car?

  32. C5Ron7

    C5Ron72 days ago


  33. Justgot Ohm

    Justgot Ohm3 days ago

    Crazy video, boats stuffing it, guys getting pull out to sea, I come away with, cute girl wipes booger on towel.

  34. bluesman608

    bluesman6083 days ago

    It seems like the boats that go slowly do much better in the waves, whereas the jackass speeders get slammed. Anyone know is that true? And do experienced captains adjust the throttle to work through the waves?

  35. Land-Locked Pirate

    Land-Locked Pirate2 days ago

    Best speed depends on the hull form (planing, semi-displacement, full displacement) but generally a controlled steady speed works best. Usually throttle power up a wave and cut back at the crest to coast down the otherside otherwise you risk driving nose first into the wave trough and swamping. Trim is usually adjusted on the fly using motor/leg or trim tabs but that's done in real time. By feeling and hopefully knowing how your vessel handles in optimal conditions you should make it out the other side the right way up and pointing in the desired direction

  36. Alex T.

    Alex T.3 days ago

    Hey we need help over here, ok as soon as I'm done filming you I will call for help. 👀

  37. Alanthecat

    Alanthecat3 days ago

    Williams is slow, cant see that improving?

  38. Plake Plays

    Plake Plays4 days ago

    2:40 either a sea ray sedan bridge or a silverton

  39. arf shesaid

    arf shesaid4 days ago

    HELP. ? These idiots , complete with life jackets think that Mark Spitz is going to morph from the camera man. I dont know but if i looked that scared shitless , i think i might shy away from a puny kayak , dumb asses

  40. Brudny Nurek

    Brudny Nurek5 days ago

    Why are you always creeping on girls? Should be Pervy Boats.

  41. Bill Veder

    Bill Veder5 days ago

    My gosh it's a sit on top kayak for the love of Pete! Flip it over get back on it and start paddling.

  42. Bill Veder

    Bill Veder5 days ago

    3:00 min = Is there anything I can do for you sweetie?

  43. See things clearly Awaken

    See things clearly Awaken5 days ago

    I would've thought the sharks would tear those two guys to bits. Where are the sharks?!

  44. Simon Salvation

    Simon Salvation5 days ago

    I don't know why USlikes thought I would like to see this. And I don't know why I'm watching this. But I do.

  45. Larry Rickey

    Larry Rickey5 days ago

    Why is the water so rough at this spot?

  46. Todd Chapman

    Todd Chapman5 days ago

    Mystery boat is a Sea Ray 400 Sedan Bridge. I owned one, great boat!

  47. albert aird

    albert aird5 days ago

    My favorite is anyone given to me.

  48. S Lit

    S Lit6 days ago

    At 3:03 TWIN 32 Cs....BEACH COMBERS

  49. buixrule

    buixrule6 days ago

    At 1:04 I see Darwin was at the helm, with the girls laying flat on the bow entering the channel. Congratulations "captian". Great call.

  50. UpCloseVideo

    UpCloseVideo6 days ago

    Police could do with a Sunseeker to help in their rescues and day to day enjoyment 👌

  51. Δημήτρης Μερμηγκας

    Δημήτρης Μερμηγκας6 days ago

    sunseeker 84 ft

  52. sive1231

    sive12316 days ago

    Definitely can't complain about the eye candy.

  53. Schultz6325

    Schultz63257 days ago

    Rose: I love you, Jack. Jack: Don't you do that, don't say your good-byes. Not yet, do you understand me? Rose: But Haulover is so very rough! Jack: Listen, Rose. You're gonna get out of here, you're gonna go on.....

  54. I’m A Great GUY

    I’m A Great GUY7 days ago

    I like how this guy randomly films girls on the beach😂

  55. ron lombardi

    ron lombardi7 days ago

    my favorite yacht is the one i'm on at the time

  56. Sun Lee

    Sun Lee7 days ago

    There’s NO WAKE ZONE???

  57. Half Nelson

    Half Nelson7 days ago

    So the police/city buys Contender boats? Huh. That's interesting. 🤔

  58. Tuukka Markkula

    Tuukka Markkula7 days ago

    My favourite is targa 44!

  59. Jim Huntley

    Jim Huntley7 days ago


  60. Silvio Marrelli

    Silvio Marrelli7 days ago

    Japa do caralho para de passar esse mentiroso

  61. Silvio Marrelli

    Silvio Marrelli7 days ago

    Que lancha mais instável a primeira

  62. NWSanta

    NWSanta7 days ago

    Man, that Lilly boat, like a boss! Crazy!!!

  63. Jhonny Rockstar

    Jhonny Rockstar7 days ago

    The boats i get, but filming random chicks at the beach is just creepy...

  64. Pervy Sage

    Pervy Sage7 days ago

    Jeezus that first one was rough and it just goes downhill from there. Those girls on the Azimut needed a life vest

  65. enginepy

    enginepy6 days ago

    Yes bc lots of people wear life vests while on a 55 foot yacht.... maybe they should have just not been on the bow sun pad till they cleared the inlet.

  66. larry alimo

    larry alimo7 days ago

    As usual a boat and a fast car are a extinctions of a guys dick

  67. rss3781

    rss37817 days ago

    USE YOUR RADAR AT ALL TIMES CRASH INTO MY BOAT AND WE WILL C U IN COURT NO RADAR = LAWSUIT SOMETHING LIKE 95% WIN WHEN A BOAT HAS RADAR BUT NOT ON THIS IS YOUR ONE AND ONLY WARNING MY 23FT RUNS MARPA ARPA RADAR ALL THE TIME TO ANYONE WHO DON'T USED INSTALLED RADAR YES I HAVE CAMS RECORDING 24-7 ONBOARD Am I required to have Radar? Radar is not required on vessels under 1600 GT (33 CFR 164.35), however, Rule 7 states that proper use shall be made of radar equipment if fitted and operational. In other words, whoever has one must use it. The Navigation Rules are not meant to discourage the use of any device, rather they expect prudent mariners to avail themselves of all available means to make full appraisal of the situation (Rule 5), e.g. the use of radar. At issue is whether the use of radar is appropriate in the prevailing circumstances and that is a determination made by the Master; and, ultimately decided by a trier of fact. Should you be in a collision how would a judge/jury rule on your contention that the use of radar was impracticable (due to electrical drain, crew shortages, etc.)? Also, if a collision does occur, then there was obviously a risk of collision beforehand. Could the determination of that risk have been made sooner with the use of radar? It is difficult to answer such questions because the circumstances of each case are different.

  68. Matt Maverick

    Matt Maverick8 days ago

    Oh man what have I done, all I do now is get high and watch people hit this cool ass inlet 😂😂

  69. willow Eley

    willow Eley8 days ago

    I can't get over how slack you guys aren't over the situation that's going on world wide

  70. Zack S

    Zack S3 days ago

    What situation?

  71. Dragonsrage012

    Dragonsrage0128 days ago

    I miss the commentary.


    MARK LOCKWOOD8 days ago

    Some people have learn the hard way.

  73. zeocen

    zeocen8 days ago

    whats with the random creepy footage of unsuspecting women? can't it just be about the boats?

  74. Ron Glasby

    Ron Glasby8 days ago

    Bad choice of yak for those conditions. Feelfree Dorado125 is the way to go. Drains great and no compartments to flood. Great channel y'all.

  75. James Reed

    James Reed8 days ago

    I love how the guy on the surf board just paddles off once the 2 idiots are rescued...No big deal to him.. LOL

  76. Kevin Maxwell

    Kevin Maxwell8 days ago

    I absolutely noticed a difference in this video it is more clear like 4k or better.


    BAITDOMAIN8 days ago

    Hopefully they're charged HUGE fee for being IGNET!

  78. Jake S

    Jake S8 days ago

    I mean those conditions sucked for sure and it's hard to tell how fast the boats are going in these clips, but that Azimut 55s tops out at 35 knots. There's no reason why it should've struggled so much if they throttled down, trimmed up, and let the hull to the work -- especially with that much freeboard.

  79. slandshark

    slandshark8 days ago

    The Azimut 555 on the way out...why are they going to slow? Seems common with some of these big boats. They go so slow and then get rocked so hard by the ways. A little throttle would smooth things out a ton for them.

  80. Manny Rivera

    Manny Rivera8 days ago

    @7:16 ...Dude you have a life vest on .....get your asses on the water and paddle to shore while holding the kayak

  81. Russian North

    Russian North8 days ago

    Great video. even reviewed 2 times !!! and today I posted a video of how the captain skillfully swept the ship from the impact with the pier in the north of Russia. Happy viewing.

  82. Cineris

    Cineris8 days ago

    The Three Gulls mystery boat is a 1998 Sea Ray 44'

  83. The Demon JT

    The Demon JT8 days ago

    Seems like these "boating channels" are an excuse for perverts to look at women and teen girls... stays on them longer than the boats

  84. El Gringo Loko

    El Gringo Loko8 days ago

    So whats the trick ??? Full throttle 😂??

  85. Harry DeLuca

    Harry DeLuca8 days ago

    OH....and for your ride on the Contender...Here is your asshole ticket for $2000 for the rescue and the idiot fee!

  86. Harry DeLuca

    Harry DeLuca8 days ago

    Two jackweaselssaywhat at 7:40? Sailing...take me away from where I used to be! Goooombyeya my Lord....Gooombyeya....................

  87. Harry DeLuca

    Harry DeLuca8 days ago

    Superboat at 6:10

  88. Hcjs7

    Hcjs78 days ago

    Boat #2 is a 24’ superboat .

  89. CX A340

    CX A3409 days ago

    The sun seeker is a displacement hull isn’t it? Seems to really handle the chop better for a yacht where bouncing up down like that can mean damage to fittings inside.

  90. Hanover Green

    Hanover Green9 days ago

    You didn’t mark down the passengers or the boat for not having life preservers that is on another episode? None of the yacht girls had them. Best Regards

  91. K9 388

    K9 3889 days ago

    How’s that defunding police thing going....

  92. Frank Barone

    Frank Barone9 days ago

    1:20 That's borderline child endangerment. Good thing the water pigs didn't see that.

  93. Frank Barone

    Frank Barone9 days ago

    That first one was going slow on purpose. Enjoying the wave action as he intentionally backed off to give his passengers a little bouncy thrill.

  94. James Koch

    James Koch9 days ago

    Some real beauties here, just manatees at Black Point. Why is that?

  95. Julian Taylor

    Julian Taylor9 days ago

    The two guys in the canoe really shouldn’t be out there if they couldn’t sort themselves out of the situation. That was a basic self recovery.

  96. EnabledShooter

    EnabledShooter5 days ago

    What do you mean? They had a great recovery technique. Hep! Hep! Hep! ......... Hep! Hep! Hep! Hep! Works every time. 🙄

  97. Stille Willie

    Stille Willie8 days ago

    You're absolutely right!

  98. Ranger 231

    Ranger 2319 days ago

    Good on you Miami-Dade Police and beach rescue! Well done.

  99. Tony Arsenault

    Tony Arsenault9 days ago

    Another great video ! Maybe add some Drone videos if allowed at the inlet.

  100. MGA MGA

    MGA MGA9 days ago

    Little speed boat Mystery may be a Checkmate

  101. JeepnVa

    JeepnVa9 days ago

    The Solace III was going to slow.

  102. brdsb1

    brdsb19 days ago

    Why the outboard passion? Can't really understand, they take all the back leisure area and don't add more power 🤔

  103. BoFab

    BoFab9 days ago

    boats passing by all day and nobody stopped to help nice city you self centered floridian fools

  104. Jj Jones

    Jj Jones9 days ago

    These captains are just idiots and shouldn’t be allowed to command a vessel !!! . You can see from miles away the horizon and the white horses and size of the waves !!! So wtf would you let people go on the bow in such rough weather just idiots

  105. crunchied8

    crunchied89 days ago

    As a skipper why would you allow people on the front of the boat in big swell no common sense there thats what i see

  106. Camping Rhody's

    Camping Rhody's9 days ago


  107. Steve Nelson

    Steve Nelson9 days ago

    Wow! That was crazy how fast that current was!! Glad everyone is safe!

  108. Chris Aiano

    Chris Aiano9 days ago

    do the guys have to pay for that rescue and do the boats have to pay as well if they need assistance many thanks

  109. Bobby S

    Bobby S10 days ago

    bet those two girls on the Azimut/55S never thoght they would get the pounding they were getting on that boat. at least not the pounding they were thinking of

  110. takl23

    takl2310 days ago

    Those guys were being dragged out so quick they could’ve ended up in Aruba!