When Your Phone Is Worth More Than Your LIFE! #shorts

When Your Phone Is Worth More Than Your LIFE! #shorts


  1. Wavy Boats

    Wavy Boats13 days ago

    Scary situation... How could this have been avoided? 😳

  2. Matt kinney

    Matt kinney46 minutes ago

    Having common sense. As we find out as we get older in life for as we meet more people common sense is not that common. And the inlet like that with waves like that you jump in the water that’s a death trap what I have another boats coming what an idiot but he probably had no idea about the water and how dangerous it can be on the inlet

  3. Auktioneronline se

    Auktioneronline se2 hours ago

    @Gurn Blanstein it will never happen

  4. Auktioneronline se

    Auktioneronline se2 hours ago

    @Guppy Galaxy like usual

  5. B. Fett

    B. Fett2 hours ago

    Who wants people to avoid shit like this. You wouldnt have a you tube channel

  6. Auktioneronline se

    Auktioneronline se2 hours ago

    Dont Flash with a boat you cant afford to impresse People that you dont like

  7. Jairo Gutierrez

    Jairo Gutierrez8 minutes ago

    Thing are serious out. There .be safe.🤣🤣😂. Summer coming

  8. Bad Roach

    Bad Roach9 minutes ago

    Don't save yourself, save the phone! 🤪

  9. Some Dude

    Some Dude18 minutes ago

    I hope that her phone is water resistant. Then again, it might be an iphone.

  10. Petros S.

    Petros S.28 minutes ago

    Congratulations idiots!!!

  11. Tanya Ortega

    Tanya Ortega39 minutes ago

    unfortunately it wasnt the bikini that was washed away

  12. Errol Madrigal

    Errol Madrigal49 minutes ago

    no proper training helmans and crew manover board. throw a lifebouy immediately.. oh my god

  13. Gazz Bet72

    Gazz Bet7256 minutes ago

    Главное айфонт не замочить!! Главное

  14. Drive D

    Drive DHour ago

    Все хорошо, только трусы улетели

  15. Кремлëвский бот

    Кремлëвский ботHour ago

    Спасательный жилет придумал трус

  16. EatShytake

    EatShytakeHour ago

    Hahahahahahahhahahahaha.... *deep inhale* hahahhahahahahahahaha

  17. lotus bleu

    lotus bleuHour ago

    Et oui...

  18. А.М А

    А.М АHour ago

    У вас есть океан ,катера,яхты, а вот мозгов нет.

  19. John Smith

    John SmithHour ago

    Can't fault her dedication to her next Tiktok video.

  20. Jose Gomez

    Jose Gomez2 hours ago

    Como cuando te arrepientes de estar en el lugar equibocado

  21. Matthew Sipe

    Matthew Sipe2 hours ago

    So i guess people with money to burn.....are NOT that smart after all....lol

  22. Rodney Zemke

    Rodney Zemke2 hours ago

    Rough seas but no life jackets worn.

  23. Made Anyar

    Made Anyar2 hours ago

    No...she just got worried can't get iphone anymore.

  24. Bryce Xavier A. Español

    Bryce Xavier A. Español2 hours ago

    I-phone??? Nah I will not care of my phone because those guys is rich

  25. Auktioneronline se

    Auktioneronline se2 hours ago

    2021 in a nutshell

  26. Robert Miley

    Robert Miley3 hours ago

    Hilarious man! I care more about Beer!

  27. NA blog

    NA blog3 hours ago

    What about bra

  28. Registered Simp Offender

    Registered Simp Offender4 hours ago

    I would do the same thing with my vibrator

  29. Crow Project

    Crow Project4 hours ago

    If you think that, your life must be sad

  30. Xavier Minchello

    Xavier Minchello4 hours ago

    Totally irresponsible boaters. This is extremely dangerous!

  31. Kassius KLAY

    Kassius KLAY4 hours ago

    Just let me take a last selfie 🤳 and what’s up it up !! before sinking down !!🤣🤣😂🤣

  32. Kassius KLAY

    Kassius KLAY4 hours ago

    Looks like this was set up ... 🤣🤣🤣🤣 holding her phone like a trophy 🏆 !!!!!hahaha !! Rescue the iPhone leave the lady in !!

  33. Van Tho Le

    Van Tho Le5 hours ago

    Thích cảm giác mạnh

  34. Alfonso Lopez

    Alfonso Lopez5 hours ago

    Yes chicken heads not allowed awesomeness !!!

  35. La LEYENDA

    La LEYENDA5 hours ago

    that fucking PEOPLE that without the YANKEES

  36. Joseph Gray

    Joseph Gray5 hours ago

    Wow just wow!!!

  37. Mud Dirt

    Mud Dirt5 hours ago

    When democrats try to understand the fishing and freedom thing..

  38. Aditya Dewan

    Aditya Dewan5 hours ago

    This is seam to be the shot of baahubali 2 when grand mother save the child

  39. Mark Teele

    Mark Teele5 hours ago

    No life jacket.

  40. Wee Day

    Wee Day6 hours ago

    Actually she is a good swimmer

  41. Tony F.

    Tony F.6 hours ago

    Thin the herd.

  42. Papin Ramirez Ramirez

    Papin Ramirez Ramirez6 hours ago

    Ke desastre mi hermano....

  43. Geremy Pelleran

    Geremy Pelleran6 hours ago

    I bet when she sits down and hears a crack she hope’s it’s her back breaking and not her phone.

  44. Papin Ramirez Ramirez

    Papin Ramirez Ramirez6 hours ago

    Ho y ke fue lo ke paso hay ....

  45. dwj77

    dwj777 hours ago

    The phone is clearly more intelligent.

  46. Carlos Dellasala

    Carlos Dellasala7 hours ago

    Que pelotudo

  47. Dust Black

    Dust Black7 hours ago

    Its not funny .. but she wasn't letting that phone go lol

  48. J R

    J R7 hours ago

    She's safe and got her phone back. All is well that ends well

  49. dphotos

    dphotos8 hours ago

    No life vest. Just great. She is more worried about her phone than her life.

  50. Ivan Sagati

    Ivan Sagati8 hours ago

    Cadê os comentários em Português 🤪


    STEAK OFF8 hours ago


  52. Chihuahua Ate Your Underwear

    Chihuahua Ate Your Underwear8 hours ago

    Is the phone still working? 😂😂😂

  53. Jose Cervantes

    Jose Cervantes8 hours ago

    Lol stupid people

  54. Ruby Tuesday

    Ruby Tuesday9 hours ago

    God took her that day. How embarrassing to die over a phone. Stupid Teke

  55. Joe Guzman

    Joe Guzman9 hours ago

    Goofball is still filming 😂😂😂

  56. Melk Vieira

    Melk Vieira9 hours ago

    Mano do céu, a mulher se afogando pra tentar salvar as fotinhas do celular. Eh triste viu

  57. Raiders of Friendship

    Raiders of Friendship9 hours ago

    In refrence to the title, her life didnt have much value to begin with

  58. Make 81

    Make 819 hours ago

    She took selfies.

  59. ابو حازم

    ابو حازم9 hours ago


  60. James Rowland

    James Rowland9 hours ago

    People's properties are fucked

  61. Hunter Walker

    Hunter Walker9 hours ago

    The very end speaks volume on how society views technology.

  62. San Foss

    San Foss10 hours ago

    😂😂😂 ops 😶

  63. Gusuave007

    Gusuave00710 hours ago


  64. No Soup For You

    No Soup For You10 hours ago

    Hahah. She’s got all her data in there.

  65. Wesley Sousa

    Wesley Sousa10 hours ago

    Otaria kkkk

  66. kb bryant

    kb bryant10 hours ago

    Looks like someone lost there top

  67. Jon Lister

    Jon Lister10 hours ago


  68. whogivesa....

    whogivesa....10 hours ago

    No common sense detected

  69. gladiatorxxx

    gladiatorxxx10 hours ago

    She’s got all the porno pic in there !!! Imagen the husband seeing that with the others !!!

  70. Patrick Herron

    Patrick Herron10 hours ago

    The operator of that boat should be ashamed of himself and that woman should be counting her graces. She is so dumb!

  71. Eliezer Lacerda

    Eliezer Lacerda10 hours ago

    A mulher levou umas trinta piruleta e não largou.o celular....esta é ninja heim.....😁😁🇧🇷🇧🇷

  72. Equinox57

    Equinox5710 hours ago

    Nice Save!

  73. Naper tandy Issac butt

    Naper tandy Issac butt10 hours ago

    Save my phone

  74. Efe 99

    Efe 9911 hours ago

    Lol phone is dead already. If its not strong waterproof.

  75. David Prieto

    David Prieto11 hours ago


  76. lawrencemacd63

    lawrencemacd6311 hours ago

    Clueless boat owner

  77. Todd Bounce

    Todd Bounce11 hours ago

    Wow, she's smart enough to be an anchor !!!

  78. Mari Mancini

    Mari Mancini11 hours ago

    Ah 😳 pobrecita 😂🤦

  79. Adelino Araujo

    Adelino Araujo11 hours ago

    Delícia ao mar!

  80. Damon Denis

    Damon Denis11 hours ago

    The person driving should have his boating license suspended!

  81. Piete Koo

    Piete Koo11 hours ago

    Aquatic rodeo.

  82. M. V 33

    M. V 3312 hours ago

    Stupidità 100%

  83. JPfromthaHood

    JPfromthaHood12 hours ago

    Theres something i need to tell you Girl .. If you're dead, that phone becomes useless, just sayin....

  84. Ellsworth Johnson

    Ellsworth Johnson12 hours ago

    That's right baby girl go get that my whole life is on my phone 📱

  85. Doc Will

    Doc Will12 hours ago

    If you're ready for it and have a safety-leash [and your phone strapped to your wrist(!)] riding the bow is hella fun..

  86. Michael DelRossi

    Michael DelRossi12 hours ago

    What is more important your Life or your Phone? And No Life Jacket being worn while bouncing around in a rough surf?

  87. Christobal Espinosa

    Christobal Espinosa12 hours ago


  88. 12345 12345

    12345 1234512 hours ago

    Когда купил смартфон в кредит

  89. Charles Hepworth

    Charles Hepworth13 hours ago

    Stupid captain

  90. Jim Hiscott

    Jim Hiscott13 hours ago


  91. Everaldo Ferreira dos Santos

    Everaldo Ferreira dos Santos13 hours ago


  92. D. Cypher

    D. Cypher13 hours ago


  93. Gilmourish Gilmourish

    Gilmourish Gilmourish14 hours ago


  94. mrBDeye

    mrBDeye14 hours ago

    Red swimsuit goes up in the air.

  95. David H

    David H14 hours ago

    If this is Darwinism, she's not going to make it to the next round of cuts.

  96. Robert Prado

    Robert Prado14 hours ago

    C .

  97. Murali Muru

    Murali Muru14 hours ago


  98. Ernest Hemingway

    Ernest Hemingway14 hours ago

    There's an idiot

  99. Trey

    Trey14 hours ago

    Poor title, two sides to everything, was she a little dumb for trying to save the phone that much, maybe, but the driver of that boat should not have allowed them to be in the front in the first place given the conditions. She can clearly swim just fine and would hope she never makes the mistake of getting on a boat with someone that ignorant.

  100. Rudens Mara

    Rudens Mara14 hours ago

    She needs her phone to call them back in case nobody noticed she fell.

  101. 11111111 2222222

    11111111 222222215 hours ago

    La epítome de la estupidez humana, por eso llegamos a este punto y de aquí todo va para abajo

  102. Joseph Centron

    Joseph Centron15 hours ago

    Dude life preservers

  103. Pinche Loco

    Pinche Loco15 hours ago

    Safe my iPhone please😂

  104. Nantapong Vissamittananda

    Nantapong Vissamittananda15 hours ago

    super dump!

  105. afro samurai

    afro samurai16 hours ago