Don't mess with HER! #shorts

Don't mess with HER! #shorts


  1. DragonAttack Master07

    DragonAttack Master07Day ago

    She got them tactical airpods, sheeeeeeeeeeeeesh

  2. HandsOnConciergeSecurity SWFL

    HandsOnConciergeSecurity SWFLDay ago

    Whats her number

  3. Tom Barrett

    Tom BarrettDay ago

    I think her being filmed is creepy as fuck.

  4. JBJ Honez

    JBJ HonezDay ago

    Whhhaaaatttt!?! She can’t look right!?!

  5. Steve Lara

    Steve LaraDay ago

    Her mother and father mother and father should be very proud of her you go girl

  6. Luis Moran

    Luis MoranDay ago

    Ok honey No te preocupes Dinner will be ready when you come home.

  7. Dinesh K

    Dinesh KDay ago

    Mexican police 🤔

  8. Logan hogan

    Logan hoganDay ago

    These are called tokens.

  9. RUB1 Tan

    RUB1 TanDay ago

    FUCIN HELL ❗️❗️Her pony tail half way down her Back ... Potential health and safety disaster ... Don’t get me wrong she is lovely 😊 but do something with that hair before something tragic happens please ❤️

  10. scales removed

    scales removedDay ago

    Yeah, I'm real scared, completely powerless without the gun.

  11. FreeJokes2020 KoolMC

    FreeJokes2020 KoolMC2 days ago

    Looking for Coke...

  12. bassjammincaleb

    bassjammincaleb2 days ago

    Wow!!!! ...momma! Take me to your jail

  13. Logan Johnson

    Logan Johnson3 days ago

    Really bro? Gotta have the exaggerated swagger music? Bruh.

  14. ocie frazier 3

    ocie frazier 34 days ago

    I want to buy a boat now LOL😎✊🏾👌

  15. Alex eaton explores America

    Alex eaton explores America5 days ago

    She is called the Karen police

  16. Devin Martin

    Devin Martin6 days ago

    She's not suppose to be operating a police boat with ear buds in. Report her lol

  17. Donovan Wise

    Donovan Wise7 days ago

    I'm in love

  18. SS Tj.friedrichschaffen

    SS Tj.friedrichschaffen7 days ago

    Yeaaa baby

  19. Edward Teach

    Edward Teach7 days ago

    Does it cost more to insure the boat? You know, because she is driving it?

  20. Larry Milsap

    Larry Milsap7 days ago

    Or what?, she’ll shoot me? I know she won’t overcome me by other means... unless I’m just swimming, props hurt.

  21. Vintage Dashboard

    Vintage Dashboard7 days ago

    Beautiful woman I mean Damn

  22. Craig Moon

    Craig Moon7 days ago

    Ill make her smile

  23. Joel Hendrickson

    Joel Hendrickson7 days ago

    O bummer I have to get up in the morning go drive around the marina look for criminals.🤔.. But she sure does look good doing it. 😷

  24. LovingAtlanta

    LovingAtlanta7 days ago

    😂I thought that was me for a sec. 😂

  25. Great Mystery

    Great MysteryDay ago

    I thought that was you too! (;

  26. Logan Johnson

    Logan Johnson3 days ago


  27. Orczekk

    Orczekk7 days ago

    Jump into the water and she will save you. Maybe there will be artificial respiration?

  28. Johnny Bootlegger

    Johnny Bootlegger7 days ago

    Thanks for supporting the latin ladies 😁

  29. tarun

    tarun7 days ago

    all the comments are pathetic simps

  30. Don Az

    Don Az7 days ago


  31. Xristos Sakkas

    Xristos Sakkas8 days ago


  32. M R

    M R8 days ago

    She can't see the sea un front, its too.short

  33. Patrick Guillory

    Patrick Guillory8 days ago

    If I get into trouble.... Send her to arrest me 😍😍😍😍😍

  34. Eliza Guamán Pinela

    Eliza Guamán Pinela8 days ago

    never on patrol just with one person. at least two.

  35. ASG Rides

    ASG Rides8 days ago

    Her arms look like toothpicks

  36. Mike Morgan

    Mike Morgan8 days ago

    Yeah boring... I'll go elsewhere for entertainment.

  37. Is gold The time

    Is gold The time8 days ago

    I love you 💗

  38. Baba Loo

    Baba Loo8 days ago

    Don't mess with her why? A girl driving a boat big deal I see this all the time. And she has a gun, so.

  39. Michel Lariviere

    Michel Lariviere8 days ago

    Her Glock looks bigger than her

  40. John Thomas

    John Thomas8 days ago

    Much respect to her for doing a thankless job right now. Protect and serve!

  41. John Burrows

    John Burrows6 days ago

    @Patrick Asplund you are spot on👍

  42. Patrick Asplund

    Patrick Asplund7 days ago

    Yeah, she's really doing some service. Riding around on a $100k boat and writing tickets to white yuppies, and ONLY for $120k a year. Christ, will somebody go get that care package I mailed to my brother in the Corps and send it back to the states, because she deserves it...

  43. John Burrows

    John Burrows7 days ago

    @MillennialHonkey 89 bingo.

  44. MillennialHonkey 89

    MillennialHonkey 897 days ago

    Yeah going around giving white people tickets for petty infractions, while marxists and commies run wild....

  45. alfred selle

    alfred selle8 days ago

    She hot

  46. Joe Clark

    Joe Clark8 days ago

    She can get it

  47. Chris Roth

    Chris Roth8 days ago

    Damn she can mess with me

  48. Richard Alfaro

    Richard Alfaro8 days ago

    Ehh .. who would want to ... People need to stop being over dramatic

  49. Jon Jones

    Jon Jones8 days ago

    Air pods in, kill cord not connected.....I think you could safely mess with this bimbo.

  50. chris dale

    chris dale8 days ago

    YES! This is awesome!! I love this. Really. Celebrating the service and her uniform. And it is very sexy in my opinion. This is a very big deal. I’m so happy you did this. I love it.

  51. Cyrill P

    Cyrill PDay ago

    Oh man! Girls in uniform!

  52. Alf Prøysen

    Alf Prøysen8 days ago

    Dat pony tail comes in handy 😏

  53. Patrick Asplund

    Patrick Asplund7 days ago

    @Reggie the great No, he's just not as big of an geriatric Boomer pervert. But I'm sure he aspires to be just like you someday...

  54. Alf Prøysen

    Alf Prøysen7 days ago

    @Reggie the great indeed, I'm glad majority gets it lol

  55. Reggie the great

    Reggie the great7 days ago

    @jatpack3 u must be special needs

  56. Reggie the great

    Reggie the great7 days ago

    @Alf Prøysen that joke went wayyyyyyyyyy over his head

  57. Alf Prøysen

    Alf Prøysen7 days ago

    @jatpack3 Whoooosh!

  58. Jason Gilliam

    Jason Gilliam8 days ago


  59. Salty Steel

    Salty Steel8 days ago

    Please pull me over. Lol

  60. Вадим Овтин

    Вадим Овтин8 days ago


  61. Spud King

    Spud King8 days ago

    Stic m up! Punk...

  62. Racer Reid

    Racer Reid8 days ago

    Problem is that that is exactly what will happen if she encounters real criminals. Small women shouldn't be in positions they can't physically handle

  63. The Captain

    The Captain7 days ago

    Finally, someone with common sense here.

  64. Mr.NaughtyPants

    Mr.NaughtyPants8 days ago

    She has on entirely way to many clothes.

  65. Get Schwifty

    Get Schwifty8 days ago

    You mean std's

  66. John Sipolis

    John Sipolis8 days ago

    Why don't the water police have more crew onboard in the States?

  67. Cammo 1308

    Cammo 13089 days ago

    Nothing hotter than a chick with a 40 Cal. on her hip driving a boat. She’s probably tougher than half the blokes watching this channel 🍺🍺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  68. The Captain

    The Captain6 days ago

    @Cammo 1308 yes, and you are guilty as hell lol

  69. Cammo 1308

    Cammo 13087 days ago

    @The Captain what is ‘simping’? Is it some sort of American term?

  70. The Captain

    The Captain7 days ago

    @Cammo 1308 oh, so you were just simping online then? That's pretty tough. 😅

  71. Cammo 1308

    Cammo 13087 days ago

    @The Captain no you peanut, don’t you know it’s size of the fight in the dog, not the size of the dog in the fight. So you think I’m an idiot male feminist hey, guessing you don’t like women, prefer men do you? Go and take your chihuahua for a walk and take your boyfriend with you....tough guy tosser.

  72. The Captain

    The Captain7 days ago

    @Larry Milsap agreed.

  73. John Carrascal

    John Carrascal9 days ago

    So brave 💁‍♂️

  74. Brows Man

    Brows Man9 days ago

    I wouldn’t try to Sig her Sauer

  75. aj2090

    aj20909 days ago

    That’s cool but if you call her fat she’ll be stuck for the rest of the day.

  76. April may

    April may9 days ago

    Doe Doe oh deer.. Looook at that a deer! Dooope

  77. Petty Pendergrass

    Petty Pendergrass9 days ago

    Apple Users (Looks Away)

  78. Jacob Adams

    Jacob Adams9 days ago

    Head on a swivel

  79. Gustavo Ferreira Castelo Branco

    Gustavo Ferreira Castelo Branco9 days ago

    Vai brincando…

  80. Norm Simpson

    Norm Simpson9 days ago

    So cute and empowered...she's a big girl now...

  81. The Captain

    The Captain7 days ago

    How is she empowered? By you sexualizing her?

  82. Steven Nelisse

    Steven Nelisse8 days ago


  83. benny rosado

    benny rosado9 days ago

    Lmao 😆

  84. Jake TV

    Jake TV9 days ago


  85. Red Head Momma717

    Red Head Momma7179 days ago

    Don't mess with the police. Period.

  86. Geoffrey Wallace

    Geoffrey Wallace9 days ago

    I thought she was wearing shorts lol.

  87. Dennis McColley

    Dennis McColley9 days ago

    Sure is looking hard for Somebody to mess with She's not watching worse is going.

  88. Bill Styles

    Bill Styles6 days ago

    Dennis, go back to school because you failed grammar 🤦

  89. bruh ice

    bruh ice9 days ago

    @Erik Larson hope she notices u bro

  90. Erik Larson

    Erik Larson9 days ago

    Can't even help it. Imagine being this Dennis dude. He is literally saying she is looking around too much. That THAT will cause her to hit something. Imagine your brain working that way? Yikes.

  91. Erik Larson

    Erik Larson9 days ago

    Such a stud you are. Other than having zero grasp of basic communication.

  92. TSM

    TSM9 days ago

    She can arrest me any day

  93. Brews Willis

    Brews Willis9 days ago

    Say no to quota hires. Just waiting for her to screw up, which she will big time…

  94. Steven Nelisse

    Steven Nelisse8 days ago

    Definitely !

  95. boog ball

    boog ball9 days ago

    that's a contender

  96. Виталий

    Виталий9 days ago

    Ей бы лучше купальник бикини подошёл

  97. Rollo Tomasi

    Rollo Tomasi9 days ago

    Это после работы только ))

  98. MegaSensimila

    MegaSensimila9 days ago

    arrest me please

  99. wabaly wables

    wabaly wables9 days ago

    She cant even see in front of her

  100. TSM

    TSM9 days ago

    You mean she can't SEA in front of her?

  101. max 223

    max 2239 days ago

    The quality of the video is so good🤝🤝

  102. C5Ron7

    C5Ron79 days ago


  103. G. Vulgar

    G. Vulgar9 days ago

    lara croft

  104. Larry Milsap

    Larry Milsap7 days ago

    Lara fraud

  105. E.C. Listening

    E.C. Listening9 days ago

    There’s nothing wrong with her shorts

  106. Sweeptheleg !

    Sweeptheleg !9 days ago

    Wait....what kind of "messing with" are we talking about here? Cause I was thinking of different kind. 😁

  107. Get Schwifty

    Get Schwifty8 days ago

    He probably means she has a list of appointments at a std clinic. don't mess with that.

  108. nicholas cox

    nicholas cox9 days ago

    Now that’s SEXY!!

  109. G-money

    G-money8 days ago

    And the reason my family gets home! Keep us safe on the water!

  110. Mike Hunt

    Mike Hunt9 days ago

    Tyrants in clown costumes...where's a sniper when you need one?

  111. Smith 53

    Smith 539 days ago

    Good to see she is aware of her surroundings with headphones in. !

  112. Erik Larson

    Erik Larson9 days ago

    Another meal team 6 member checking in!

  113. Jose' A

    Jose' A9 days ago

    She only has the left one in and can hear the radios

  114. Guppy Galaxy

    Guppy Galaxy9 days ago


  115. Gerhard van Waltsleben

    Gerhard van Waltsleben9 days ago

    Lekker man lekker

  116. Kevin K

    Kevin K9 days ago

    I like the short clips keep em coming 👍🏻

  117. J G

    J G9 days ago

    WHY ?

  118. Scott Angove

    Scott Angove9 days ago

    I'm in love with you, can you please tell me if you want to meet up with me. I'm retired air search and rescue LT I Know that won't make a difference but thought you be comfortable knowing that I'm a ok guy and not a nut. 😃

  119. God Blessed America

    God Blessed America9 days ago

    God bless the men and women that sacrifice their lives for our freedoms every day. 💙🙏🏼🇺🇸

  120. God Blessed America

    God Blessed America7 days ago

    @The Captain Forgive me. I thought the American Flag 🇺🇸 represented us all.

  121. The Captain

    The Captain7 days ago

    @God Blessed America LEOs won't read it differently. Try "God bless the military for sacrificing to protect our freedoms". No qualms with that.

  122. God Blessed America

    God Blessed America7 days ago

    @The Captain Not surprised.

  123. The Captain

    The Captain7 days ago

    @God Blessed America no change.

  124. God Blessed America

    God Blessed America7 days ago

    @The Captain You might want to read it again, captain.

  125. chuck yeager

    chuck yeager9 days ago

    The Gun is almost big as her, 🤣

  126. pigybak

    pigybak9 days ago

    liking the shorts! videos, not what she is wear.

  127. T.E. Ross

    T.E. Ross9 days ago

    I see my comment got removed. Can’t even compliment a beautiful lady, VERY politely, I might add anymore in America. Goodbye wavy boats.

  128. I gotta Miata

    I gotta Miata9 days ago

    Maybe USlikes cutting down on positive comments about authority figures. Also, seems like USlikes has removed some of my comments that I think would normally be ok in their opinion but yet a recent post of mine might've been too offending to the left etc. - so I think that causes them to delete all my posts even if mild. - and then a few days later my "ok" comments were again allowed to be posted. Seems like it.

  129. TSM

    TSM9 days ago

    My original comment got deleted to. All I said was She's 53xy.

  130. HawkerMkIII

    HawkerMkIII9 days ago

    Not everything is the uploader’s fault... don’t get so offended for such a small thing.

  131. Wavy Boats

    Wavy Boats9 days ago

    Hey, I have not removed your comment. Try leaving it again?

  132. heavy impact

    heavy impact9 days ago

    Can't. Understand. Normal. Thought.

  133. High Flyin

    High Flyin9 days ago

    Engine kill switch not attached, must be a rookie 😂

  134. TSM

    TSM9 days ago

    She stopped my heart so I think her kill switch is working.

  135. A Mas.0

    A Mas.09 days ago

    Wasn't planning on it lol

  136. Lonnie Spears

    Lonnie Spears9 days ago

    Fool around and run end into someone working her head like that...

  137. Erik Larson

    Erik Larson9 days ago

    @Signe Can't disagree there. I wish I could see these goofs after they post something like that. Guarantee this Lonni dude screams about trigger discipline every time he sees someone not live up to the meal team 6 standard. Lol.

  138. Signe

    Signe9 days ago

    @Erik Larson I don't need to argue just annoys me how dumb some people are

  139. Erik Larson

    Erik Larson9 days ago

    @Signe Imagine needing to argue with a stranger that badly. Lol.

  140. american taxpayer

    american taxpayer9 days ago

    The camera is zoomed in. There could be 100 yards of open water in front of her, you don't know.

  141. Signe

    Signe9 days ago

    She's just looking around? Do you glue your head stuck straight forever?

  142. Gary Eaton

    Gary Eaton9 days ago

    Love the braids, but don’t think they would be helpful in a hand to hand situations. As much as I like them, I prefer she was prepared to handle all situations completely.

  143. TSM

    TSM9 days ago

    @Not Important I love a woman in a power position

  144. Not Important

    Not Important9 days ago

    Lol she’s a cop. On a boat.

  145. TSM

    TSM9 days ago

    You need to be banned from the internet.

  146. adrenyc

    adrenyc9 days ago

    she would just shoot you in the face dude stop being such a prepper

  147. Sam Smith

    Sam Smith9 days ago

    She is prepared for any situation, she'll call the boys.

  148. Derin Mavi

    Derin Mavi9 days ago

    I respect...

  149. Instead redneck Gen z here

    Instead redneck Gen z here9 days ago

    That was stupid

  150. Emil Wahl

    Emil Wahl9 days ago


  151. TSM

    TSM9 days ago

    I was like wtf, where can I find a woman like this to.