Haulover boats on a rough and wavy day at Haulover Inlet. Some captains decided to slow roll their pass, which resulted in major plops and stuffings! Enjoy the video.
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  1. Wavy Boats

    Wavy BoatsMonth ago

    What did the second boat Captain do wrong? He stuffed all his passengers! 😳 😂

  2. RB inatorr

    RB inatorr7 days ago

    Nothing. They were all running their mouths

  3. merkfritz

    merkfritz9 days ago

    You need some speed to keep the bow up

  4. jonathan bennett

    jonathan bennett18 days ago


  5. Tommy Newbern

    Tommy NewbernMonth ago

    #2 = "OCEAN" ?

  6. Marius Hansen

    Marius HansenMonth ago

    He was way too slow!

  7. Jenna Peaso

    Jenna Peaso2 hours ago

    My dude Red top super smooth

  8. RideCamVids

    RideCamVids13 hours ago

    Haulover inlet action or submerged pickups at Blackpoint Marina, you never know what antics you will get.

  9. Brett Zajac

    Brett Zajac15 hours ago

    that was some damn nice throttle work on 1980's Cigarette (first boat). You can hear those rpm drop every time that boat leaves the water and go right back up just on re-entry.

  10. Darrell Ray

    Darrell RayDay ago

    Mystery boat looks like a pursuit.

  11. 1getto Joe

    1getto JoeDay ago

    60 foot ocean sport fisherman mystery boat #2

  12. ted william

    ted williamDay ago

    Its amazing we humans are smart enough to make all these complex machines. But so dumb as to not know how to use them

  13. Robert Ottwell

    Robert OttwellDay ago

    The mystery boat looked to be a trophy walk around cuddly with all its original decals removed. Also looks like it was fitted with newer outboard.

  14. M Taylor

    M Taylor2 days ago

    Here is what we have learned about entering or leaving an inlet: NEVER SIT IN THE FRONT OF THE BOAT. Unless you have excellent MEDICAL and DENTAL insurance and you love riding BULLS.

  15. bumperstand

    bumperstand2 days ago

    Bay liner Trophy!

  16. Master_Misanthrope

    Master_Misanthrope2 days ago

    Funny, the best result was the one old dude in the 18ft boston whaler... nailed, no problem.

  17. Master_Misanthrope

    Master_Misanthrope2 days ago

    all I see are a bunch of rich idiots trying to kill themselves while showing off...

  18. John Sumner

    John Sumner2 days ago

    For sale, gently used boat, no known issues! Haulover Marina!

  19. Land-Locked Pirate

    Land-Locked Pirate2 days ago

    The first Cigarette had the right idea... waves don't matter when your keel is 3 feet out of the water

  20. null void

    null void3 days ago

    I would ask why they don't have a breakwater, but then we would have nothing to watch.

  21. TrapShooter68

    TrapShooter684 days ago

    From the number of F Bombs I heard...yeah someone got hurt pretty bad in that serious plop.

  22. Klehocky1

    Klehocky14 days ago

    These captains need to get their passengers out of the bow and seated in the stern. Don’t care how big the boat is.

  23. Captain Formosa

    Captain Formosa4 days ago

    It’s a Proline…

  24. bombud1

    bombud14 days ago

    boat driver: sure sit in the bow, i feel like giving refunds today.

  25. Gramps Cichlid Cave

    Gramps Cichlid Cave4 days ago

    Mystery boat #2 looks like a hattera's 40' convertible

  26. stmaweskayaks

    stmaweskayaks4 days ago

    Most of these people shouldn't even play with boats in the bath!

  27. Jeremy Buchanan

    Jeremy Buchanan5 days ago

    Boston Whaler @6:28 looked like the only one that wasn't there to be seen ... and one of if not the best approach.

  28. Lastman Standing

    Lastman Standing6 days ago

    After awhile, you would think some of these boaters and passengers would have lower back problems.

  29. Saltwater Predator

    Saltwater Predator7 days ago

    Why are people always going out when they don't even have fishing poles? Where are they going that's worth going through that channel?

  30. Ben. Goodloe Jr

    Ben. Goodloe Jr7 days ago

    Yup, the dude running the Sea Fox... that did it for me. Talk about a wanker!! Lmao

  31. john costanzo

    john costanzo7 days ago

    Very nice.

  32. Frank V.

    Frank V.7 days ago

    Why do people always stand up when the going gets rough? That's the worst thing one can do. Stay seated, and better yet, do not ride at the front of the boat.

  33. jimmy king

    jimmy king8 days ago

    The first one u can hear the super charger sounds so good

  34. Hanover Green

    Hanover Green8 days ago

    One Coastie, every now and then, taking hull #'s with $1,000 fines and this might cease to be an issue... Course some of these chuckleheads use that much money to blow their noses so maybe not....

  35. Andre Post

    Andre Post8 days ago

    I was once a passenger on a speed boat with a crazy captain. At one point the boat was flying , came down and I thought I had broken my spine. The pain was intense and a lot of people don't realize the forces involved when you come down hard on the water. If you care and love your company it is best to move people to the back of the boat to lessen the impact of all that pounding. but a lot of the people shown here are just pricks who maybe have little understanding of all this.

  36. ArizonaXR

    ArizonaXR8 days ago

    Not a single life jacket was worn that day

  37. Ruy Carlos Hosni

    Ruy Carlos Hosni9 days ago

    i'm a sailor, I get nervous seeing these people at the bow of the speedboats. Never stay in the bow, or if, stay tied and wear life jackets. Especially if you are sailing near rocks.

  38. merkfritz

    merkfritz9 days ago

    These people do not know how to drive!

  39. Marco Bal

    Marco Bal9 days ago

    Noise and stinky engines. That's why I prefer wind driven water sports ...

  40. ruben scheffer

    ruben scheffer9 days ago

    Can someone explain why I see so many speed boats with 6 to 10 external engines? Is it an Amerikan thing? Because in all European harbors I have been to (Englisch, French, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain) you only see 2 max. And if you have faster boats all the engines are internal. It just seems a pain in the ass to maintain all the engines. Not sure but I think the efficiency of 8 parallel motors must be pretty bad? Is it cheaper? please, someone, explain to me.

  41. CLOUDz

    CLOUDz9 days ago

    I know that both of those boats were custom made and probably overloaded with weight

  42. suev33 3

    suev33 310 days ago

    I think the guys riding with all the bikini chicks want to hit the huge bump waves

  43. Robert Elmo

    Robert Elmo10 days ago

    Does the guy in the red top have a mask on?

  44. Ken Harty

    Ken Harty10 days ago

    Not looking so sweet now hunnies you got boat slammed lol

  45. Steve Chapman

    Steve Chapman10 days ago

    1:00 double porpoise ing on the way out of Haulover? Never seen that before.

  46. Grom

    Grom10 days ago

    The mystery boat is "Shake & Soak"

  47. Rick Nolte

    Rick Nolte11 days ago

    Bow riders at 2:09: "I need to stand up!" Haulover: "Like hell you will!"

  48. Wesley Adams

    Wesley Adams11 days ago

    Mystery boat - 26' Needmo Damnseats.

  49. james gavi

    james gavi12 days ago

    mystery boat 2 ... Blackfin

  50. Mike Wolowicz

    Mike Wolowicz12 days ago

    It's awesome that people are sitting in the bow of these boats (the worst place to sit in big waves) and no one is wearing life jackets.

  51. Tom Vicevich

    Tom Vicevich12 days ago

    "Mystery" boat is a Pursuit.

  52. Mike Wilson

    Mike Wilson13 days ago

    1:25 to 30. 23 ft campion explorer

  53. Richmon Smith

    Richmon Smith13 days ago

    2nd mystery boat is a viking

  54. Angels Unawares....

    Angels Unawares....13 days ago

    I'm guessing that boat coming in to Hall over, at 5 minutes might be a stamas boat maybe a little customized

  55. Wet Hook Fever

    Wet Hook Fever13 days ago

    4:05 shes a badass.

  56. scott mills

    scott mills14 days ago

    The mystery boat looks like an Australian made, cruise craft outsider, but not quite.

  57. Pappy Mc

    Pappy Mc14 days ago

    As usual, great video. The guy in the cigarette is a new-legend, imo:)

  58. Hugo Håkansson åk 7 Laröds skola

    Hugo Håkansson åk 7 Laröds skola15 days ago

    The flop at 2:10, why tf did she stand up. She's stupid.

  59. Frank Smythe

    Frank Smythe15 days ago

    Respect to the Searay at 8:17. Had the passengers in the back, kept that bow up and picked a good line. That man knows how to drive a boat.

  60. david diehl

    david diehl15 days ago

    Those little $59.00 boats do just as good as the $2 million dollar boats. If you know how to pilot them correctly.

  61. par4par72

    par4par7215 days ago

    #2 Mystery Boat is .."Egg Harbor" !

  62. par4par72

    par4par7215 days ago

    Mystery Boat is .."Grady White" !

  63. jmt8706

    jmt870615 days ago

    That woman on that black Regal came down hard.

  64. Jean-Baptiste Renouard

    Jean-Baptiste Renouard16 days ago

    mystery boat 2, I think it's a Ocean Yacht 48ss.

  65. Oscar Riquelme

    Oscar Riquelme16 days ago

    I don't know if I could read correctly but the "Mystery Boat" had a Suzuki or 400 or 425 engine... In the case of "Mystery Boat #2" I think I have read its name is "Bad Fish", but I don't know what engine it has ...

  66. James Morris

    James Morris16 days ago

    It's hilarious to see some of these boat owners so inept on how to pilot their way through big chop-especially considering the price tag on many of the boats. Also, a lot of un-tagged boats. Where's harbor patrol or constables to issue tix for unregistered craft?

  67. Connie Coppola

    Connie Coppola16 days ago

    I cannot believe these boaters that there hasn't been more fatalities just total recklessness

  68. Connie Coppola

    Connie Coppola16 days ago

    That's second mystery boat Pro-Line stripped letters I love the big boats that make it through and then they turn around you could see where it clears up at the worst section I guess they got a little too wet LOL

  69. Bad Larry

    Bad Larry16 days ago

    Yamil owned it! Havent seen any other boat punish it like that this year!

  70. Smiffy miffed

    Smiffy miffed16 days ago

    Give them the keys to a boat and they think they know it all..........more money than sense!

  71. Hennricc -

    Hennricc -17 days ago

    Mystery boat looks like a Pro Line 22 Walk Around Cuddy

  72. dirtdude

    dirtdude17 days ago

    Mystery boat 2 may be a Carver Santego.

  73. Rachel West

    Rachel West17 days ago

    hilarious, owning a boat don't make you a sailor, but then snowflakes are exempt lol

  74. Old Doug

    Old Doug18 days ago

    A fool and his money are soon parted.

  75. Joshua munday

    Joshua munday18 days ago

    that boat looks like a proline

  76. jonathan bennett

    jonathan bennett18 days ago

    I saw 2:20 coming 🤣

  77. Gregory Wilson

    Gregory Wilson19 days ago

    Any else hear the Android in the beginning💀💀

  78. Zachary Irving

    Zachary Irving19 days ago

    mystery boat looks like a bayliner trophy?

  79. Huckleberrina Bear

    Huckleberrina Bear19 days ago

    All the women are hanging on for dear life you can see the wives on the floor hanging on to back of the seats! On most of these rides lol

  80. Rene Delgado

    Rene Delgado19 days ago

    The guy in the midnight express has left me dumbfounded.

  81. Russell Oakes

    Russell Oakes19 days ago

    Mystery boat is a Proline 251

  82. otisy2k

    otisy2k20 days ago

    Tidewater .... Pro driving.

  83. otisy2k

    otisy2k20 days ago

    The gal in the front of the Regal is seriously injured..... captain immediately turned around.... hospital.

  84. Christopher McLean

    Christopher McLean20 days ago

    That first one, I think a cigarette boat, no way I’m getting in a boat with that guy lol

  85. IGbullshark

    IGbullshark20 days ago

    That dude in the red top Boston whaler is a legend and never seems to have an issue.

  86. James Wright

    James Wright21 day ago

    Is it a Boston whaler

  87. furriephillips

    furriephillips21 day ago

    I really don’t understand the mentality of turning back, when you’re half way out the cut?! Even if you’ve thrown your passenger(s) about a bit & soaked them to the skin, as long as nobody was physically injured, instead of turning back and getting stuck with a super slow slog back in, against the tide, why not power on out & head where you were intending to go; you’ll all be dry and the fear will be gone, by the time you’re 5-10 minutes further out into calmer waters, you’ll be golden!

  88. furriephillips

    furriephillips21 day ago

    7:58 is that the “CIA” boat, featured on the background/lock/saver-screen of Brill’s Faraday-caged computer, in “Enemy of the State”?

  89. Citabria Pilot

    Citabria Pilot22 days ago

    9:19 that think looks squirrelly A.F.

  90. Matt

    Matt22 days ago

    Mystery Boat #2 - Badfish is a 40’ Ocean Super Sport Yacht with a 14’ beam and tournament-sized cockpit offering a stable fishing platform for several fishermen. Powered by twin Caterpillar diesels rated at 420 horsepower each and a cruising speed of 24 knots.

  91. Texx Red

    Texx Red22 days ago

    take a left - there's smooth water over there

  92. kerry boatwright

    kerry boatwright22 days ago

    i think the mystery boat is a Pro Line

  93. MegaWebsters

    MegaWebsters22 days ago

    Not putting Life Jackets on kids in water like that is criminal.

  94. ReEducated Ronin

    ReEducated Ronin23 days ago

    1$T guy was a Boss

  95. Kyle Olsen

    Kyle Olsen23 days ago

    Boat @5:32 looks like a proline 23/25 Duel Console

  96. mjethier

    mjethier23 days ago

    not trying to play the race card...but its a rarity I see white people doing stupid stuff in any of these videos. Coincidence?

  97. Matt Giguere

    Matt Giguere23 days ago

    An example of stupidity and money colliding.

  98. Luke

    Luke23 days ago

    Signs can sound redundant but I believe a "danger observe occupants in bow" sign or something of that nature might help some people in the "longhaul" lol bad pun joke

  99. Eirik Selnes

    Eirik Selnes23 days ago

    Its A skipsplast 605

  100. Josh Chavers

    Josh Chavers24 days ago

    I came here for the bikinis 👙😏.

  101. resqdiver1

    resqdiver124 days ago

    Mystery boat looks like a HydraSports W/A

  102. Cody Charron

    Cody Charron25 days ago

    7:20, beautiful boat !

  103. I MORT

    I MORT25 days ago

    The boat designers have a lot to answer for

  104. tvpierce1

    tvpierce125 days ago

    Mystery boat @ about 5:00 looks like a Trophy.

  105. nikapol25

    nikapol2526 days ago

    the large white off-shore fishing boat they asked help to identify, I believe is a Haterras .