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    Hey Wavy! Can you also put the price with the names?! That would be cool!

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    I love this channel keep it up. Don’t change anything

  9. Chavez Gooding

    Chavez Gooding24 days ago

    Do a top 10 midnight express

  10. Douglas Cushing

    Douglas Cushing26 days ago

    You never drive a boat you steer it you operate a boat ! You drive a car 🚗....

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    I made the mistake of reacting to the question "Where is everyone watching from?" and received 80 notifications that other people had reacted too.

  13. Darrell Reddinger

    Darrell Reddinger28 days ago

    Love that Grady White!

  14. iddddaduncan

    iddddaduncan29 days ago

    What are people doing to pay for all these $200k+ boats?

  15. Robert G.wreck

    Robert G.wreck23 days ago

    Just about every boat was over a million. Hyadrasports 53 1.8 million. 45 sea hunter 1.1 million. 2 cigarettes each where 1.3 million. Oh yeah on sea hunt 25 ft for 120 grand

  16. DJ Statyk

    DJ Statyk27 days ago

    Most of the boats we saw here in the video with the exception of the cigarette boat, were under a hundred fifty thousand

  17. John Barham

    John BarhamMonth ago

    I understand fishing, (Commercial) but I do not understand what most of these people are doing. It must be cheaper to take a car up or down thecoast.

  18. Too Much

    Too MuchMonth ago

    Every single person that owns a pleasure craft is an absolute moron with no knowledge of the sea and zero training whatsoever. I have 30+ years as a Master Mariner and have not met one with a brain as of yet. (But you ALL think you do) Sell your boats and stay on dry land... it’s safer for everyone.

  19. Too Much

    Too Much7 days ago

    @L8rApex... First off, no such thing as a private pilot. Secondly, I happen to be a master Mariner, not a fishing boat Master. I’ve traversed the globe son and the one thing that stays consistent? Private boat owners should not be allowed to drive a boat without years of instruction and written test. I’m on the hook to save these people when they do something stupid and have saved them. If you’d like to get into a discussion on navigation (celestial, terrestrial or maybe great circle) I’d gladly help you understand how little you know. Let me know.

  20. L8rApex

    L8rApex8 days ago

    This sounds exactly like every commercial pilot talking about private pilots and every single truck driver talking about people driving cars. "I'm the only one that knows what they're doing and everyone else is a moron"

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  23. Steve Johnson

    Steve JohnsonMonth ago

    That HCB. Holy cow!

  24. Dave Iaucco

    Dave IauccoMonth ago

    The kid did a pretty good job sendin’ her. Who knows, maybe he’s the next Reggie Fountain and Dad letting him drive will fire his up to build fast boats.

  25. edward hoff

    edward hoffMonth ago

    Want to see a DGB Monster obliterate the inlet!

  26. edward hoff

    edward hoffMonth ago

    Love that Invincible!!! Smooth!!!

  27. Flo steader

    Flo steaderMonth ago

    Funny enough, that's the first place I had to drive a boat out of an inlet. Was looking at a boat to buy, 21' triumph chaos with a 150 on the back....... Never driven a boat in my life and this asshole puts me behind the wheel here. Ended up buying the boat and never using that ramp or inlet again.

  28. Flo steader

    Flo steader27 days ago

    @DJ Statyk A good captain is better, old Marines have no want to be a sailor.

  29. DJ Statyk

    DJ Statyk27 days ago

    Smooth Seas don't make a good sailor

  30. Tony S

    Tony SMonth ago

    Fun to watch but makes me feel so poor. These great boats cost more than my home.

  31. ingrid carolina cortes benitez

    ingrid carolina cortes benitezMonth ago

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  32. seasled doo

    seasled dooMonth ago

    your mystery boat looks like a 1966 41' Hatteras S/F

  33. scott smo

    scott smo28 days ago

    I saw it and was like that's a 66 Hatteras !!! Love the oldies

  34. Dave Wilson

    Dave WilsonMonth ago

    That Yellowfin went through there like a boss!

  35. David Blackburn

    David BlackburnMonth ago

    Is there no speed limit in that channel? Some of those guys were just accidents waiting to happen.

  36. Jon Zobel

    Jon ZobelMonth ago

    Bro post the seahunter 33 blue with the flag I send it like a physchopath everyday out haulover back and forth snd u don't post it. Plz post it. Seahunter 33 blue w tower twin 350s

  37. Thomas Oliver

    Thomas OliverMonth ago

    Watching that sea hunt go out at the perfect speed to slap the shit out of the hull every wave

  38. Phil Sellers

    Phil SellersMonth ago

    Come on Wavy, don't hide the big boats from us! One can only watch small boats getting beat up by the waves for so long before they all start looking alike.

  39. C5Ron7

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  40. BJS SO

    BJS SOMonth ago

    My dad owned a cigarette and he let me drive when I was a kid. It’s the best memory:)

  41. Jim 57

    Jim 57Month ago

    Mystery boat ss minnow 😅

  42. Crispr Talk

    Crispr TalkMonth ago

    1:17 I'm still trying to figure out what the purpose of this type of cigarette boat is. All you can do is sit in one seat for your entire ride.

  43. David Blackburn

    David BlackburnMonth ago

    Rich guys compensating.

  44. Zündkerzen Schorsch

    Zündkerzen SchorschMonth ago

    Why do most of them have that much horsepower? I only go boating in Mediterranean Sea and people normally only have 200hp on smaller 6m boats to 800hp on bigger boats...Occasionally those 3000hp Diesel engines in the big yachts. We pay roughly 6,50$ to 7$ for a Gallon of gas so those guzzling engines would put a dent i a the fun.

  45. Zündkerzen Schorsch

    Zündkerzen SchorschMonth ago

    @Mike Sinyaboot Million Dollar boats are also common here but the performance boats are really rare. There are more >20 million dollar yachts then speedboats here.

  46. Mike Sinyaboot

    Mike SinyabootMonth ago

    They have that much horsepower because they are ridiculously fast performance boats, people want to buy them, and fuel here in the States is much cheaper. Also, those are very expensive boats. The boat at 5:57 is around $1 million and the boat after it at 6:35 can reach $2 million new. Fuel is not really a concern for people that can spend $1-2 million on a fun ocean toy.

  47. KMT15

    KMT15Month ago

    Were you out on Easter Sunday? I took my Monterey 335SY through around 5:40 pm

  48. Nik MotionMix

    Nik MotionMixMonth ago

    6:30 Sea U L8ter!!! Just Cool!

  49. Hooked-n-Rolling Offshore 2009

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    Finally got on the vid my dad was Throttling

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    Thank you for doing these videos mate, they really are the highlight of my day! They're also educational in a way, in what not to do mostly 😁

  56. Final Eminence

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    1:30 Marauder SS? Looks short but my only guess

  57. Louken Thompson

    Louken ThompsonMonth ago

    Looks like the conditions were perfect for a Grady White

  58. ruquik

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    not just any sea craft..... a Potter Sea Craft

  59. Wavy Boats

    Wavy BoatsMonth ago

    What would be the difference? Just curious.

  60. Tom Tom

    Tom TomMonth ago

    Waiting for a Glastron to come through one day

  61. The_ Sword

    The_ SwordMonth ago

    Hey they still make them in Cadillac Mi. They focus on 18-25 ft crafts for about 38 to 80 K.

  62. Tom Tom

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    @Ron Schwolsky old school!

  63. Ron Schwolsky

    Ron SchwolskyMonth ago

    @Tom Tom that works!

  64. Tom Tom

    Tom TomMonth ago

    @Ron Schwolsky Yo! I’m thinking mid 80’s, Mercury 85hp outboard and square-framed windscreen with opening middle section. And of course, Roxy Music on the cassette player.

  65. big john

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    It would break..lol

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    Top 50, we will take it. 😂👍


    MARK LOCKWOODMonth ago

    Ooo wee live the color

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    I leave for two weeks and now my brother is driving the boat 😂

  70. Nevets

    NevetsMonth ago

    Many of these boats are not displaying a registration number and decal. Do they not enforce that law in FL?

  71. Nevets

    NevetsMonth ago

    @The_ Sword Understood but many are small boats.

  72. The_ Sword

    The_ SwordMonth ago

    The large boats can be registered to the federal government by boat name and type. They travel out of state and sometimes international so then they are exempt from individual state registration.

  73. Hooked-n-Rolling Offshore 2009

    Hooked-n-Rolling Offshore 2009Month ago

    It might be regulated through coast guard

  74. Wavy Boats

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    Sometimes. 😂

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    It’s Florida.. so no

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    @7:33 Mystery boat looks like a Henriques to me.

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    not a henriques but see wheree u coming

  81. Craig Anderson

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    Was wondering that as well

  82. Craig Craig

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    The kid did pretty good getting the boat to plane and he didn’t stuff the bow props to him

  83. Hanging Around

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    @2:55 That is very nice to look at...Walking around with a wedgie cant feel very good? 🤷‍♂️ I like the way she turns around right as that guy approaches! 👍

  84. Finnernet

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    Jet Ski Compilation Please!

  85. Mateo Ferrari

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    Hatteras 41

  86. Larry Clark

    Larry ClarkMonth ago

    It amazes me how they make these boats with these transoms to hold four 300s or four 450 horsepower unless you made a solid steel transom

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