Family goes flying! Wait for it... #shorts

Family goes flying! Wait for it... #shorts


  1. Joe Schaab

    Joe Schaab11 hours ago

    What we have here is a throttle failure..... need more throttle

  2. Paul Revere

    Paul RevereDay ago

    Precisely why everyone should wear a life jacket in a boat at all times unless you want to die.?

  3. W. Harrison

    W. HarrisonDay ago

    The slow motion ruined it for me

  4. Gayle

    GayleDay ago

    Seems he named it appropriately to his boating abilities.

  5. Robin Richter

    Robin Richter2 days ago

    Money should be given by IQ!


    MR INTERRACIAL!2 days ago

    White people have the BEST fun....As usual 👍💯

  7. Nancy M

    Nancy M2 days ago

    Well done family... They look so chill through the whole ride.

  8. Bear G

    Bear G2 days ago


  9. Mike Beck

    Mike Beck2 days ago

    Looks fun until somes back get messed up

  10. Mcnz

    Mcnz3 days ago


  11. Life of Aedan

    Life of Aedan3 days ago

    It definitely got *washed up*

  12. A C

    A C3 days ago

    Every time I see bow riders and those conditions it tells me the operator is a moron

  13. David Elliott

    David Elliott3 days ago

    Moments later, the camera boat followed it down. But that’s too embarrassing to show.

  14. Valerie

    Valerie3 days ago

    No family flying here.... duh 🙄

  15. Patrick Bhagwandin

    Patrick Bhagwandin3 days ago

    And of course... poor camera control, turning away at the moment supreme.

  16. yoni gozalez

    yoni gozalez3 days ago

    Callo vien 305

  17. Jack Kabibble

    Jack Kabibble3 days ago

    Right boat name.. .)

  18. TEC Youtube

    TEC Youtube4 days ago

    I think you mean "BOAT GOES FLYING"

  19. James Gentry

    James Gentry4 days ago

    That boat is too small for those conditions.

  20. Clifton Letander

    Clifton Letander5 days ago

    Looks like fun but I wasn't there.

  21. X Y

    X Y5 days ago

    Who is recording this?

  22. Laisse Faire

    Laisse Faire5 days ago

    Nice landing wow

  23. rdaystrom

    rdaystrom6 days ago

    That boat is meant for a lake not the ocean

  24. George Spalding

    George Spalding6 days ago

    The only reason I would go on a boat ride like that is if I was a good-looking Gold Digger. And since I'm a guy, that probably wouldn't work anyway.

  25. George Spalding

    George Spalding6 days ago

    This is why I don't go on boat rides.

  26. Larry Rivers

    Larry Rivers6 days ago

    Wait for it, wait for it, boat goes flying, passengers don't.

  27. ernesto flores

    ernesto flores5 days ago

    Bah ! More emotion is with passengers flying !

  28. Me2nmine me

    Me2nmine me6 days ago


  29. Matthew Erspamer

    Matthew Erspamer6 days ago

    Proper etiquette is to show the normal speed along with the slow motion, but some people call me a USlikes snob.

  30. Dane Winston

    Dane Winston2 days ago

    @Frances Bryla Definitely, I've been watching on Flixzone for since december myself =)

  31. Frances Bryla

    Frances Bryla2 days ago

    pro trick: watch series on flixzone. Been using them for watching all kinds of movies lately.

  32. Alex

    Alex2 days ago

    Here I'll help ya out. It happened real fast.

  33. Jr Hembree

    Jr Hembree6 days ago

    Got thing , they were already wet. Everyone aboard will need a underwear change!!

  34. Brian Jones

    Brian Jones6 days ago

    Oh hell no

  35. Marsha Grubbs

    Marsha Grubbs6 days ago

    Couldn't see the after effect! Camera cut off.

  36. yabadabadab yabadabadab

    yabadabadab yabadabadab6 days ago

    Seventh time seeing this and still stupid af because y’all slowed it down

  37. ernesto flores

    ernesto flores5 days ago

    Yeap ! When there are big waves, you don't can go fast, because is sure that the boat go to fly ! It's only common sense !

  38. Christopher Castro

    Christopher Castro8 days ago

    Can't really tell how bad this landing was. Not so sure, looks good but point of impact is not really in frame as the bow fully realizes, that kid up there could be seriously hurt. Dunno.

  39. Mr. McCoy

    Mr. McCoy8 days ago

    As a captain of a small vessel, I would not have gone out in those conditions. That’s why I’m the captain

  40. outtacloud80

    outtacloud8010 days ago

    Under control

  41. ABC ABC

    ABC ABC10 days ago



    BLACK KNIGHT10 days ago

    I wish I could hold the bow and ride!!

  43. Ponch

    Ponch10 days ago

    Your getting carried away

  44. iluvmycountry1776

    iluvmycountry177611 days ago

    This guy jj once told me. Don't get a boat. Bring on another thousand. I think I see that now.

  45. Main Carolina Boat Shop

    Main Carolina Boat Shop7 days ago

    Lol Bust out another thousand, bt who takes the joy n fun away from you? Its the only thing we're taking in life.

  46. Gary Eaton

    Gary Eaton11 days ago

    Yikes, what a ride. Going up is a thrill, the landing is a pain.

  47. mjb0183

    mjb018311 days ago

    If there aren’t seat belts, there should be.

  48. André

    André12 days ago

    They managed to have their meagre moment of glory!

  49. AveiroDan

    AveiroDan12 days ago

    And no one spilled their beer!

  50. Wayno

    Wayno6 days ago


  51. duder280z

    duder280z12 days ago

    OK, that was impressive! This boat wins, it landed so smooth that the person in the bow didn't get messed up at all! WOW

  52. Shroom Grizzley

    Shroom Grizzley12 days ago

    No landing Unsub

  53. Mike Mentuck

    Mike Mentuck12 days ago

    What’s with the portrait mode used on the shorts? Your regular stuff looks great, this, not so much.

  54. Bayard Taylor

    Bayard Taylor12 days ago

    Perfect no better landing than that 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  55. Linda Butler

    Linda Butler12 days ago


  56. Dan Scholes

    Dan Scholes12 days ago

    Should have called the boat, back injury. 🤕

  57. Billy. G

    Billy. G12 days ago

    Washed up . No, they were nearly washed out !!!.

  58. TheMrvidfreak

    TheMrvidfreak12 days ago

    My right eye enjoyed this

  59. Nancy M

    Nancy M2 days ago

    Left eye , wandering as usual is it??..😘

  60. giorgio saponaro

    giorgio saponaro12 days ago

    @emilio tardio

  61. Guppy Galaxy

    Guppy Galaxy12 days ago


  62. Erik Larson

    Erik Larson12 days ago


  63. Jean-claude Robinson

    Jean-claude Robinson12 days ago


  64. Jean-claude Robinson

    Jean-claude Robinson12 days ago

    The rest of videos ? 😬😬😬

  65. God Blessed America

    God Blessed America12 days ago

    Now that’s what you call “going vertical”. Woe

  66. Patrick Block

    Patrick Block12 days ago

    Come on , it will be fun!

  67. Tom William

    Tom William12 days ago

    The name of the boat is spot on

  68. 배바우

    배바우12 days ago


  69. pigybak

    pigybak12 days ago

    body slam!!

  70. Luke Beatty

    Luke Beatty12 days ago

    that was not that bad

  71. Jonn

    Jonn12 days ago

    this channel tends to be a little overdramatic with titles and a bunch of viewers that may never have been in a boat on the ocean

  72. christian

    christian12 days ago

    No one flew. Just the boat

  73. Murder Bong

    Murder Bong12 days ago


  74. Murder Bong

    Murder Bong11 days ago

    @Kevin K i see it now .. thought it was a following boat

  75. Kevin K

    Kevin K11 days ago

    Lol drone shots reeeeee

  76. Murder Bong

    Murder Bong12 days ago

    @P Body Oh ya! that perspective though.

  77. P Body

    P Body12 days ago

    6 ft wave means 12ft drop.

  78. Andrew S

    Andrew S12 days ago

    Hold on to your hats!