Haulover Inlet had a north east 18 mph wind slamming us today. These guys ran the inlet a few times with a 15 ft boat ignoring the small craft advisory. Things got very dicey!
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  1. Wavy Boats

    Wavy BoatsMonth ago

    We got 20 mph winds today at Haulover Inlet! What's the wind like where you are? 💨

  2. Gary Eaton

    Gary Eaton2 days ago

    @Seth Stevens two reasons I can think of; comfort and safety of clients, they went for a fishing trip and may be older an have no interest in being thrashed about coming home. The maintaining his captains license and keeping their insurance rates as low as possible. Not seeing an overturned jet ski in a trough, wouldn’t be good for either. Watching these videos with some full send velocities, I surprised there aren’t more accidents.

  3. Seth Stevens

    Seth Stevens2 days ago

    Why is it that those big Carolina boats all seem to be going too slow? Is there a reason they can't match the wave speed?

  4. Jay Lauve

    Jay LauveMonth ago

    @Marshall V Mom

  5. matthew northrop

    matthew northropMonth ago

    We got 45mph here in ks

  6. Gary Eaton

    Gary EatonMonth ago

    North Georgia was 72 and very light breeze. Started cool, but not near as cold as yesterday morning. I was wondering if that first rig came with suspension seats, from that first drop, nope hard seats with a thin cushion. That had to hurt. Some excellent filming catching their whole passage.


    CHAIN SLAP MTB35 minutes ago

    That’s smart that the first boat had a roll cage

  8. Branden Anderson de la Looza

    Branden Anderson de la Looza2 hours ago

    i wanna see some footage of a sailboat trying to make passage

  9. Lancer2204

    Lancer22043 hours ago

    ALMOST reminds me of jetboat racing in NZ, but with 300% more douche, 10% the intelligence and much more spinal compression.

  10. Aage Ceplecha

    Aage Ceplecha5 hours ago

    I never knew a needed a boat with a tower on it until this video. That would be so fun o drive

  11. wlr3

    wlr37 hours ago

    Very cool posting what kind of boats they are because I have no idea but a msrp would be nice also 😀

  12. Gary pic

    Gary pic9 hours ago

    Having fun big deal

  13. Fred Prose

    Fred Prose10 hours ago

    Here, hold. my beer.

  14. Thurloe Kohler

    Thurloe Kohler17 hours ago

    That speed boat is incredibly designed to handle those swells at that speed. As for the human bodies in there every joint and bone is stretched to its limit.I be worried about my eyes popping out.

  15. Paul Taylor

    Paul Taylor23 hours ago

    Cant believe life jackets are a) optional and b) in the minority. In the USA being forced to wear a lifejacket would be an offense to your liberty. If you went jacketless in Australia you'd have your boat impounded. Oh well!

  16. Andrew Camarata

    Andrew CamarataDay ago

    It would be fun to go full send through this to end up in one of these videos.

  17. Ryan Watters

    Ryan WattersHour ago

    Take ur new Yamaha down there. I don’t know if u like running urs in salt water tho

  18. Thomas M Leahy

    Thomas M LeahyDay ago

    I'd be wearing a life jacket- doubled up under my *as!!

  19. Thomas M Leahy

    Thomas M LeahyDay ago

    How much damage are they incurring by repeated wave crashing? Stress cracks in their hulls, transom damage, steering linkage, outboard damage. Seems boat repair businesses should be kept pretty busy. Still unbelievable how many are not wearing flotation devices whilst runnin the gauntlet.

  20. Dadiplomatt23

    Dadiplomatt23Day ago

    That doesnt even look fun.

  21. Kev

    Kev2 days ago

    This how everybody treat a rental don’t lie 🤨

  22. Kev

    Kev2 days ago

    Bruh forget a life jacket they need helmets the way that guy captains the boat

  23. rc Ohio

    rc Ohio2 days ago

    Man! The first SeaVee made Haulover its bitch!

  24. Raizen T3000

    Raizen T30003 days ago

    So funny at all 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  25. gus rinato

    gus rinato3 days ago

    These morons have no idea, they think they are invincible until the ocean swallows them up and they could easily die, I’m a 2-3ft type of guy, 3-4s the most only if the fishing is good

  26. geeky zebra

    geeky zebra3 days ago

    A jetski would be fun in those waves

  27. powpronto

    powpronto3 days ago

    Sea doo this, sea doo that.

  28. Wayne Schenk

    Wayne Schenk3 days ago

    A very second hand boat.

  29. Who is like God?

    Who is like God?4 days ago

    Not sure how I found these videos. Don’t own a boat. Been on a boat like three times. And somehow these videos suck me in. I do have a there a speed limit in these waters?

  30. T Brockman

    T Brockman4 days ago

    Thanks for showing the charter boat captains caring for their clients, vessel, and because they are operating in a safe and alert manner they are respecting others vessels around them. A Thank You to them all.

  31. mammutpenthouse

    mammutpenthouse5 days ago

    This boat with air dampening in the Seats would be kick ass fun!

  32. SublimeTV

    SublimeTV5 days ago

    Speedster guy when he sells the boat: "barely used, never thrashed on"

  33. tez haydos

    tez haydos6 days ago

    The driver was all about look at me look at me, yes douche bag we can see you put your hand down

  34. Fun freq

    Fun freq6 days ago

    SeaDoo driver: Hey man let's go out to Haulover for some serious ass pounding! Friends: What a great idea!

  35. D7mSupra

    D7mSupra7 days ago

    Glad he didn't stuff it

  36. Ricardo Delgado

    Ricardo Delgado7 days ago

    The speedster add when it’s for sale” adult ridden, never abused and well taken care off”. Lol

  37. bitsaurus 2017

    bitsaurus 20177 days ago

    I have yet to see the ocean in person. But judging by these videos, I dont think I'm gonna like it very much in muh 16' johnboat.

  38. Larry B

    Larry B8 days ago

    Those guys doing exactly what they came to do.

  39. Dav5049915

    Dav50499158 days ago

    All I can think is, Keep your damn hand on the throttle!

  40. David A

    David A8 days ago

    I'm not going to waste my time reading other comments, so don't worry about mine. But what professional captain on a large fishing boat comes into the channel with the outriggers out, and someone's ass hanging out of the gunwhale? Especially in those conditions. Safety seventh.

  41. Megawatts 4488

    Megawatts 44888 days ago

    I want to see one of those river jet boats go threw that!

  42. NWSanta

    NWSanta8 days ago

    RIP Their backs!!! Jeepers!!

  43. FelRod

    FelRod8 days ago

    Cocaine is on hell of a drug.... Miami after all.

  44. fabiodriven

    fabiodriven9 days ago

    That speedster is impressive!!

  45. ArizonaXR

    ArizonaXR9 days ago

    I’m the owner of the green boat and it’s for sale. Lightly use as and only ridden once

  46. Jussie Smollett

    Jussie Smollett9 days ago

    Yeah them guys are gonna be doing a hull inspection when they get home

  47. Chase IV

    Chase IV9 days ago

    Adult owned, well maintained, barely used 😅

  48. TC MDK

    TC MDK9 days ago

    S1-L5 and L4-L5 are herniated now.

  49. matanuska high

    matanuska high9 days ago

    60 mph is impressive? Shit my tracker targa goes almost 56 mph. And it doesn’t feel that fast.

  50. Joel Crow

    Joel Crow9 days ago

    Seadoo Speedster 150 for sale... only 20 hrs... [of me smashing the throttle back and forth from idle to full tilt over and over and over]

  51. Jim maria

    Jim maria9 days ago

    They needed more speed that way they can land on the down side of the next wave like a ramp...

  52. jesuslite2000

    jesuslite20009 days ago

    That speedster guy was nuts! No way I'd ride with someone pretending to be a captain like that.

  53. Michael Partyka

    Michael Partyka9 days ago

    Money plus alcohol...enough said

  54. Westfield Racer

    Westfield Racer9 days ago

    I was getting sea sick🤒 until camera went to the laydeez, then I felt much happier 😊

  55. beach side

    beach side10 days ago

    Ah its the poor mans speed boat. I used to work for sea ray and believe me. Those boats get real pricey.

  56. Sachs Gs250

    Sachs Gs25010 days ago

    Α little Bombardier....omg

  57. Youtuber

    Youtuber10 days ago

    Only in Florida

  58. killerskincanoe

    killerskincanoe11 days ago

    Fact: you actually go higher when you arm is completely outstretched

  59. Audiotronix SA

    Audiotronix SA11 days ago

    2:14 Boats? What Boats?

  60. Евгений Овчинников

    Евгений Овчинников11 days ago

    4:40 boats Tony Soprano!!

  61. Tim Tolbert

    Tim Tolbert11 days ago

    This little boat handles the waves smoother than the big ones

  62. Eric Modny

    Eric Modny12 days ago

    Honestly atleast they are seated and wearing life vests lol

  63. UNoBugMe1

    UNoBugMe112 days ago

    That Quad flybridge was impressive!!!

  64. Cortez the Killer

    Cortez the Killer12 days ago

    3 Adults. ✅. Life jackets. ✅

  65. Kyle C

    Kyle C12 days ago

    The rental place is going to be stoked about their new jet boat needing new set of engine mounts lol 😂

  66. Irnwkr28

    Irnwkr2812 days ago

    Everyone obviously knows about this spot. Why do they keep doing it. I dont believe its real until it happens to me i guess attitude.

  67. PsychobabbleRapp

    PsychobabbleRapp12 days ago

    Lol, do you same people that freak over that Sea Doo jumping waves go to motocross races and freak over dirt bikes jumping , the sea doo is a sports craft, designed to jump waves in much the same way a dirt bike is designed to jump table tops , triples , doubles and whoops at high speed, people are stupid these days

  68. R K

    R K12 days ago

    Hahaha the Chicks in the Video 😂🔥

  69. Terminal_Swine 2201

    Terminal_Swine 220113 days ago

    Seems boat's won today

  70. Marcus Alexander

    Marcus Alexander13 days ago

    Small boat rounded stern , almost a surf board , so ok ,

  71. Russell Devane

    Russell Devane13 days ago

    The very ones that will claim the boat is a POS because the hull cracked and demand the manufacturer repair it under warranty.

  72. Hwy 1

    Hwy 113 days ago

    They will feel that for decades. Not worth it. Ask me how I know.

  73. Buckin Bronco

    Buckin Bronco13 days ago

    interesting outriggers on the charters being fixed outwards. would think that would take up alot of docking slip space. ones around here retract upwards to stay narrower when not in use

  74. Colin Walker

    Colin Walker13 days ago

    I just know that boats zooms

  75. Wild Child

    Wild Child13 days ago

    Lots of people in these videos that are complete idiots who should never be allowed to pilot a speedboat.

  76. s.q

    s.q13 days ago

    Florida people trying to drive boats in the ocean is like Texas people offroading thier trucks.

  77. John Facts

    John Facts13 days ago

    seems to me that if you are in a Boston Whaler or a Seavee, then there is a high chance that you hit Haulover like a BOSS

  78. Justin Smith

    Justin Smith13 days ago

    Who on earth wants their spine pounded like that for fun. ?

  79. Yo Ron

    Yo Ron13 days ago

    That first boat is one of those oversized jet skis

  80. SuperDuty Zack

    SuperDuty Zack13 days ago

    That dude is gonna have a bad day sometime soon.

  81. Austin Stokke

    Austin Stokke13 days ago

    Green Sea-doo for sale - Well taken care of. Never beat. 30k - I know what I got.

  82. Greg V

    Greg V13 days ago

    More PWCs and jet boats!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  83. Bald Eagle

    Bald Eagle13 days ago

    The folks with life jackets are the smart ones. That’s a rough stretch and super unpredictable.

  84. rob smith

    rob smith13 days ago

    That’s what they are built for. Cowabunga dude!!!

  85. Sean O'Keefe

    Sean O'Keefe13 days ago

    The inlet looks like the same amount of fun as sitting in a card board box rolling down a hill with a beer in your hand

  86. RcHydrozz

    RcHydrozz14 days ago

    Dont these idiots know that you CAN crack your hull. Among others things.

  87. Geoff Williams

    Geoff Williams14 days ago

    One owner Gently used weekend speed boat.

  88. dj511185

    dj51118514 days ago

    At 4:21; it seems like the lower the number of engines, the more likely to have on life-jackets.

  89. Richard McKinnon

    Richard McKinnon14 days ago

    I don't like single engine boats in poor weather

  90. Jonathan T

    Jonathan T14 days ago

    Haulover never remembers a coward.

  91. Joey Taylor

    Joey Taylor15 days ago

    Spent 7 months in Sunny Isles Beach 2 years. Loved boat watching. Went down to Haul Over Inlet a few times. Loved seeing the charter fishing boats in this video as we did one fishing trip out of Haulover in memory of my father. Most of the comments seem to be about spinal compression, I will have to agree!

  92. taizer

    taizer15 days ago

    10 years of fast boats and my spine is fucked. Take care of your body guys. Back pain is no joke

  93. Eric06410

    Eric0641015 days ago

    What is with the whiskey throttle?

  94. Bob A Booey

    Bob A Booey15 days ago

    Thumbs up for a life vest? They should be wearing a back brace, kidney belt and HANS device.

  95. Grant Ojeda

    Grant Ojeda15 days ago


  96. mattyolo

    mattyolo15 days ago

    Aren’t the Seadoo type boats designed for lakes and dams only?

  97. Note Toself

    Note Toself15 days ago

    Probably wearing life jackets to absorb some of the shock 😂

  98. Gawain Brown

    Gawain Brown15 days ago

    That Seavee 1:59 so smooth

  99. John Stecich

    John Stecich16 days ago

    why do people bother going out in that shit

  100. Ryan Ehlis

    Ryan Ehlis16 days ago

    In some ways it’s more forgiving, it’s like a big jet ski. A bigger boat would have hit much harder.

  101. Crazystuffyousee

    Crazystuffyousee16 days ago

    Uh...That's exactly what that little jet boat is made for. It's just a big jet ski...

  102. Eric Means

    Eric Means16 days ago

    Do you even have a boat!? Lol, Nerd 🤓!

  103. Salty Steel

    Salty Steel17 days ago

    Those waves at 2:15 lol

  104. Rocky Milano

    Rocky Milano18 days ago

    The pilot of that sea-doo was at that blood alcohol level of .15 maybe .18 but for sure DUI material. I'm just sayin. I've been there and somehow you pull it off. Sometimes you don't.

  105. TheJaymon1962

    TheJaymon196218 days ago

    Badass little boat I think.

  106. SOFTAIL X

    SOFTAIL X18 days ago

    The dudes one handers are pro level