This weekend at Haulover Inlet was rather mild in regards to waves. However, that usually means its time for boats with serious power to come out and play. Enjoy the video.
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  1. Wavy Boats

    Wavy BoatsMonth ago

    Where is everyone watching from? 🌎

  2. Cloudzx1

    Cloudzx12 days ago


  3. Everett Cox

    Everett Cox3 days ago

    Dallas Tx.

  4. Tristen Robert

    Tristen Robert3 days ago

    @Korbin Holden Definitely, I've been watching on flixzone for years myself =)

  5. Korbin Holden

    Korbin Holden3 days ago

    Pro tip : you can watch series at Flixzone. I've been using them for watching all kinds of movies these days.

  6. Kentucky Blugrass

    Kentucky Blugrass4 days ago

    Lake Cumberland, Ky

  7. RKSNomad

    RKSNomadDay ago

    I only thought in my head "I should buy a boat" and youtube, somehow knew... now I'm reaearching... smart mofos

  8. networked person

    networked personDay ago

    it wouldn't be florida without the racist blue lives matter flags.

  9. Jbirtwisle

    JbirtwisleDay ago

    1:04 RIP cap

  10. Dale Val

    Dale Val2 days ago

    Boat called black thunder, is white and red. 🤔

  11. Okay Boomer

    Okay Boomer2 days ago

    Apart from the one taking out daddy's boat, and can pay for hookers, most likely all of them!

  12. Everett Cox

    Everett Cox3 days ago

    I like Mystic/MTI for cats and Outerlimits/Nortech for Vs.

  13. Exotic Editz

    Exotic Editz3 days ago

    I really liked how the orange and blue motors when with the blue midnight express

  14. Michael Costeline

    Michael Costeline3 days ago

    Some of them people are real fucking idiots. They really look stupid jumping around for the camera.

  15. Kentucky Blugrass

    Kentucky Blugrass4 days ago

    @1:03 WildKatz lost his hatz

  16. Richard Christman

    Richard Christman4 days ago

    Black Thunder should've been named "White Lightning"!

  17. Ed Kelly

    Ed Kelly6 days ago

    "Find the Male Virgin on the Boat" lol...

  18. Trent Briand

    Trent Briand6 days ago

    So few of these boats running inboards. Why? Big outboard motors are so much pricier. 🤷‍♂️

  19. Sebastopolmark

    Sebastopolmark7 days ago

    6:15 Who would name their boat "Smash The Like Button"??? Crazy boaters! !! !!!

  20. Gen Sco

    Gen Sco7 days ago

    Central coast of California, long way away from the Atlantic. Great video and thanks for sharing!

  21. Diogee

    Diogee7 days ago

    how do these boats with 4 or 5 outboards do on fuel compared to 2 big blocks in a ciggarette? how do they perform too? will 4 outboards with the twin prop setup get outta the hole faster than a ciggarette with 2 sterndrives and massive props? id prefer outboard personally, think its simpler and easier to maintain, even see alot of people convert old starcrafts from i/o to outboard

  22. Diogee

    Diogee7 days ago

    i cant wait to see someone with 4 of these new verados. 80 grand a pop lol 600hp v12, 2 spd transmission, and the lower unit turns rather than the whole motor, real neat

  23. LJ Mosley

    LJ Mosley8 days ago

    Banging Young Dolph on a midnight express with quads.. King things

  24. Jared Shelton

    Jared Shelton3 days ago

    Pretty sure that's the color of Dolphs Lambo too haha


    JUSTIN STINSON8 days ago

    2:38 that was Maurkice and Mike Pouncey both just retired from the NFL

  26. Jason Sypher

    Jason Sypher8 days ago

    Omg I can’t imagine going that fast so close to so many boats!

  27. Mark Torres

    Mark Torres8 days ago

    The gold HCB yacht may be my favorite.

  28. Irocnrollz

    Irocnrollz8 days ago

    Just got ahead and pause at 3:57, you can thank me later.

  29. Kurt Miller

    Kurt Miller9 days ago

    The Male Virgin... you mean all of them?

  30. Jason Haley

    Jason Haley9 days ago

    4:35....MAN, if you feel the thing that will very likely save your life isn't "COO-N-DA-SKÜLE" enough for you to wear; AT LEAST hook up to the teather my man!!! Edit: MN

  31. Piros mikey1157 None

    Piros mikey1157 None9 days ago


  32. Jester

    Jester9 days ago

    1:46 Guy Posing. Id kick him off my boat. Embarrassing

  33. Dangerous Dave

    Dangerous Dave9 days ago

    That last guy almost learned the hard way that letting your girl drive just because she wants to, isn't necessarily a good idea. Start her out somewhere else than downtown crazy inlet.

  34. Tight Budz

    Tight Budz10 days ago

    It was ALL of them.. The virgin..? ALL!!

  35. theodore Dow-man

    theodore Dow-man10 days ago

    so are the midnight express boats the popular thing for instagram people? I'm starting to notice a trend as to who is always in them.

  36. Rudy Yarbrough

    Rudy Yarbrough11 days ago

    Haulover is infamous for its wild chop and you pick the calmest day of the year to film!

  37. Paul Janssen

    Paul Janssen11 days ago

    Some people are idiots behind the wheel you wish their boats would split in two. No respect for other boaters voters or they're safety human life can't be replaced.

  38. william barkenbush

    william barkenbush11 days ago

    All that money on a cigarette and filming from hand

  39. Steve York

    Steve York11 days ago

    I let looks calm in this video,what’s up?

  40. Jamie Bexley

    Jamie Bexley12 days ago

    Digging that fountain 🤘😎

  41. joeyf504327

    joeyf50432713 days ago

    I could listen to that last cigarette all day long and to sleep

  42. True Freedom

    True Freedom13 days ago

    You have to watch this in 4K on a big tv

  43. Gary Fischer

    Gary Fischer13 days ago

    Token is drunk....

  44. Dahlhouse Enterprises LLC

    Dahlhouse Enterprises LLC15 days ago

    I see a lot running at speed, over taking boats really close- is this just the camera angle? Is that the norm or are they jerks?

  45. Gary Vallone

    Gary Vallone15 days ago

    Crazy even the smallest boat we saw was probably 80k

  46. Gary Vallone

    Gary Vallone15 days ago

    Nevermind I just saw the entire video

  47. Dan Houtz

    Dan Houtz15 days ago

    Apache War Horse 42

  48. Kingsqueak

    Kingsqueak15 days ago

    Midnight Express , ever get the feeling they wouldn't exist without trust funds? The G-Wagon of the water.

  49. skeets

    skeets16 days ago

    A lot of big dollar boat !

  50. Jim

    Jim16 days ago

    wonder how many hats, caps, headgear have washed ashore at Haulover inlet?

  51. Jim

    Jim9 days ago

    @Jason Haley so that would average out to 6.975 per day... thanks.

  52. Jason Haley

    Jason Haley9 days ago

    The 10 year total, cubed (³) multiplied by 4 will equal the number of condoms in that same time frame. At least when we were much younger, wife would get buzzed up and go straight Jekyll/Hyde and turn the freek show ALL the way to 11!!! Maybe boat/motor/booze/waves make their 'girlie parts' tingley????

  53. Wade Keesee

    Wade Keesee16 days ago

    Love your channel, keep up the great work!

  54. Kilcher1982

    Kilcher198217 days ago

    Make Virgin flicks off camera.

  55. MrFunk

    MrFunk17 days ago

    That Hellkats at 1:01 sounded sick! I'm not really into boats but that one was nice. Not even sure why I'm watching this vid! LOL

  56. BigHarry Kochenbauls

    BigHarry Kochenbauls17 days ago

    Why is it so popular to be an assh0le in this one particular spot..?

  57. MoVieZafterMidNiGhT

    MoVieZafterMidNiGhT17 days ago

    When you think you are gonna be on haulover but then get eclipsed by midnight express.. LOL I waterskied behind a midnight express in the late 80's on Lake Simcoe in Ontario. Just like in the movies I put my thumb up to say awesome but they took it as increase throttle... while turning. Well I went for about a dozen cartwheels across the surface of the water.. LOL.. Join the navy they said, see the world they said.. I'd Rather be Sailing! What a beautiful boat, I used to think the actual name of the boat was midnight express because it also came with a custom coach-liner camper pulling it... with matching paint...

  58. Nick Alhasan

    Nick Alhasan18 days ago

    To quote, money can’t buy you happiness,... but it can buy me a boat....and a truck to pull it...”

  59. RamZ

    RamZ18 days ago

    At 3:54 ... Seems like a lot of people on that little boat ... Almost standing room only 😬

  60. kyle bohannon

    kyle bohannon18 days ago

    Had to go back and make sure I wasnt seeing something. Dude in the hellkats boat lost his hat at around the 1 minute mark lol

  61. Big Chief01

    Big Chief0119 days ago

    Check out Greymouth, New Zealand Bar!

  62. Reuben J. Cogburn

    Reuben J. Cogburn19 days ago

    Love the boats. Hate the trust fund fucktards.

  63. djbrianc

    djbrianc19 days ago

    Favorite Boat? Right now the Aston Martin AM37. But that Lexus sports boat is pretty tough too

  64. Tom Royce

    Tom Royce19 days ago

    I wonder how many people are just running the inlet to be seen on Wavy Boats?

  65. Leslie Horwinkle

    Leslie Horwinkle20 days ago

    These videos make million dollar boats seem boring. All you need is a bottle of alcohol evidently.

  66. michael tristan

    michael tristan20 days ago

    The fun people wave and hoot & hollar for the camera!!

  67. TheMalerdaemon

    TheMalerdaemon20 days ago

    1:04 lost his hat.

  68. CamJuice Kissy

    CamJuice Kissy20 days ago

    it's like they know they'er gonna be on USlikes. Lol Awesome, alot of ppl have been watching Your Videos. Im Subscribe

  69. flaagan

    flaagan20 days ago

    Ah, the blue line flag, the sign of an asshole.

  70. E. E. Nulla Salus

    E. E. Nulla Salus13 days ago

    Why's that?

  71. flaagan

    flaagan20 days ago

    Nothing like a bunch of party boats in the middle of a pandemic.

  72. EL Jeffy

    EL Jeffy5 days ago

    Lol it’s virus that you have a 97% percent chance of surviving, calling it a pandemic was purely political and a joke. Masks are useless, and locking down was useless, just like your comment, useless.

  73. Andy Steger

    Andy Steger21 day ago

    Eliminator is my favorite power boat

  74. Fausdionis Pizzeria

    Fausdionis Pizzeria21 day ago

    Is this a branch of the boat zine channel

  75. Steven Waite

    Steven Waite21 day ago

    Where is commentary? It makes it.

  76. Deano spleeno

    Deano spleeno22 days ago

    Some of these boats are packed with douchebags haha. Also it seems really busy and a it uncontrolled. Im not a boater so I'm probably wrong but it looks all to close and no room for error at times.

  77. VMC MARK

    VMC MARK22 days ago

    @3:40; USCG / NMMA capacity sticker MUST have come off the last time he cleaned his boat. I counted 10 people in that 18-20 footer, probably close to 1800-2000 pounds just for the bodies + ice chests & beer. Reminds me of every time I drive into an OFF ROAD VEHICLE staging area, there are more & more people, from a certain geographical area on this earth, mostly south of the mainland of the USA that just LOVE to pile on 2-3 people on a ""ONE PERSON"" quad, nobody has on a helmet & I remember that the world DOES NEED ORGAN DONORS so I just don't let it bother me. All the OHV's have little labels just like the boat that state the age requirements & there are at least 3-5 decals saying that ""THIS VEHICLE IS FOR ONE PERSON"" as well as ""NO PASSENGERS"", oh well, ""NOT MY JOB"" to educate them or worry about them either. Water is wet & dirt is hard.........................................PEACE............MR

  78. Don Dagy

    Don Dagy22 days ago

    Love how everyone knows its wavy boats now when theyre rippin by.

  79. Franz Fabel

    Franz Fabel22 days ago

    No sailors in the states?

  80. Im Cain U Abel

    Im Cain U Abel23 days ago

    He can’t count and isn’t truthful either. He held up one finger to show us how many times he’s been laid and Maury determined...that was a lie!

  81. Jeff Steelman

    Jeff Steelman23 days ago

    Looks like excessive speed is a problem........not to mention too much Dumbass

  82. Rogueflier

    Rogueflier23 days ago

    Well...I didn’t see any obvious virgins, however, I did see a couple douchebags..

  83. John Cottrell

    John Cottrell24 days ago

    First Rule of Power Boating: Largest breasts go farthest forward in the bow.

  84. andy kozlowski

    andy kozlowski24 days ago

    Watching from Edmonton Alberta. Can only want these kind of powerfull boats !

  85. Scott C

    Scott C24 days ago

    omg the final scene. with the engine shut-off, it was mesmerising ...and the guy and the girl and boat and then the full beans, and all the rest giving it the beans, wow! thank you. And to all involved.

  86. scott klandl

    scott klandl26 days ago

    Miami girls are rather dim

  87. Serge H.

    Serge H.27 days ago

    No life jackets, no covid restrictions.....USA USA USA!!!!

  88. Pura Vida

    Pura Vida27 days ago

    calm day

  89. Marc D

    Marc D28 days ago

    The dancing drunk bitches are embarrassing 🤷🏼‍♂️

  90. Jake Johnson

    Jake Johnson29 days ago

    Holy shit those Cigarette boats sound amazing. Also i like that Fountain at 2:51.

  91. Chris Bethmann

    Chris Bethmann29 days ago


  92. Canada East

    Canada EastMonth ago

    Wonder how much coke is being hauled in there . I’d to have it lol

  93. Jes

    JesMonth ago

    Where do these people get their money ,,,it must be nice.

  94. Rick Quist

    Rick QuistMonth ago

    Where a $100k boat ain't shit...

  95. n9ne2170

    n9ne2170Month ago

    The Meatheads Were Out In Full Force

  96. J. R. Rogers

    J. R. RogersMonth ago

    I've watched 20+ of these videos and this is the calmest I've ever seen these waters.

  97. Mark Torres

    Mark Torres8 days ago


  98. Thomas Wiman

    Thomas Wiman12 days ago

    Me too

  99. Kamalakrsna Devi

    Kamalakrsna Devi19 days ago

    thats what i thought/ waz thinking

  100. Jens Leerssen

    Jens Leerssen19 days ago

    Clearly, the folks with the best boats know how to read tide charts 🤷‍♂️

  101. djbrianc

    djbrianc19 days ago

    That is what I was thinking too

  102. Rare Form

    Rare FormMonth ago

    Calm day ...

  103. Donald Lewis

    Donald LewisMonth ago

    Mister tough guy male virgin was holding his finger up showing us how smart he is...

  104. lear60man

    lear60manMonth ago

    The Cigarette at the end looked like he had a stuck trim tab in the down position....or the gal hit the wrong button.

  105. Colin Stace

    Colin StaceMonth ago

    Where are they all going? Is there a sand bar party going on ?

  106. V1P4G0D

    V1P4G0DMonth ago

    Yes I too have found the Gay male virgin.

  107. Frank Summerlin

    Frank SummerlinMonth ago

    Such a great channel! Love the boaters waving to Wavy, even the ones riding in the bow!

  108. Gallup Journey Test Drives

    Gallup Journey Test DrivesMonth ago

    so much more enjoyable to watch without all those dumb Trump 2020 flags....

  109. fourforty RoadRunner

    fourforty RoadRunnerMonth ago

    Juz' sayin I am NOT INTERESTED in any fuckin "male virgins" on or off a boat.............

  110. ruled1990

    ruled1990Month ago

    The male virgin! 🤣 that's great

  111. Michael Powell

    Michael PowellMonth ago

    Thanks for your videos. Awesome

  112. Désire Labonne

    Désire LabonneMonth ago

    Happy to see cigarette 38 I like this boat 🚣‍♀️




  114. Quinn Lad

    Quinn LadMonth ago

    Jeez man your mom must of never given you love as a child

  115. a_c_c_e_p_t_t_h_i_s Streetart

    a_c_c_e_p_t_t_h_i_s StreetartMonth ago

    Most of these folks don’t have the right attitude that has to go with these magnificent boats. Boats are priceless, (most) people are cheap! Love these video’s🤙

  116. Steven Ross-watt

    Steven Ross-wattMonth ago

    Wright Performance boat @6:56 looks ideal for me. I'll take it.

  117. DooDoo Poop

    DooDoo PoopMonth ago

    Those little boats with tons of people on them, gives me anxiety. Having been a lifeguard both at pools and the beach, I’ve seen people almost drown so many times, in normal conditions/situations.

  118. phapnui

    phapnuiMonth ago

    The present moment is all we ever really have. Touch that smart phone and you lose it.