BOAT SENDING IT DURING ROUGH WAVES !! | Haulover Inlet | Boca Inlet

BOAT SENDING IT DURING ROUGH WAVES !! | Haulover Inlet | Boca Inlet
Another rough weekend at our 2nd home, Boca Inlet. Lots of boat action regardless of the sporty conditions. Thats what we love about Boca Inlet! Enjoy the video.
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  1. Wavy Boats

    Wavy BoatsMonth ago

    You guys taking the Cigarette or the Nor-Tech? Let us know...

  2. RyTrapp0

    RyTrapp025 days ago

    How do you pick one? Both are SICK!

  3. TheNecromancer6666

    TheNecromancer6666Month ago

    Nor Tech.

  4. Mark Peiffer

    Mark PeifferMonth ago

    Guy on puddle jumper Boston Whaler is nuts ,& stupid go thru therr w that

  5. outlaw25 nunya

    outlaw25 nunyaMonth ago


  6. The_ Sword

    The_ SwordMonth ago

    Who says Cigarettes are bad for your health?

  7. enginepy

    enginepy10 days ago

    The cigarette at 7:30 was awesome

  8. lightitup

    lightitup13 days ago

    That Guy in the Boston Whaler... what a rock star, two chicks, and slammed the inlet like a 42ft cigarette

  9. Long Rifle

    Long RifleMonth ago

    I'm gonna have to disagree with that Envision going 86mph only on 454's. 502's still wouldn't push that boat over 80. Wherever those specs came from they are lies, mfj would be my guess. Watch the stern @8:30 you can see him kick up mud and almost come to a stop.

  10. ilaril

    ilarilMonth ago

    Was nice to see that one cigarette with all the people (well, almost all) having lifejackets on.

  11. KRL Productions

    KRL ProductionsMonth ago

    It's all about the BOSTON WHALER lmfao

  12. phapnui

    phapnuiMonth ago

    Mystery boat: 45 Loser

  13. phapnui

    phapnuiMonth ago

    Do you have to pass a Coast Guard test to take these boats out on the bounty main?

  14. phapnui

    phapnuiMonth ago

    Can riding in bow cause flat chestedness in women?

  15. bill barry

    bill barryMonth ago

    Hell no, dad didn't spill his drink. Dad is going to protect that drink the way a teenager protects their cell phone.

  16. xyzct

    xyzctMonth ago

    2:25 ... OH. MY. GOD! People are actually wearing PFDs in Florida!!

  17. kurikokaleidoscope

    kurikokaleidoscopeMonth ago


  18. david jones

    david jonesMonth ago

    that guy in the 28' pursuit doing it like a boss

  19. david jones

    david jonesMonth ago

    well thats obviously a bubu trump shrimp boat

  20. Rich Miller

    Rich MillerMonth ago

    The mystery boat is a deuche bag. mystery solved.

  21. Chris Ruggiers

    Chris RuggiersMonth ago

    Midnight Express + Quad Mercs = marine orgasm

  22. Dustin D

    Dustin DMonth ago

    Those kids with the Whaler :)

  23. TexRobNC

    TexRobNCMonth ago

    Oh, I know who is driving that mystery boat in the thumbnail, a moron

  24. Gav I

    Gav IMonth ago

    Love these vids great to see how the sea affects the boats it’s incredible. Just a quick question, what about Covid-19? All these groups out and about? Cheers great vids!

  25. David Guy

    David GuyMonth ago

    FTLOP stop with the stupid Trump flags already...

  26. Gary Hentschel

    Gary HentschelMonth ago

    We have a formula 303 SR1 but I will end up with a cigarette top gun with twin 1550's one day !!! That would be my dream boat or a nor tech !!!

  27. Darren Sice

    Darren SiceMonth ago

    He would have to turn in his dad card if he did spill his beer!!!!!!

  28. Alessandro Bacci

    Alessandro BacciMonth ago

    Van Dutch... 800 K for what? Those straight bows will end soon. Seakeeping = 0

  29. Alex

    AlexMonth ago

    I look at all of these outrageously expensive boats. Hundreds of thousands to million dollar boats and yet you cannot find a bilge pump for that will not keep running 6 months after you install it, and a float switch worth a damn.

  30. David Alejandro Ausfet

    David Alejandro AusfetMonth ago

    Regarding your question in this video, there is an old, effective and versatile one that is undoubtedly still very efficient. It is without a doubt and by far the "CIGARRETE" . How many models have been produced from it with excellent performance?

  31. David Alejandro Ausfet

    David Alejandro AusfetMonth ago

    "Cigarette" sorry

  32. Musicians Hotsheet

    Musicians HotsheetMonth ago

    I'm pretty much sold on a Montauk because of these videos.

  33. twinsonic

    twinsonicMonth ago

    3:00 wishful thinking

  34. Dominga Venegas

    Dominga VenegasMonth ago

    Que clase de control en el timón

  35. John Hackleman

    John HacklemanMonth ago

    Trump ✊

  36. Tom Drummy

    Tom DrummyMonth ago

    4:40. Was that a big patch on bottom of pursuit ?

  37. The_ Sword

    The_ SwordMonth ago

    Good eye not sure what that is

  38. Eric Bryant

    Eric BryantMonth ago

    That 32' Envision is not going to run anywhere near 86 w/7.4 Mercs...try 60. It would need a pair of 600 SCi's to go that fast.

  39. Pappy Mc

    Pappy McMonth ago

    The BW Montauk, represented well:) Great video! Only drawback is, it's about 50 minutes-too short:) Enjoy Every Day!!

  40. Marvin De Bot

    Marvin De BotMonth ago

    Envision make a nice boat but I doubt they are too many folk's favorite; they were, after all, what you bought when an Apache, Cigarette or Magnum was out of reach but you didn't want a Scarab.

  41. Marvin De Bot

    Marvin De BotMonth ago

    The No Top Legend has been born! That guy is Joe Cool is his lad is, right away, without a doubt an Ace of the Inlet.

  42. Mike Mc

    Mike McMonth ago

    I love seeing the small Boston Whalers....maybe because that’s all I can

  43. Patrick Molloy

    Patrick MolloyMonth ago

    I'm surprised we haven't seen a serious high speed collision - some of those boats look recklessly fast as they pass either side of other, equally fast boats going in all other directions.

  44. Deej Jones

    Deej JonesMonth ago

    Nope dad kept every drop dad is a legend

  45. C Perez

    C PerezMonth ago

    Always a thrill watching the fearless “bow riders!” Love the video and sound quality!

  46. Get Schwifty

    Get SchwiftyMonth ago

    1:02 those guys have been having great fun, you see it's not the size that matters.

  47. Tim H

    Tim HMonth ago

    Trump was the con

  48. Pj Biggleswerth

    Pj BiggleswerthMonth ago

    The boat was a: Tiny Hands; rotten tuna poacher, basic mids edition.

  49. Brows Man

    Brows ManMonth ago

    2:46-Could it be, why yes it is, it’s the Buffalo horn hat guy, he busted out of jail and is going incognito.

  50. ask atnwclips

    ask atnwclipsMonth ago

    i think the mystery boat was a Bigly

  51. Net Rhyda

    Net RhydaMonth ago

    Haha, you failed to mention the fuel consumption on that last one.....

  52. Frank M

    Frank MMonth ago

    Mystery Boat is LaDouchebag...

  53. The_ Sword

    The_ SwordMonth ago

    Yea i though I spotted you on it

  54. jrhunt84

    jrhunt84Month ago

    That envision is a Sea Ray Pachanga knockoff. Also, glad to see the kids on the crownline wearing life vests....oh wait 🤦‍♂️

  55. Erik Gustafson

    Erik GustafsonMonth ago

    Theres no way the envision does 86mph if the 4000 rpm cruise is 41mph. maybe 60-65 turning those 454's very fast. With 660hp the physics doesn't line up.

  56. outlaw25 nunya

    outlaw25 nunyaMonth ago

    Agreed. Might do 80 on the trailer

  57. Justin Lee

    Justin LeeMonth ago

    The Everglades front leading edge is designed to keep the water down and away from when it hammers thru rough water. You can see it doing its job thru the inlet.

  58. Justin Lee

    Justin LeeMonth ago

    @Wavy Boats It's a very interesting company Everglades. I have been fortunate enough to go to training at their factory and it comes from geneations of boat designers in 1 family. They are very innovative because of their heritage.

  59. Wavy Boats

    Wavy BoatsMonth ago

    Everglades seem to handle the Inlets well from what we have observed.

  60. Random 549

    Random 549Month ago

    Stopped at the Boston Whaler with 2 hot chics boat - That was all I needed to jump my wife.

  61. Wavy Boats

    Wavy BoatsMonth ago

    Glad we could help. 😂

  62. Borys Nijinski

    Borys NijinskiMonth ago

    3 morons in a skiff heading out to blue water and no lifejackets to be seen.

  63. Zarcondeegrissom

    ZarcondeegrissomMonth ago

    that first one, absolutely sent it, nice, lol. not much for taking a drink or bow-dipping today I guess, lol.

  64. Ballsy Ballsyone

    Ballsy BallsyoneMonth ago

    That wasn't a mystery was a TRUMP boat!!! HAHAHAHAAA

  65. Chris Davis

    Chris DavisMonth ago

    2024 🤣

  66. Dean C.

    Dean C.Month ago

    DonTheCon tRump was the WORSE president ever.🙄

  67. TeddyJac Eddy

    TeddyJac EddyMonth ago

    mystery boat = ship of fools

  68. The_ Sword

    The_ SwordMonth ago

    Boat Zone likes clumsy Joe the vegetable

  69. Armando Arias

    Armando AriasMonth ago

    Me encantan los botes pequeños 😃

  70. Susila thapa

    Susila thapaMonth ago

    *Rich people play the money game to win.* *Poor people play the money game to not lose.* *The goal of truly rich people is to have massive wealth and for many of them,* *it's to help a lot of people.*

  71. The_ Sword

    The_ SwordMonth ago

    @badm0t0rfinger try joining the real world snowflake

  72. badm0t0rfinger

    badm0t0rfingerMonth ago

    @The_ Sword "so what" if people get exploited? oof.. Try finding some empathy and then you might be invited to the adults table for this conversation.

  73. The_ Sword

    The_ SwordMonth ago

    @badm0t0rfinger Yea, so what? The laborer gets paid. If he’s not happy he can invent something or get an education and become a professional. And remember billionaires EMPLOY people and buy many goods and services

  74. Bobby Jones

    Bobby JonesMonth ago

    I was told never work for a poor person. As a rising tide floats all boats; better make sure your boat doesn’t have a hole in it.

  75. Paterson Davis

    Paterson DavisMonth ago

    @Timothy aslan please contact via whats📥📥app

  76. Richard Barthelme

    Richard BarthelmeMonth ago

    that's not the 'U', that's a bunch of SemiHoles...

  77. Joe Wayne

    Joe WayneMonth ago

    Grady white guy is kicking ass

  78. Joe Wayne

    Joe WayneMonth ago

    Mystery boat looked like a older pro lime center console or maybe even a Triton CC

  79. Mike Drake

    Mike DrakeMonth ago

    I like the MTI's and cigarette 38's and hydra sports.

  80. Tre Bourque

    Tre BourqueMonth ago

    Mystery boat looks like either a 27 venture or a Jupiter

  81. Timothy McLaughlin

    Timothy McLaughlinMonth ago

    Wow that pursuit boat was absolutely crushing those waves !!! Love this show !!! From the middle of Kansas no less 😆

  82. Wavy Boats

    Wavy BoatsMonth ago

    It was killing it! Thanks for being here Tim. 👍

  83. toolbitzbox

    toolbitzboxMonth ago

    Don't understand all those people who crack open a beer before they get through the inlet. Either you're gonna be wearing it, or it's flat from the pounding.

  84. Public NME

    Public NMEMonth ago

    If you crack it when you leave the ramp it should be done by the time you go through the inlet

  85. Bob McLauchlan

    Bob McLauchlanMonth ago

    ........not a drop !!!

  86. Dee Wilson

    Dee WilsonMonth ago

    Shoutout to Pursuit I work there in Fort Pierce lol 💯💯

  87. Denise C

    Denise CMonth ago

    Mystery boat - super nice boat 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 looks like he voted for the 2020 right president

  88. Mike G

    Mike GMonth ago

    @Zarcondeegrissom The flags of former presidents???? That comment alone 😂😂😂😂 I bet it doesn’t even occur to you what makes it so ridiculous.

  89. Zarcondeegrissom

    ZarcondeegrissomMonth ago

    @Mike E. I would figure the "sore loser" is the one that hides the flags of former presidents in shame or embarrassment, an odd place the US must be, lol.

  90. Zarcondeegrissom

    ZarcondeegrissomMonth ago

    mystery boat probably doesn't have a hull name and number as protection, as we all know some political factions of earth would love to shut down the wrong kind of free speech, lol. Tho oddly I guess it's ok to keep the Bill Al Barack and Hillary merch on display with no backlash at all, lol.

  91. Mike E.

    Mike E.Month ago

    Looks like he's a sore loser lol

  92. Francisaeb

    FrancisaebMonth ago

    When are you gonna record at Sebastian inlet on a weekend, you might be able to catch people actually sinking their boat because its dangerous inlet.

  93. Robby Skelton

    Robby SkeltonMonth ago

    Cigarette 38 Top Gun, They're Not The Fastest Boats in The World, but They Are Just So Incredibly Cool!

  94. B stanz

    B stanzMonth ago

    The top gun cigarette is the best!!


    MARK LOCKWOODMonth ago

    The cigarette has my vote


    MARK LOCKWOODMonth ago

    I hope he did. Drinking and boating needs to stop. Bad decision making from drinking

  97. Keith MacDonald

    Keith MacDonaldMonth ago

    Up here in Canada it's a criminal offense.

  98. Real Bkay

    Real BkayMonth ago

    Yep, Dad is an alcohol abuser, he spilled it.

  99. C5Ron7

    C5Ron7Month ago


  100. mangoes bangoes

    mangoes bangoesMonth ago

    haha the skiff was the best

  101. Yankee Clipper

    Yankee ClipperMonth ago

    Those Carolina Skiff guys may not have 45 feet of boat or 2,400 horsepower, but they are having a ball

  102. Laura Hughes

    Laura HughesMonth ago

    2 balls*

  103. Sabrina Walters

    Sabrina WaltersMonth ago

    Me wheni see a cam filming me and me trying to look professional lol

  104. dano02vfr

    dano02vfrMonth ago

    I'm confused, who sent what? What does sending it mean?

  105. The_ Sword

    The_ SwordMonth ago

    Pedal to the metal. Balls out.


    DEADPEDALMonth ago

    What's the camera and lens combo you're using?

  107. pigybak

    pigybakMonth ago

    whose the crew blocking our view??? guy in the white long sleeve....

  108. luvthe1ugot

    luvthe1ugotMonth ago

    White sleeve guy 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  109. Gerhard van Waltsleben

    Gerhard van WaltslebenMonth ago

    Lekker man lekker

  110. Gerald Moses

    Gerald MosesMonth ago

    I would have chose a ride on the Boston Whaler myself.

  111. Loupgarou

    LoupgarouMonth ago

    Haha same.

  112. Stim Singh

    Stim SinghMonth ago

    it doesn't matter what the boat is, go Trump...

  113. kraafish jp

    kraafish jpMonth ago


  114. MrCanadian14

    MrCanadian14Month ago


  115. Michelle G

    Michelle GMonth ago

    I used to live in Pompano Beach and there were always reports of people getting killed or hurt on those parasailing things. One couple was on their honeymoon and the wife got tangled up in the parasail and died. It was messy messy messy. Those things aren't regulated at all.

  116. El dorado

    El doradoMonth ago

    Where the hell has Red Top been?

  117. Wavy Boats

    Wavy BoatsMonth ago

    @David Alejandro I haven't seen Yellow Top Legend in a few months.

  118. David Alejandro

    David AlejandroMonth ago

    Red Top Legend rules! But where is Dinghy Guy?

  119. Wavy Boats

    Wavy BoatsMonth ago

    He's around. We try not to put him in every video because he literally goes out all the time.

  120. El Último de los Borincanos

    El Último de los BorincanosMonth ago

    Love the Boston whaler chics 🤩

  121. gaffster787

    gaffster787Month ago

    Doesn't anybody work in that town?

  122. david jones

    david jonesMonth ago

    no kidding and they got bad ass gear im such a homer simpson

  123. Groberds _24

    Groberds _24Month ago

    Pursuit captain knows how to handle a boat!

  124. Wavy Boats

    Wavy BoatsMonth ago

    That was certainly a sick pass. He was on it! 🚀

  125. Keith Hankins

    Keith HankinsMonth ago

    Wow that Pursuit boat was crushing those waves. Never saw anything like that before.

  126. Letter Space 1 Letter Space 2

    Letter Space 1 Letter Space 2Month ago

    That was the ONLY boat in a full send mode.

  127. good2 golden

    good2 goldenMonth ago

    Nice to see it on something other than a center console

  128. Snow NeK :-?

    Snow NeK :-?Month ago

    Definitely at the rite speed, dangerously close to stuffing it though.

  129. roofie and raggy

    roofie and raggyMonth ago

    they are still flying there trump flags down there huh.....🤔?

  130. The_ Sword

    The_ SwordMonth ago

    @Joseph Schmohl Clumsy Joe the vegetable

  131. susan olson

    susan olsonMonth ago

    @Joseph Schmohl TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. Joseph Schmohl

    Joseph SchmohlMonth ago

    Of course, who won Head Board Harris or TRUMP??

  133. Matt d

    Matt dMonth ago

    Does running a whaler make you a great Capt or do great Capt's just run whalers...? We may never know

  134. Eluderatnight

    EluderatnightMonth ago

    Its the modified V (practically trihull) that keeps the bow from stuffing it.

  135. El Último de los Borincanos

    El Último de los BorincanosMonth ago

    Great captains run whalers

  136. Robert Prall

    Robert PrallMonth ago

    Boston Whaler for the WIN!

  137. Matt d

    Matt dMonth ago


  138. wordreet

    wordreetMonth ago

    Didn't see any Cat hulled machines out there today, so no faves for me. Does anyone know how fast the tidal race is there! Wiki mentions that Skookumchuck Narrows, in BC runs as fast as 16 knots! Which would mean that if your boat can only manage 20mph, you ain't gettin' back in till the outflow slows down a mite.

  139. Luke Beatty

    Luke BeattyMonth ago


  140. Charles Piro

    Charles PiroMonth ago

    Slow day at work or I would have waited till I got home so I could watch it on my Television.

  141. Brabant

    BrabantMonth ago

    It's getting a bit crowded there with all the youtubers filming lol.

  142. Wavy Boats

    Wavy BoatsMonth ago

    @Brabant thanks bro, we appreciate the kind words. 👍

  143. Brabant

    BrabantMonth ago

    @Wavy Boats But your videos always stand out. From the first few seconds you watch you can already tell it's your video because of the quality.

  144. Wavy Boats

    Wavy BoatsMonth ago

    It is, once upon a time we were the only channel at Boca Inlet. No one cared about filming it until a few of our videos did well. Now its 3 channels standing 2 ft from each other. Boca is our 2nd home so we will always film there. 👍

  145. Rough Inlets

    Rough InletsMonth ago

    Another Solid Video, Is that T-stop legend? He brought friends!

  146. Wavy Boats

    Wavy BoatsMonth ago

    Thnxs! Friends was the right move. 😂

  147. Roy Heffner

    Roy HeffnerMonth ago

    The mystery boat is called an Asshole.

  148. wordreet

    wordreetMonth ago

    Yep! Beer spilled! Start a criminal enquiry immediately!

  149. wordreet

    wordreetMonth ago

    @Mo Fo Absolutely!

  150. Mo Fo

    Mo FoMonth ago

    Alcohol abuse

  151. Толик М

    Толик МMonth ago