Ex SMUGGLING Boat vs Waves #shorts

Ex SMUGGLING Boat vs Waves #shorts


  1. Joe Schaab

    Joe Schaab10 hours ago

    In his defense, he is going to pick it up. That's way too light.... and beside. The police and coast guard don't patrol in heavy sea

  2. Jr Hembree

    Jr Hembree12 hours ago

    Throttle it up , . When that boat get on plane it will cut threw waves like butter . These boys are not boater or drug smugglers!

  3. Jack Dorsey

    Jack Dorsey2 days ago

    Great day for a Cigarette

  4. kemicalx17

    kemicalx174 days ago

    Warpath?! Toms of racing history right there

  5. John Snow

    John Snow4 days ago

    Let's go out for a nice boat ride and I'll show you how slow my boat goes

  6. Joseph Lovaglio

    Joseph Lovaglio6 days ago

    Ben Kramer

  7. Dell Johnson

    Dell Johnson7 days ago

    A custom-made race boat called an ex-muggling boat I don't think so

  8. Chronic Awareness

    Chronic Awareness8 days ago

    You can put allot of cocaine in there... man i miss good miami cocaine

  9. Shawn Berthiaume

    Shawn Berthiaume8 days ago

    That's a lot of fiberglass for three seats

  10. Johnny Bgood

    Johnny Bgood8 days ago

    So they stole it from the smugglers damn thieves

  11. Michael S

    Michael S9 days ago

    See his hand gesture?? That means stay in the trough! Don't take them head on because it never ends! Go at an angle, and use that angle to turn the boat around and go with the tide back to shore!!! And with that kind of chop with a cigarette boat you would have to blast way out to sea and there's still no telling what the choop will be like out there? Most likely you're going to capsize and sink??? So just coming out of the inlet you can judge if the chop is that bad stay in the trough use it to turn the front of your heavy boat around and go back in.

  12. Jason Haley

    Jason Haley9 days ago

    Gotta hit plane...lookin like it would indeed suck but clippin the top 15 - 25% of those look-a-bit-big-even-for-Haulover waves would be better IMO

  13. Dennis McColley

    Dennis McColley9 days ago

    Smugglers didn't think their boats bright yellow.

  14. Baba Yoga

    Baba Yoga10 days ago

    The Whittington's and the John Paul's!!!!!! Apache!!!!

  15. switch gaming

    switch gaming10 days ago

    What makes you say it is a ex smuggling boat. 🤔 ?

  16. Craig Moon

    Craig Moon10 days ago

    @Jose Fast Boats hey thanks dude for that information because i really had no idea or back storynon that situation but the guy with bronco guru and wavy boat said a very little bit about it. It is a awsome boat man i love it!! Have a great day brother and aging thank you for explaining that to me im sure alit of people csn stop asking them selves about that lol

  17. Jose Fast Boats

    Jose Fast Boats10 days ago

    @Craig Moon Ben Kramer is his name, abosutw legend in the offshore boat racing circuit, 4 time APBA Champion, and also got caught up with people who ran smuggling boats. It was NOT directly him. But yeah he got caught up in the system and got all his boats and race team taken away from him. This was his personal race boat. Fastest at the time. It could run 130 MPH in rough seas about 4-6 ft waves . Absolute beast of a boat.

  18. switch gaming

    switch gaming10 days ago

    @Craig Moon haha well always here if you want to know anything. Goodnight mate.

  19. Craig Moon

    Craig Moon10 days ago

    Yes it really is, this is the first time i ever had a convo with someone in Australia lol! Im in USA California and ill tell you its not like the post cards at all one bit.. anyeays have a good day my friend.

  20. switch gaming

    switch gaming10 days ago

    @Craig Moon oh yes it's way more addicting than people would think.

  21. Kevin M

    Kevin M11 days ago

    Going to slow

  22. Daffy Duck

    Daffy Duck11 days ago

    Seen this boat before this thing is badass

  23. Hank Hudson

    Hank Hudson5 days ago

    @Gael Salvatore yup, I've been using flixzone for since november myself :D

  24. Gael Salvatore

    Gael Salvatore5 days ago

    a tip : watch movies on flixzone. I've been using them for watching a lot of movies lately.

  25. Shroom Grizzley

    Shroom Grizzley12 days ago

    I smuggled a boat once

  26. Jimmy D Cricket

    Jimmy D Cricket12 days ago

    Not enough coke.

  27. LaVince UNC GRILLZ Ellis

    LaVince UNC GRILLZ Ellis14 days ago

    I wish you would stop titling it Ex Smugglers boat, there were about 6 Apaches with the same number and paint scheme, but PREDATOR...I'll say again PREDATOR.... Was the ex smuggling boat.

  28. Shroom Grizzley

    Shroom Grizzley12 days ago

    Be quiet worm

  29. alxra

    alxra14 days ago

    Whyd yall mirror this?

  30. alfred selle

    alfred selle14 days ago

    Why do people bring boats out that can't handle shit only calm waters

  31. Daffy Duck

    Daffy Duck11 days ago

    Oh that one can handle some rough water and if you don't think so you don't know boats. Which is pretty much the case.

  32. Adam Temple

    Adam Temple14 days ago

    Super cool ship

  33. Brian Gilmore

    Brian Gilmore15 days ago

    Asking for a rogue wave to flip that expensive boat eh??

  34. mark post

    mark post10 days ago

    Missing the weight that their cargo provided!

  35. Daffy Duck

    Daffy Duck11 days ago


  36. David Rivero

    David Rivero17 days ago

    More Boat than..... 😁

  37. Guppy Galaxy

    Guppy Galaxy17 days ago

    19th and 10 hours late

  38. Torsee

    Torsee17 days ago

    She’s pretty awkward going slow.

  39. Alessandro Bacci

    Alessandro Bacci18 days ago

    Good bottom and good LCG have no fear

  40. Dank Dank

    Dank Dank18 days ago

    wow that's a nice boat!

  41. DTown

    DTown18 days ago

    Shouldn’t have let your girlfriend hold the phone.

  42. Gene Kelley

    Gene Kelley18 days ago

    What format is this? I can’t “cast it” to my tv🤷‍♂️

  43. Shroom Grizzley

    Shroom Grizzley10 days ago

    You literally gotta he smarter then your smart tv that’s all you’ll get there someday pal

  44. Get Schwifty

    Get Schwifty10 days ago

    You can't cast shorts for some stupid reason.

  45. Barry Dobson

    Barry Dobson14 days ago

    It is a short not a full USlikes video. Maybe that is why

  46. Dis Count

    Dis Count18 days ago

    no wonder its an ex smuggling boat

  47. Daffy Duck

    Daffy Duck11 days ago

    @jack lieske it was sarcasm knucklehead

  48. jack lieske

    jack lieske11 days ago

    @Daffy Duck it’s not It was a race boat that was never raced

  49. Daffy Duck

    Daffy Duck11 days ago

    @jack lieske yes it is saw it on the internet

  50. jack lieske

    jack lieske17 days ago

    It’s not

  51. andifferous

    andifferous18 days ago

    The 30 second tease...

  52. frank columbo

    frank columbo18 days ago

    Changing Times: Center Consoles with multiple outboards Eat Apache’s lunch 🥗

  53. Mark Gendusa

    Mark Gendusa17 days ago

    I don't know about that bro. Check out some old vids of Ben Kramer racing the Apache warpath, might change your mind. Super Apache 41 greatest rough water racing boats ever made.😁

  54. Canada Dan

    Canada Dan18 days ago

    Does not look like fun 🤩

  55. Lonnie Spears

    Lonnie Spears18 days ago


  56. Dave Condurat

    Dave Condurat18 days ago

    Wave man do you have a boat or jet ski? If so, which one would you recommend?

  57. Kyle Ball

    Kyle Ball11 days ago

    @Laa0fa it depends do you have a family? Get a boat you can do more with a boat imo. But some people love jetskis, i wanted go get 1 jet skis then get the boat that basically turned the jet skis into a boat but it was to costly

  58. Laa0fa

    Laa0fa14 days ago

    @Marcus Keeler what's the difference? Both are forums where people talk about closely related subjects, this comment is more on topic than most. He knows these people have experience with boats and wanted to ask them instead of the people on the internet pretending if they have experience. Your panties are in a twist over an unbelievably minor issue

  59. Marcus Keeler

    Marcus Keeler14 days ago

    You know this isn't a "chat room" right?

  60. Laa0fa

    Laa0fa15 days ago

    They're different vehicles it really depends on what you want to do while out on the water

  61. coin and gold

    coin and gold18 days ago

    Get a dog!

  62. wayne -O

    wayne -O18 days ago

    They need to put a few kilos ballast in the front of that boat !!

  63. t johnson

    t johnson18 days ago

    Little chop on the water today?

  64. M Drab

    M Drab18 days ago

    I like turtles.

  65. Joe Schaab

    Joe Schaab10 days ago

    Me too

  66. Scott B

    Scott B18 days ago

    That 47 Apache never smuggled drugs, but it’s owner driver did.

  67. Francesco Schettino

    Francesco Schettino18 days ago

    Hahah whats the name of this boat ? Nickname

  68. C5Ron7

    C5Ron718 days ago