NO HOLDING BACK ! WHAT WAVES ?? | Boats at Haulover Inlet | Wavy Boats

NO HOLDING BACK ! WHAT WAVES ?? | Boats at Haulover Inlet | Wavy Boats
Boats smash waves entering and exiting Haulover Inlet. Sometimes power will get you through the rough stuff Haulover throws your way.
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Disclaimer: Pricing and Speed specs are researched online and based on new models only. If a new model is unavailable, then the specs are based on the average used market.


  1. Wavy Boats

    Wavy Boats17 days ago

    Where is everyone watching from today? 🌎

  2. Mr 1as Vegas

    Mr 1as Vegas4 hours ago

    Las Vegas

  3. Willis Milner V

    Willis Milner V5 days ago


  4. MrFredRacer

    MrFredRacer11 days ago


  5. Ruaraidh McDonald-Walker

    Ruaraidh McDonald-Walker11 days ago

    Northamptonshire UK

  6. Craig Yerger

    Craig Yerger12 days ago

    Florida. Fountain Powerboats is my favorite. I have only seen 1 Fountain center console and 1 Sportfish Cruiser after hundreds of these videos. I run a 38SFC and blew through Jupiter Inlet with 6' trailing seas on my way across the state through Lake Okeechobee. Would love to come back to the east coast just to hit Haulover so you could see Fountain domination!

  7. Mr 1as Vegas

    Mr 1as Vegas4 hours ago

    Midnight Express all day every day.

  8. El Sucio Federali

    El Sucio FederaliDay ago

    2:50 is this the orange DJ Laz (Power 96) boat ?

  9. Bill Martz

    Bill Martz2 days ago

    I kinda like the Midnight Express boats. The colors and shape. Cheers!

  10. Colin Curley

    Colin Curley3 days ago

    Surprised the amg didn’t do a burn out

  11. Sean O'Keefe

    Sean O'Keefe6 days ago

    Cool miami vice style intro

  12. Hubjeep

    Hubjeep8 days ago

    4:02 That's more my style!

  13. Kevin Johnson

    Kevin Johnson8 days ago

    Midnight express is bad ass!

  14. Brian Holloway

    Brian Holloway9 days ago

    I cannot believe my eyes America must be a dumb place. I haven't seen one person with all these mega expensive boats have one lifejacket. Believe me Americans you are not invincible. You will know when the Sunday law comes in

  15. jetskijer

    jetskijer9 days ago

    California. What I don't get is having kid's in a boat in rough water without life jacket's on. It's a law in California and should be in every state. Do these people not wear a seat belt when driving a vehicle? Video's are cool other than that. More drone footage would be great as well.

  16. Maveric Clorah

    Maveric Clorah9 days ago

    What I would do for a fountain racing boat..

  17. How To Dave

    How To Dave9 days ago

    Thunder child 2

  18. Timo Grgic

    Timo Grgic10 days ago

    Favorite boat; Midnight Express 60'

  19. jimmyjamz

    jimmyjamz10 days ago

    Mystery boat number 2 looks like 26/28’ Sleek Craft. My dad purchased one brand new in 87 with twin 350 Mercs. Top speed 82mph.


    ROBERT BLAKE11 days ago

    The Axopar w/enclosed cabin, I like that, ( I’m an old geezer ) also that Dutch Mr Magoo boat, very stable and handles the swells very well.

  21. Fajar Fajar

    Fajar Fajar11 days ago

    I'am axopar

  22. I don’t know What to change my name to

    I don’t know What to change my name to11 days ago

    Do you think my 2006 mastercraft x2 can take on haulover It has a 5.7L V8 and 350hp It’s not built for salt water but let’s say if it was

  23. Ruaraidh McDonald-Walker

    Ruaraidh McDonald-Walker11 days ago

    Favourite boats? Inboards and a deck please! Old school 80s powerboats!

  24. MrFredRacer

    MrFredRacer11 days ago

    47 foot Apache is in my opinion the most beautiful boat

  25. Tim Tolbert

    Tim Tolbert11 days ago

    The 2011 genesis speed boat.

  26. steve-o painter

    steve-o painter13 days ago

    i think the white/green mystery boat was a pantera

  27. Dennis Maroudas

    Dennis Maroudas13 days ago

    Nor tech power👌💪🙌

  28. Malcolm Stuart

    Malcolm Stuart13 days ago

    I think Cigarette with AMG tag is better than Midnight express. And the Mystery boat with Yamba tag was a beast.

  29. Naz Khan

    Naz Khan14 days ago

    The midnight express just can't do no wrong, love it

  30. Anthony Ferrara

    Anthony Ferrara14 days ago

    Boston Whaler Conquest

  31. steve beuchert

    steve beuchert14 days ago

    Dexter @ 4:53

  32. steve beuchert

    steve beuchert14 days ago

    My favorite power boat is anyone with naked women on it

  33. Chad Howard

    Chad Howard14 days ago

    I believe mystery boat #3 is a Donzi

  34. steve-o painter

    steve-o painter13 days ago

    think it's a Pantera

  35. Robert Tanner

    Robert Tanner14 days ago


  36. ckhallock88

    ckhallock8814 days ago

    My favorite is at 0:08. No wait you said favorite boat, that would be the Midnight Express at 0:45 although I wouldn't want black, that has to be a bitch to keep clean! Although 0:08 would be much cheaper! 🤷‍♂️👍🤣

  37. Gsexer

    Gsexer14 days ago

    That's cute how the Midnight Express is all speedy in the calm, but identifies as a submarine when the chop is up.

  38. drewmorg

    drewmorg15 days ago

    That Midnight Express hauling balls was the sickest I've ever seen them look.

  39. Gary Dean

    Gary Dean15 days ago

    Midnight express !!!

  40. Lisa Cohen

    Lisa Cohen15 days ago

    We dont have a boat now, but my favorite was my Dads Viking, we sold it after he passed unexpectedly. That boat was his pride and joy.

  41. The_ Sword

    The_ Sword15 days ago

    Man that Cigarette Top gun sounds ANGRY !

  42. jim hodges

    jim hodges15 days ago

    Expensive, makes me wonder about the source of the money. Good thing I'm not working for the IRS

  43. rxwarrior100

    rxwarrior10015 days ago


  44. Kevin Jones

    Kevin Jones15 days ago


  45. titanium man

    titanium man16 days ago

    I love the Midnight Express and now functional with the outriggers😎

  46. rdvideoclips

    rdvideoclips16 days ago

    OK, I am not even close to an expert in hydraulics and hydrodynamics, but perhaps someone can explain how 5 outboards operating within inches of each other can be efficient vs say, two well separated props with the same hp. It would seem that these 5 outboard motor configurations would result in the props operating in a region of aerated and disturbed water. Slippage, cavitation, and inefficiency. But looks cool. .....Anyone?

  47. rdvideoclips

    rdvideoclips14 days ago

    @jc bones Yes, I think that you are right. So perhaps I can add another three Yamaha 250 hp VMAX SHOs to the single, on my Bennington 2574 tritoon. 1000 hp would be a nice round number. That would be cool and unusual for sure LOL

  48. jc bones

    jc bones14 days ago

    @rdvideoclips I would think anything that happened past the trailing edge of the stern most prop is irrelevant to propollsion of the vessel. That is a totally uneducated position.

  49. rdvideoclips

    rdvideoclips14 days ago

    @jc bones Yes, you're right, they should get clean water flow from beneath the hull, so maybe 2 engines or 5 engines doesn't make any difference, and there is no interference. But as you say they must have a cone shaped discharge. And where they overlap could that result in cavitation, low pressure zones as bubbles collapse, etc. It's beyond me, but there must be some cool mathematical models that allow them to design these multi engine configurations. I just have a nagging feeling about a possible decrease in efficiency. But more h.p. will just compensate for decreased efficiency. And cool factor trumps efficiency too

  50. jc bones

    jc bones14 days ago

    I'm not an expert either, but I thought areation/cavatation happened in a cone shape behind the props. If all the props are in a line would they not all be getting clean water from under the hull?

  51. No Name

    No Name16 days ago

    when bolt-ons don't bounce 5:30 seems odd

  52. ACP Telford

    ACP Telford16 days ago

    So much better without that annoying commentator

  53. Jim 57

    Jim 5716 days ago

    I like the midnight express something about the shape and colors I like

  54. SouthernMdliving

    SouthernMdliving16 days ago

    I wanna see some SUNSATIONS either v bottom or center console. I love the sunsation mid cabins and the 32ccx

  55. Andre Lane

    Andre Lane16 days ago

    Technohull and Midnight Express, but I really like the Technohull from Canada

  56. Gene Kelley

    Gene Kelley16 days ago

    Why are these videos so hard to “cast” to my tv?? This week the sound wouldn’t follow to the tv👺

  57. GABRO !!

    GABRO !!16 days ago


  58. C5Ron7

    C5Ron716 days ago


  59. Judith Chambers

    Judith Chambers16 days ago

    I just love the Midnight Express 43's. They just glide along on top of the water.

  60. Adventureguy

    Adventureguy16 days ago

    any thing with speed and power it what i like

  61. S Mash

    S Mash17 days ago

    None, Power boats are a HUGE waist of Money..

  62. al clark

    al clark17 days ago


  63. George B

    George B17 days ago

    AOC is cringing over all that greenhouse gas

  64. Savon Jääkäri

    Savon Jääkäri17 days ago

    Idiot video.

  65. MossiFett

    MossiFett17 days ago

    Midnight Express, Nor-Tech and the Axopar my faves. Midnight Express' just sexy!

  66. Jim Joe

    Jim Joe17 days ago

    GODDAMN I want a Midnight Express!!!

  67. Rogue Viking

    Rogue Viking17 days ago

    Wavy, we need to get the wobble top legend back just so BG starts singing again! 😂🤣🤙

  68. Dave Sharkey

    Dave Sharkey17 days ago

    My favorite speed boat is the MTI ZR48 corvette inspired speed boat. The owner brought his boat to Destin, Florida a few years ago and was at Crab's a no wake zone and there's probably a video of it on youtube but he easily accidentally outran the Florida Marine Patrol. I saw him again coming through the bayou and as he approached a road overpass he gunned it and shot a rooster tail of water up and over the road!!! I'd never seen anything like it, it had to been at least 50 feet high. One of the coolest boats I"d seen up close was during the open water racing turbine serious. Miss Geico was there along with many boats from Miami. It was a televised through ESPN the events sponsor which built I'd guess 95% of the turbines for the boats was there and his boat was freaking awesome....super nice guy and I'll never forget it. Video of corvette boat.

  69. jetskiphil67

    jetskiphil6717 days ago

    That is a 38 powerplay with twin 525 merc inboards

  70. Richard

    Richard17 days ago

    Midnight Express w/quint 450R's

  71. grabir01

    grabir0117 days ago

    Just came her for the girls... And then.... The old man on the paddle board... Downer for sure..

  72. Jonathan Holler

    Jonathan Holler17 days ago

    I bet I can do with a 14 ft Jon boat and 9.9 Evinrude on the back


    SFCISME17 days ago

    I love a lot of different boats but you know we all get hot and bothered when we see that number 1

  74. Sapper

    Sapper17 days ago


  75. MWatson1972

    MWatson197217 days ago

    mystery boat 2 looks like a donzi

  76. steve-o painter

    steve-o painter13 days ago

    i was guessing Pantera

  77. FFSkippy

    FFSkippy17 days ago

    I like the Midnight Express boats. They really cut through Hallover nicely,

  78. Ron Romano

    Ron Romano17 days ago

    The boat at 7:35 on video looks like a shockwave

  79. Vince Mason

    Vince Mason17 days ago

    that grey Midnight Express is absolutely gorgeous and those 450R’s make it even better

  80. Stephen Lane

    Stephen Lane17 days ago

    People go out and spend extra money on these wierd lookin Euro build looks for a boat are misguided. I'm sure they're fine boats but they should forget about lookin like they're racin in and out of this inlet. They're way out of their league from any standpoint.

  81. hamzam9

    hamzam917 days ago

    You have beautiful girl in video

  82. John Higgs

    John Higgs17 days ago

    Glad to see this Top Gun run out didn’t cause a broken back.

  83. Ron A

    Ron A17 days ago

    My favorite boats are the ones with bikini babes on them...

  84. Chris Lasken

    Chris Lasken17 days ago

    The guy in the black midnight exspress looked like he was haveing a good time

  85. Burp Robrox

    Burp Robrox17 days ago

    I don’t think I’ve seen a Cigarette I didn’t like.


    SFCISME17 days ago


  87. Carlo Costantino

    Carlo Costantino17 days ago

    The ferryboat

  88. Dartgame 340

    Dartgame 34017 days ago

    Love MTI and Skater , but I have to go with Sea-Vee as my Haulover favorite.

  89. JP Shearer

    JP Shearer17 days ago


  90. Westgat

    Westgat17 days ago

    What are those rolled up mats I keep seeing strapped to the back of the boats?

  91. John Housenga

    John Housenga17 days ago

    They unroll to be a swim raft when you are stopped.

  92. Joseph Barton

    Joseph Barton17 days ago

    Sheeeeeesh that Midnight Express is FLYING.

  93. Cutlass Rudd

    Cutlass Rudd17 days ago

    The engines in the big cigarette boats need to be rebuilt every 500 hours and they barely seat any passengers. Its why the center console boats with the outboard engines and all the seating are so popular, and they're just as fast if not faster.

  94. steve-o painter

    steve-o painter13 days ago

    less than that .. the blue engines need valves/top end gone through every 50 hrs


    SFCISME16 days ago

    @Cutlass Rudd I didn’t say they weren’t more popular

  96. Cutlass Rudd

    Cutlass Rudd17 days ago

    @SFCISME They have more potential yes, no limit to power but when you can just slap some 450R's on the back and have seating for 15 I see why the center consoles are way more popular.


    SFCISME17 days ago

    No, they are not as fast, unless they have bone stock 496's maybe but even then that cigarette is going to be in the mid-70's. Most of these boats however are running a lot hotter.

  98. Phil Sellers

    Phil Sellers17 days ago

    Nice ending, thanks!

  99. Chris Bennett

    Chris Bennett17 days ago

    Where are the boats going and coming from?



    Greetings from Athens, Greece☀️

  101. heavy impact

    heavy impact17 days ago

    MORE pretty girls please... no sea cows.

  102. Brad Leu

    Brad Leu17 days ago

    Question: a fair amount of these are really flying in/out of the inlet. Does flrida/Miami not have speed limits or no wake zones (like the west coast) when entering/leaving? If i did this with mine, it'd be a nice ticket here...

  103. steve-o painter

    steve-o painter13 days ago

    @keifsanderson it's amazing how many "newbs" idle through on really rough days with a smaller open bow and they are stuffing..theres a thing called "trim"..figure it out!! ..trim up..a little more throttle go with your nose in the air like ya just dont ..i've seen captains of a few bigger boats who need to trim up n throttle a bit more too..been caught out on huge freshwater waves in a small open bow more times than i want to waters of Lake Huron with 4+ foot waves for 10-15 miles in a 17ft open bow four-winns (4.3 V6) .can really get your attn ..and make your hands numb and arms sore for 2 ...fresh water waves are much closer together.. every couple seconds .. couldnt see what was on the other side of the wave you were

  104. keifsanderson

    keifsanderson17 days ago

    The no-wake zone starts deeper in. Near the bridge (or so I've heard). Nothing where he shoots but rip-rap jetties. Also, the folks who try to make it at idle/no wake usually get hammered the worst.

  105. Dz Gaming

    Dz Gaming17 days ago

    Never have I see the outboards move that much on the transom @ 4:41.. and those 450s are so heavy too.. nope im good.

  106. unihaale

    unihaale17 days ago

    Even if you know nothing about boats, after watching your videos everyone can identify a Midnight Express from 10miles away :D

  107. Dave Condurat

    Dave Condurat17 days ago

    Wave man, Do you have a boat or jet ski?

  108. ernesto leitao

    ernesto leitao17 days ago

    near Lisbon, Portugal

  109. Sweeptheleg !

    Sweeptheleg !17 days ago

    Going offshore with a single engine. Good idea? I wouldn't risk getting stranded if engine problems occur. What do you guys think?

  110. Sweeptheleg !

    Sweeptheleg !14 days ago

    @Dartgame 340 Huh? I'm talking about boats bruh. I don't wanna be halfway to the Bahamas and lose my only engine. Towing can be pretty expensive man.

  111. Dartgame 340

    Dartgame 34017 days ago

    There's tons of single engine aircraft. But still, I'm like you and want back up.

  112. Matthew Goodwin

    Matthew Goodwin17 days ago

    Qld Australia

  113. Gerhard van Waltsleben

    Gerhard van Waltsleben17 days ago

    Lekker man lekker

  114. Sweeptheleg !

    Sweeptheleg !17 days ago

    You know youve been watching these videos a long time when you start recognizing boats you've seen from other videos.


    ROBERT BLAKE11 days ago

    No shit right

  116. nicholas cox

    nicholas cox17 days ago

    That big ole thing is jus surfing in

  117. nicholas cox

    nicholas cox17 days ago

    Maybe a crisscraft

  118. nicholas cox

    nicholas cox17 days ago

    Peanut butter brown

  119. nicholas cox

    nicholas cox17 days ago

    So beautiful

  120. Derick Khan

    Derick Khan17 days ago

    Space coast Florida

  121. Guppy Galaxy

    Guppy Galaxy17 days ago


  122. Ragga Kila

    Ragga Kila17 days ago

    West Africa ..ivory coast

  123. Patrick Cooper

    Patrick Cooper17 days ago