Haulover Inlet was choppy this weekend and the boats were letting it rip! More videos from this weekend are coming so stay tuned.
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  1. Wavy Boats

    Wavy Boats22 days ago

    Hey guys, let us know if you would like to see a little more beach scenery in the videos? We have full access to both sides of the inlet now. 😎

  2. Chad Boats

    Chad Boats21 day ago

    I would like to see shots of those crazy kites that are sometimes flying in the background.

  3. Rocky Milano

    Rocky Milano21 day ago

    Lightly oiled true blondes, med tan, no older than 30 seconds after their 18th B-Day.

  4. Kevin Gault

    Kevin Gault22 days ago

    I vote for the inlet from both sides. The awesome boats are number one, and the beach scenes are a cherry on top, so to speak.

  5. Papa H

    Papa H22 days ago

    Oh my !...why yes indeed...

  6. Sweeptheleg !

    Sweeptheleg !22 days ago

    HELL YEAH!! Definitely more "scenery"!! 😎

  7. F Bart

    F Bart8 days ago

    That black and blue Midnight Express is it.💯

  8. Christopher Waldrop

    Christopher Waldrop13 days ago


  9. Dek Ked

    Dek Ked15 days ago

    Hey Guys, Great channel. Please, whats the name of the intro track?

  10. Rollin

    Rollin16 days ago

    That was cool to see the wide view of the inlet from the drone. Hi from New Zealand 😊

  11. Masaharu Morimoto

    Masaharu Morimoto17 days ago

    BlueTails seavee has the best pain job out there!!! She's dazzling!!

  12. Chris Aiano

    Chris Aiano18 days ago

    great video loved it

  13. Patrick McCombs

    Patrick McCombs18 days ago

    Mystery boat #2 has to be a scarab

  14. Take it easy

    Take it easy19 days ago

    My fav boat is any boat i don't pay for

  15. j p

    j p20 days ago

    @1:35 raphy pina nortech

  16. Greg Brown

    Greg Brown20 days ago

    Nice intro!

  17. Joseph Hamilton

    Joseph Hamilton20 days ago

    The rack of moter,s is cool but nothing I mean nothing like a big block humming along 🤔🤔 yes ????

  18. Joseph Hamilton

    Joseph Hamilton20 days ago

    I was watching one of the cop watchers channel they arrested a hottie for having her but of display 🤔we want buts buts and of course more but,s..😎😄😄

  19. RN Mike

    RN Mike21 day ago

    My favorite? DCB

  20. nicholas cox

    nicholas cox21 day ago

    Bronco Guru !!Bronco Guru !!Bronco Guru!!


    MARK LOCKWOOD21 day ago

    These and well crafts from MIAMI VICE tv show.

  22. Steve Magmoto

    Steve Magmoto21 day ago

    If I wanted a boat ride thru the pass who should I contact?

  23. Hacked Fishing

    Hacked Fishing21 day ago

    Thanks for including the tide and wind man makes it so much better

  24. Gary Eaton

    Gary Eaton21 day ago

    Another great video, thank you. Beautiful day at the inlet.

  25. mr. Aq

    mr. Aq21 day ago

    i am still watching 0:08 ...

  26. C5Ron7

    C5Ron721 day ago


  27. Itty Pomeranc

    Itty Pomeranc21 day ago

    Man it kinda of crazy. I come through haulover so many times haulin ass, honking the horn and I think these guys have got me maybe once.

  28. DeFo Matt

    DeFo Matt21 day ago

    Love the new intro!

  29. Rocky Milano

    Rocky Milano21 day ago

    Somethings off on the cigarette boat. Looks like he was trimmed up, acted like it was all the way down

  30. LakeFreighters &Boats

    LakeFreighters &Boats21 day ago

    Awesome as always

  31. Mossad Mike

    Mossad Mike21 day ago

    Mystery Boats are the best. Espanol on the radio! (: Edit: intro IS so siiiiick. Keep itty up

  32. Bari Eisenband

    Bari Eisenband21 day ago

    That’s us in the Yellowfin 42 3:43

  33. G M

    G M21 day ago

    The idiot in the red cigarette needs to learn how to properly trim the boat! Haulover inlet definitely separates the men from the boys.

  34. nicholas cox

    nicholas cox21 day ago

    Is this Bronco Guru ?

  35. Oliver Vedder

    Oliver Vedder22 days ago


  36. Jacob T

    Jacob T15 days ago

    Wavy is the original, and the best, Haulover channel. Many cheap imitations exist.

  37. Oliver Vedder

    Oliver Vedder21 day ago

    @Wavy Boats Sorry my bad

  38. Wavy Boats

    Wavy Boats21 day ago

    Copying? I own Boats vs Haulover. 😂

  39. Gallup Journey Test Drives

    Gallup Journey Test Drives22 days ago

    Maybe its just the sound, but those big center consoles with multiple outboards just look like the move so much more effortlessly than the cigarettes.

  40. Aquatic Mullet

    Aquatic Mullet22 days ago

    Show pony’s

  41. Mala-Ipsa-Nova

    Mala-Ipsa-Nova22 days ago

    Favorite? APACHE.

  42. Eli Anselmi

    Eli Anselmi22 days ago

    Another great video! Nice to see the sun, warm water and fast boats going when we have snow here in Montana! ... question, the yacht at the end, dark navy hull with white top... what was it?

  43. Eli Anselmi

    Eli Anselmi20 days ago

    @Wavy Boats hat's a beautiful yacht, but then again, it is a Sunseeker Predator :-) Thanks for the reply! Hope you guys are having a wonderful week

  44. Wavy Boats

    Wavy Boats20 days ago

    Hey Eli, the yacht is a Sunseeker 26m Predator. Sorry for the late reply. 🙌

  45. madrx2

    madrx222 days ago

    The last drone shot, Wifey losing it, Hubby wondering if he should put a hit on the drone operator but decided not too.

  46. ask atnwclips

    ask atnwclips22 days ago

    Hey, I saw a mossy-hulled chugger in the background, why not a catch one of those once in a while?

  47. Luke Longworth

    Luke Longworth22 days ago

    What kinda boat is at 2:13??

  48. Nelson Fernandez

    Nelson Fernandez22 days ago

    The fortunate few

  49. Flyanb

    Flyanb22 days ago

    Can we see more of the other more working man boats please? The 500000$ center console boats are cool but I like watching the rest too! I really like watching the small Whalers and the Searays go out.

  50. Landyn Custa

    Landyn Custa22 days ago

    White mystery boat with twin white mercs is a paramount 28

  51. Victor Veliz

    Victor Veliz22 days ago

    You got me coming out on my pathfinder 2500 did you happen to get a video coming in too?? It looked sick we had waved you down on the way in

  52. Victor Veliz

    Victor Veliz22 days ago

    Sick video and intro btw !

  53. J Cal

    J Cal22 days ago

    Both mystery boats were scarab 302 sport...

  54. abialo2010

    abialo201022 days ago

    if everybody in Florida fucking beautiful. damn

  55. kentherp

    kentherp22 days ago

    That Seavee 32v 😍

  56. Kurt

    Kurt22 days ago

    The intro music and image quality 👌

  57. motorvatorv888

    motorvatorv88822 days ago

    Last boat with 15-6 rods...what on earth?

  58. Dave Condurat

    Dave Condurat22 days ago

    Love the intro :)

  59. James Hildebrand

    James Hildebrand22 days ago

    The beach scenery is great as long as you don't feature your girlfriend in every shot. Like one of your competitors.

  60. Ryan Wethington

    Ryan Wethington22 days ago

    Any speed boat ill. Take


    DANIEL HOFFMANN22 days ago

    Belas lanchas.

  62. TeddyJac Eddy

    TeddyJac Eddy22 days ago

    That 39 SeaVee has the best paint job of all.

  63. Sweeptheleg !

    Sweeptheleg !22 days ago

    My fav' power boat is the magnum but unless I become a drug kingpin, i'll probably never be able to afford one. 😭

  64. Wavy Boats

    Wavy Boats22 days ago

    Dream big... One day! 🙏

  65. Brando

    Brando22 days ago

    Midnight Express are the best looking boats IMO. Powerful, look amazing and can fit a good amount of people on board.

  66. L-NC

    L-NC22 days ago

    UPDATE****I wanted a shirt but they are not cotton!!😔 can't wear polyester shirts. Updated. Most of the shirts are soft cotton. Just the long sleeve is not😊👍🏻

  67. L-NC

    L-NC22 days ago

    Great work, Wavy 🛥Boats!🥇

  68. Wavy Boats

    Wavy Boats22 days ago

    Thnxs! 🍻

  69. Long Rifle

    Long Rifle22 days ago

    Go Fast: Hands down, Apache 41 Offshore Fishing 35'+: Yellow Fin, Freeman, Fountain, Contender in that order. Inland Fishing under 30': Contender. Way Inland: American Airboats. Hey look how much money I have: MTI 48

  70. Kevin C

    Kevin C22 days ago

    1:32 pina

  71. MiamiViceStyle

    MiamiViceStyle22 days ago

    Please more of this Miami Vice Vibes. Love it! What is the name of the track?

  72. Zarcondeegrissom

    Zarcondeegrissom18 days ago

    I'll second that, I want to buy the full track. B)

  73. twinsonic

    twinsonic22 days ago

    Midnight Express for me..

  74. generic username

    generic username22 days ago

    I'm diggin the color scheme at 4:30

  75. madrx2

    madrx222 days ago

    Yeh bro, best looking midnight express I've seen.

  76. Michigan Engineer

    Michigan Engineer22 days ago

    Favorite powerboat? LOL depends on my mood! I think I'd be very happy with a custom Hammercat 45 with quad Verado 600's and completely enclosed forward of the console (for a cabin area).

  77. Michigan Engineer

    Michigan Engineer22 days ago

    @Wavy Boats Nah, he can keep his Freeman LOL

  78. Wavy Boats

    Wavy Boats22 days ago

    You trying to compete with Jimmy? 😂

  79. chris dale

    chris dale22 days ago

    Whoa!! Dude, best intro I’ve seen!! Very Miami Vice. Tasteful shots of females. Nothing smutty. Drone footage of the Azimut at end was very cool also. Loving this!

  80. Zarcondeegrissom

    Zarcondeegrissom18 days ago

    @Wavy Boats they did well. esp the drone shots of the entire inlet. B)

  81. Wavy Boats

    Wavy Boats22 days ago

    We are glad to hear it Chris! The team works hard to get these shots. 👍

  82. Carlos Montiel

    Carlos Montiel22 days ago

    The quality shots is amazing, that new equipment is great.

  83. Wavy Boats

    Wavy Boats22 days ago

    Thnxs Carlos! 👍

  84. Smith 53

    Smith 5322 days ago

    Didn’t realise the USA had so many variants of the the nation flag. Some are black and white some have coloured stripes it’s hard to tell which is one is which. Great vid ! 👏👏

  85. Michigan Engineer

    Michigan Engineer22 days ago

    @Smith 53 Yep! I actually first learned that MANY years ago when reading one of the "Hardy Boys Mysteries" LOL

  86. Smith 53

    Smith 5322 days ago

    @Michigan Engineer A nation flag flown upside down is a sign of distress.

  87. Michigan Engineer

    Michigan Engineer22 days ago

    None of those are the "Legal" US flag. That is simply the red and white stripes with 50 white stars on the blue field. All of the others are just to indicate support for one cause or another. Fun fact, there _IS_ a legitimate reason to fly the flag upside down (field towards the bottom).

  88. Gerhard van Waltsleben

    Gerhard van Waltsleben22 days ago

    Lekker man lekker

  89. Wavy Boats

    Wavy Boats22 days ago

    Lekker 🍻

  90. Chris Bethmann

    Chris Bethmann22 days ago

    Cigarette not trimmed right, 2 midnights perfect

  91. Keith Johnson - Shelby GT500

    Keith Johnson - Shelby GT50022 days ago

    *Baja 36 Outlaw* *Twin Mercury Racing 565 EFI*

  92. Keith Johnson - Shelby GT500

    Keith Johnson - Shelby GT50022 days ago

    @Wavy Boats - You should include as your Intro 20-30 seconds of Hot Bikini Babes, because nowhere else can you see them dressed like that.

  93. Wavy Boats

    Wavy Boats22 days ago

    Good eye Keith!

  94. Rene Markgraf

    Rene Markgraf22 days ago

    Do those woman really think they look good wearing the butt floss ? Looks nasty ! Where are the men with the banana hammocks ???

  95. Wavy Boats

    Wavy Boats22 days ago

    We will include some next time. 😂👍

  96. oldschooldiy

    oldschooldiy22 days ago

    Really calm day for Haulover....just saying....

  97. Jade Ravenwolf

    Jade Ravenwolf22 days ago

    mildly disappointed

  98. Carlos Marrero

    Carlos Marrero22 days ago


  99. R Snow

    R Snow22 days ago

    Favorite is the Midnight Express.

  100. Vix dibe

    Vix dibe22 days ago

    MTI is the best🔥

  101. Wavy Boats

    Wavy Boats22 days ago

    Can't go wrong with an Mti.

  102. Superpingviini

    Superpingviini22 days ago

    I love this your new style!

  103. Wavy Boats

    Wavy Boats22 days ago

    Thnxs! 👍

  104. Guppy Galaxy

    Guppy Galaxy22 days ago

    12th ]

  105. Wavy Boats

    Wavy Boats22 days ago

    Much better than the last 2 videos. 😂👍

  106. pigybak

    pigybak22 days ago

    new intro needs the Miami Vice theme.

  107. Zarcondeegrissom

    Zarcondeegrissom16 days ago

    @Wavy Boats I like the song that is, just need to find it so I can get the full track. B) the miami vice theme would be cool/funny as well.

  108. Wavy Boats

    Wavy Boats22 days ago

    I agree Pigy. We will play with it. 🙌

  109. Steven Atkinson

    Steven Atkinson22 days ago

    Great video. Is this footage all from 1day or multiple day's?

  110. Wavy Boats

    Wavy Boats22 days ago

    Steven this footage is all from 1 day. We have more videos from this weekend coming. 👍

  111. Sheri Acre

    Sheri Acre22 days ago

    Keep up the good work

  112. Sheri Acre

    Sheri Acre22 days ago

    Thanks dude I may only be 13 but I love the vids

  113. Wavy Boats

    Wavy Boats22 days ago

    Thnxs for being here Sheri! 🍻

  114. Steve B

    Steve B22 days ago

    You need to start a second channel. “Babes of Haulover”!

  115. Steven Atkinson

    Steven Atkinson22 days ago

    He might be doing that check out the comment from Wavy boat's

  116. Luke Beatty

    Luke Beatty22 days ago


  117. AveiroDan

    AveiroDan22 days ago

    That intro reminds me of that great show Miami Vice! Bikini girls and all!!!

  118. AveiroDan

    AveiroDan22 days ago

    @Eli Anselmi wow, beautiful boat, quality built. I see what you mean. Thanks!

  119. Eli Anselmi

    Eli Anselmi22 days ago

    @AveiroDan look at the MTI monohulls (ie: V-42) instead of the ME... much better boat, better build quality!

  120. ZAMIR

    ZAMIR22 days ago

    I recently rewatched the first few episodes and they were really amazing as the show progressed it got worse, but that's most shows.

  121. AveiroDan

    AveiroDan22 days ago

    @Wavy Boats more than you know! I live up here in Connecticut, I don’t see boats like that up here. I have a small Boston Whaler and dream of the day I retire down in south FL and get myself a Midnight Express! Keep them videos coming brother!!!

  122. Wavy Boats

    Wavy Boats22 days ago

    Glad you enjoyed it Dan. 👍

  123. Derin Mavi

    Derin Mavi22 days ago

    very successful shoot congratulations

  124. Wavy Boats

    Wavy Boats22 days ago

    First comment. 🏆