Haulover Boats battle the rough waves and a capsized boat this weekend at Haulover Inlet. Also a rescue that will be uploaded soon. Weekends at Haulover Inlet are always full of surprises. Enjoy the video.
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  1. Wavy Boats

    Wavy Boats16 days ago

    Which boat handled the waves the best? Let us know. πŸŒŠπŸ‘

  2. Fabien Cllt

    Fabien Cllt2 days ago

    @zane the pain I agree. But the key west is so small and was so smooth. Good captain.

  3. zane the pain

    zane the pain2 days ago

    @Fabien Cllt because the key west was coming in the flow of the wave the midnight express was going out so it was against the waves

  4. tim

    tim5 days ago

    that century 2400 captain did a great job very smooth entry i think he was better than all the rest

  5. baker fullerton

    baker fullerton6 days ago

    @Scott Gibson '

  6. C Perez

    C Perez7 days ago

    The Century

  7. Karl Brundage

    Karl Brundage3 hours ago

    @2:57 this an adaption of the "X-Hull" design, where the wave-form flows over the bow and breaks prior to the Foc'sle coaming, making the craft plow through the wave, rather than ride over it. Great idea on offshore crewboats and utility craft for the oil industry. Not sure of it's utility for sportcraft and pleasure boats................................

  8. Tenn0rockit

    Tenn0rockit7 hours ago

    The creeper shots are pretty crappy at times πŸ‘€ NICE BOATS πŸš£β€β™€οΈ πŸš£β€β™€οΈ

  9. Jerry Vitale

    Jerry Vitale10 hours ago

    How many boats don’t have their VHF antennas up. If getting off a mayday or even listening to any other boater in distress would be a little more difficult. Just saying!!

  10. B C

    B C11 hours ago

    I want to see the cabin on that pardo

  11. Big D Ghost 33

    Big D Ghost 3313 hours ago

    mid night express - wasted glass and motors.....

  12. ej22twagon

    ej22twagon18 hours ago

    Boats and a few bikinis. πŸ‘

  13. art vandalay

    art vandalay20 hours ago

    Pardo = an old man's orthopedic shoe

  14. gotany1

    gotany12 days ago

    The Midnight Express with quads screams Crocket and Tubbs.

  15. Paul Amarante

    Paul Amarante2 days ago

    6:07, well, technically it didn’t sink. ;)

  16. Paul Amarante

    Paul Amarante2 days ago

    I’d be afraid to take anything less than 25’ with under 300HP across Haulover

  17. Stephen Connors

    Stephen Connors2 days ago

    The Pardo looks like it would slice through the water like butter on a calm day but in rough seas, it's well.. rough

  18. Paul Amarante

    Paul Amarante2 days ago

    Love the Pardo hull

  19. Paul Amarante

    Paul Amarante2 days ago

    Those Midnight Express vessels are beautiful

  20. Paul Amarante

    Paul Amarante2 days ago

    :40 the ole Haulover β€œUey”

  21. 3oh3

    3oh33 days ago

    Skippers who allow waves to catch up from the back, or who try to surf a wave in, should not be skipping a boat - they have no idea what they are doing. They are risking the lives of everyone on board. The waves will push the back of the boat up, clearing the props from water and control of the vessel is lost. Goes without saying that water ingested into the engine air intakes from waves breaking over back of boat, is of course the biggest risk, especially in choppy seas.

  22. TL Nesbit

    TL Nesbit3 days ago

    Never saw the engines go under.

  23. Steve

    Steve3 days ago

    Another Smart Move @ 0:30

  24. Steven

    Steven3 days ago

    alot of these ppl have smaller boats than i had on lake michigan

  25. I gotta Miata

    I gotta Miata3 days ago

    The midnight express at 8:01 looks like a big with antennas

  26. Cade Hoffmann

    Cade Hoffmann3 days ago

    The plain white motor looks like a evenrude 75hp

  27. Dave Chivell gardner

    Dave Chivell gardner4 days ago

    are we having fun kids?

  28. Ben. Goodloe Jr

    Ben. Goodloe Jr4 days ago

    I like the outriggers on Midnight Express... I think I would go with a heavier set though...and run with them to the stern and lowered alot... just my opinion

  29. Andrew Lee

    Andrew Lee4 days ago

    I'm sorry but this is why you pass on the midnight express and buy a Freeman in my opinion

  30. DipStick2010

    DipStick20104 days ago

    Morons wearing masks

  31. Michael

    Michael4 days ago

    Love the Channel! What Camera / Lens are you using?

  32. Grom

    Grom4 days ago

    Wet stack exhaust ?

  33. VicToMeyeZR

    VicToMeyeZR4 days ago

    @7:02 are those morons SERIOUSLY wearing masks on a Fn boat!!

  34. Awakening Enthusiast

    Awakening Enthusiast4 days ago

    Salt life πŸ˜… 🧬 lol

  35. Awakening Enthusiast

    Awakening Enthusiast4 days ago

    3:06 I think that pardo has a very strange design but it seems to do well.

  36. S Lit

    S Lit5 days ago

    At 8:00...The OUT RIGGERS on the Midnight Express Must before Catching SAIL FISH...

  37. S Lit

    S Lit5 days ago

    AT 6:00..... The Boston Whaler Commercials Say they "WON'T SINK....NOT FLIP"...And this one isn't SINKING...

  38. S Lit

    S Lit5 days ago

    At 3:25.....LOOK MA NO BICYCLE SEAT....πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›

  39. tim

    tim5 days ago

    that century 2400 captain did a great job very smooth entry i think he was better than all the rest

  40. Logan

    Logan5 days ago

    That’s an old evinrude or Johnson

  41. Half Nelson

    Half Nelson5 days ago

    What did "...none of the legends." mean?

  42. Matt Sloop

    Matt Sloop5 days ago

    Did the first guy forget something?

  43. Papi Chulo

    Papi Chulo5 days ago

    Driving in a boat with a mask on? Complete and total SHEEP

  44. Jimmy Burke

    Jimmy Burke5 days ago

    The Pardo: probably more efficient for waves and certainly gives you more room inside. But it is hideously ugly.

  45. xenaguy01

    xenaguy015 days ago

    7:30 Thankfully, this captain realized he needed at least a partial plane to keep from being swamped.

  46. Mallard Cutter

    Mallard Cutter5 days ago

    1:18 headed out to make a β€œ Hot girl fishing β€œ video

  47. Nordmore68

    Nordmore685 days ago

    Would love to have a go there with a Hydrolift/Stormway F29 or a Bothnia Targa 32.

  48. Nordmore68

    Nordmore685 days ago

    Blown head gasket on the Cig? And the captain on the next boat (7:30) did well. A comfy ride through.

  49. evilchaperone

    evilchaperone6 days ago

    Beautiful HD video.

  50. Cole

    Cole6 days ago

    That Pardo 38πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

  51. Tom Peargin

    Tom Peargin6 days ago

    If you want to ride the back of a wave in, that's fine. But you can't let the wave behind catch up. If it is doing so, you've got to give it gas. Most of the boneheads aren't accelerating when they should

  52. Mike M

    Mike M6 days ago

    Wearing masks on a boat? Lol omg what idiots. πŸ‘

  53. Marcelo Muzlera

    Marcelo Muzlera6 days ago

    2:54...single occupant on board a power boat. I wonder if been able to afford it, is reason enough to make such a waist of resourse.

  54. KiD DvS

    KiD DvS6 days ago

    They claim that Pardo are the boats of the future because they cannot be capsize and if that does happen they auto correct and adjust to center gravity and drive off again. Although they are a bit pricey what do you subs think of them. I want to thank everyone for subscribing. I'll be doing a give away soon on this channel

  55. Kickingbear

    Kickingbear7 days ago

    Where are all the PFD'S on these "boaters"?? Easily 90% of these clowns are not wearing.

  56. Kenny Beans

    Kenny Beans7 days ago

    Those Midnight Expresses are so smooth, but it seems like there’s always a Democrat driving them. 😜

  57. vicktdock

    vicktdock7 days ago

    Blue boat at 7:30 should have pointed the bow higher and had is speed faster as well

  58. Thoughts on the American Road

    Thoughts on the American Road7 days ago

    I like the Pardo Hull. Looks very much like a whales head, roomy inside and deflects waves better than other designs.

  59. Feldwebel Wolfenstool

    Feldwebel Wolfenstool5 days ago

    ...almost like a sporterized Great Lakes fishing tug.

  60. ExtraordinaryWolf

    ExtraordinaryWolf7 days ago

    0:53 Wearing masks! Really???

  61. Rob Azzarello

    Rob Azzarello7 days ago

    Engine don't go under you liars.

  62. S Lit

    S Lit8 days ago

    In some Boston Whaler DEMOS I've seen where they cut it in Half and it Still won't SINK.... At least you'd have something to crawl up on....OR YOU COULD HANG ONTO YOUR BALES OF WEED and DUFFLE BAGS of COKE....AT LEAST THAT'S WHAT I DID....

  63. GBass

    GBass8 days ago

    Aquasport w/ Johnson or Evinrude V4 115hp

  64. GBass

    GBass8 days ago

    Pardo - No Thanks!

  65. O T

    O T8 days ago

    Pardo looks like a bar of soap. Don't know shit about boats but I'm guessing that's some Euro crap

  66. Bobby Cochrane

    Bobby Cochrane8 days ago

    The Aquasport is a 175 Osprey with a 90 hp Evinrude

  67. Don Armstrong

    Don Armstrong8 days ago

    That cigarette boat @ 7:00 sounded like it was misfiring BAD‼️

  68. Hanover Green

    Hanover Green8 days ago

    All these future Coast Guard customers running on luck/bravado with no flotation devices. Best Regards!

  69. Jurassic Planet

    Jurassic Planet8 days ago

    Videoing the women is weird dude

  70. ice t

    ice t8 days ago

    That last boat coming in was scary to watch.

  71. Steve Rigby

    Steve Rigby9 days ago

    Pardo 38 hull design??? can't comment on the design functionality,,, But it sure is Butt Fuk Ugly... lol

  72. Jacob D

    Jacob D9 days ago

    The β€œhow did this captain do” clearly did great as none of their backs were broken 🀣

  73. Christopher Todd

    Christopher Todd9 days ago

    The mystery engine was an old Johnson 2 stroke V4.

  74. Christopher Todd

    Christopher Todd9 days ago

    As the pilots say, any landing you walk away from is a good one.

  75. Damon Slazyk

    Damon Slazyk9 days ago


  76. Johnathon Castro

    Johnathon Castro9 days ago

    I'd like to see this done in a Carolina Skiff flat bottom

  77. Roddy Brodie

    Roddy Brodie9 days ago

    The captain made a mistake in letting a following swell catch him and almost turned them sideways which can also turn you over.

  78. john lyle

    john lyle9 days ago

    Love a Pardo

  79. snake madness

    snake madness9 days ago

    I really dont see the problem with simply calmly riding a wave in lol I do get it tho us boys and are toys especially the 1s with engines lol be safe all

  80. Jason McColl

    Jason McColl10 days ago

    The M.E. isn't balanced properly.

  81. redline

    redline10 days ago

    7:30. He did terrible almost stuffed the bow

  82. Murray Gingrich

    Murray Gingrich10 days ago

    You have a bunch of people running boats that have no business in a boat.

  83. Buck Kienzle

    Buck Kienzle10 days ago

    That little center console with the girl in the turquoise bikini blew them all away. That dude knows his boat.

  84. S Lit

    S Lit8 days ago

    BUCK....I BET HE KNOWS GET BOAT TOO πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ

  85. Clublike

    Clublike10 days ago

    What camera you use in this video?

  86. lil pudi

    lil pudi10 days ago

    Why you clickbaiting us in the motors under water lies.

  87. Joe Schaab

    Joe Schaab10 days ago

    7:24 solid for Gilligan

  88. Joe Schaab

    Joe Schaab10 days ago

    6:06 me after drinking 🍸πŸ€ͺπŸ™ƒa few to many

  89. Joe Schaab

    Joe Schaab10 days ago

    Pardo looks like a bath πŸ›πŸ˜Œ...... probably 1/2 million. Haha I prefer old school hullls

  90. Gav I

    Gav I10 days ago

    Great vid thanks! Great clarity is that an 8k camera, amazing πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  91. Doug Stump

    Doug Stump10 days ago

    Old johnson outboard on the one boat

  92. Steven

    Steven11 days ago

    Does anyone know what the brown thing in the water at 2:30 is?

  93. Assassin's Outdoors

    Assassin's Outdoors11 days ago

    Pardo doesn’t look good at all to me, but it looks like it handles rough waters pretty well.

  94. Kyle Rhein

    Kyle Rhein11 days ago

    The pardo is god awful ugly

  95. Kyle Rhein

    Kyle Rhein11 days ago

    That cigarette ain't worried about shit

  96. Kyle Rhein

    Kyle Rhein11 days ago

    Those outboards weren't under, your view and angle makes it look that way.

  97. Connor Bell

    Connor Bell11 days ago

    Did the boat at 6:45 really have people wearing masks or am I wrong?

  98. LiteMike H

    LiteMike H11 days ago

    Unique hull design on the Pardo but not so much. Ty for the videography and commentary. It is a pleasure ☯️

  99. Ron Nolan

    Ron Nolan11 days ago


  100. Ron Nolan

    Ron Nolan11 days ago

    Glad to finally see a child with a PFD on!!!!!

  101. John Reed

    John Reed11 days ago

    Grew up on biscayne bay haulover cut is very dangerous . I have gone through it many times, people with little boating experience should never try and go through there on a rough day . You might not make it home for dinner .

  102. Ample Power

    Ample Power11 days ago

    Cheeky bit off ass

  103. Alberto Santana

    Alberto Santana11 days ago

    Why is this water so crazy? Not from any town close to the ocean so very curious

  104. william rogers

    william rogers11 days ago

    not smike! vaping!!!

  105. DerekSixFour

    DerekSixFour11 days ago

    Honestly I must be the only one that thinks the Pardo looked super dope and obviously handled the inlet well... plus the inboards and rear launch ramp? Totally sexy party boat imho

  106. Mole Man

    Mole Man11 days ago

    Last guy rolling out of bed. His wife is cooking soup on the stove top. Glasses clanking....

  107. Steve P

    Steve P11 days ago