Crazy day for the Boats at Haulover Inlet with very rough waves. Boats fighting waves as they transit the rough inlet. Enjoy the video.
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  1. Wavy Boats

    Wavy BoatsMonth ago

    Dads fault for being on the bow or Captains fault for letting them ride the bow in those conditions?

  2. Jeremiah O'Neal

    Jeremiah O'Neal24 days ago

    Dad is 100% at fault for anything that happens to that child. So is the mother.

  3. Philip Pietrowski

    Philip PietrowskiMonth ago


  4. Stephen Barrosse

    Stephen BarrosseMonth ago

    Play stupid games. Win stupid prizes.

  5. John Rodrigues

    John RodriguesMonth ago

    @Jeff Splawn I am of the opinion if you're driving a boat or car, you are responsible for the acts of the passengers and their safety. I started driving with a full license in 1974. I never let anyone ride in my car without a seatbelt. Unfortunately I've only had one small boat in my lifetime, but if anyone was on it they had a life vest on. Even my friend that was a former lifeguard! I would never allow everybody on board to be up in the bow of my boat. I would tell them to move into the back and if they didn't like that okay no problem. I would turn the boat 180° and go back to the dock offload the offender and then head back out. I don't want people bleeding on my boat or in my car.

  6. Jeff Splawn

    Jeff SplawnMonth ago

    And that is damn near child abuse. I mean shaken infant syndrome. Hello

  7. Jenna Peaso

    Jenna Peaso2 hours ago

    You’d think that at least one of these morons with a 100k boat would Google how to navigate haulover inlet lol 😂

  8. D hellwig

    D hellwig5 hours ago

    The SeeVee does the best by far

  9. David R

    David RDay ago

    Everyone knows not to shake a baby, what do you think those impacts do? Having a baby in the bow where it can suffer injury and death is beyond stupid.

  10. Roddy Brodie

    Roddy Brodie4 days ago

    Don't have any mistake we let the swell catch him from the rear and driving the nose down should have added power.

  11. Gramps Cichlid Cave

    Gramps Cichlid Cave4 days ago

    at 4:03 the mystery boat looks like a grady white

  12. Jimbo Shepler

    Jimbo Shepler6 days ago

    mystery boat looks like a Grady White...

  13. Deadshot 424

    Deadshot 4246 days ago

    As a man with six kids I would’ve chose the beer

  14. ken nesbitt

    ken nesbitt6 days ago


  15. Frank V.

    Frank V.6 days ago

    The Fountain was not aggressive enough. Not a good idea to be overzealous on turbulent water, but you shouldn't timid either, he let his bow down and that could have been a critical mistake.

  16. Michael Jones

    Michael Jones7 days ago

    The only correct decision would be for Dad to put the baby up for adoption.

  17. D Fluke

    D Fluke7 days ago

    Oh bollocks !!! I seem to have an awful lot of seawater in my cocktail 🍸 !!!!

  18. tom short

    tom short8 days ago

    The beer bottle or the baby, not a smart dad!

  19. Brian Holloway

    Brian Holloway9 days ago

    This father has no common sense the baby hasn't got a life jacket on they haven't got lifejackets on what's wrong with America they can't be all that stupid surely what will happen when the Sunday law comes in that will wake them up

  20. Maxima

    Maxima9 days ago

    Vandutch all the way

  21. maxracingteam23

    maxracingteam239 days ago

    I don’t understand why people sit in the front of the boats when the waves are so big. I just don’t get it.

  22. Vince Black

    Vince Black9 days ago

    The fountain seems to have wanting to fill the tub. The bow makes a great “scooper”.

  23. MM Mountain

    MM Mountain11 days ago

    LEGEND. Send that man his fine for littering in the mail

  24. Chris Thomas

    Chris Thomas12 days ago

    2:06 are people really that fucking stupid

  25. Chris Thomas

    Chris Thomas12 days ago

    The tool at 0:18 should have his boat taken before he drowns them all , What a flog


    ROBERT BLAKE12 days ago

    That dad w/baby in one hand beer in the other. He pitched the beer into the water to hold onto his kid.

  27. Björn Elwhagen

    Björn Elwhagen12 days ago

    From 3:33 the problem with tele-lenses is obvious. Although you really want to show the whole body of the woman instead of only the (great looking) buttoks, the lens just won't permit it, and makes it look loke you're just gawking. It's a shame, really!

  28. Roman Maimo

    Roman Maimo13 days ago

    El capitán idiota

  29. zolbad juanrico

    zolbad juanrico13 days ago

    I'n no Doctor..but pretty sure those impacts aren't very good for the internal organs

  30. Mr X

    Mr X14 days ago

    The dilemma is to throw the beer into the water and saving the baby while destroying the planet or letting the baby helping himself while saving the rest of humanity. His shameful selfish attitude talks for himself.

  31. Petty Pendergrass

    Petty Pendergrass15 days ago

    @3:29 i had to make sure i was still subscribed :P

  32. Jeff Burnham

    Jeff Burnham15 days ago

    Don't know why these people with very young children, toddlers in this case, continue to bow-load and not wear PFD's. That's a recipe for disaster. I also wish jet skis didn't linger in the inlet channel. We've seen jet ski operators lose control and end up being pushed out to sea before, and all it would take would be for a fast moving boat to not see a head bobbing in the waves and run them over.

  33. Willie

    Willie15 days ago

    3:34 over and over again

  34. Tim Prescott

    Tim Prescott15 days ago

    My takeaway from these videos is rapidly becoming, “just because you spent a truckload of cash doesn’t mean you have ANY idea what you’re doing.” Was anyone else sort of hoping for a swamping at the 9:00 mark?

  35. E Santos

    E Santos17 days ago

    I don't think I have ever seen a SeaVee in trouble.

  36. Old Doug

    Old Doug17 days ago

    Thanks, but you go ahead without me this time.

  37. Will M

    Will M18 days ago

    i honestly get so pissed when i see people endangering their passengers, or dumb passengers endangering CHILDREN!!!

  38. Fexon

    Fexon18 days ago

    Dad was looking how mutch it was left in the bottle before throwing it

  39. maxcap60

    maxcap6019 days ago

    mystery boat 2 looks like a key west

  40. Dan

    Dan19 days ago

    I just came for the thumbnail Found it 3:33

  41. Adrian

    Adrian19 days ago

    jesus christ that baby is less 6 months surely, this was really sick to watch someone send this to child protection services. I'm not american so if someone could call anonmyously atleast and tell them this video.

  42. ButterBall

    ButterBall20 days ago

    Is it just me or is bringing a new born baby out in rough seas like that just completely idiotic? If something went wrong she could have been thrown out if the fathers arms or the father could be knocked unconscious and drop her

  43. Fabian Geuna

    Fabian Geuna20 days ago

    Dad is a disaster trowing a bottle to the sea/river and the boat pilot is a thread for the rest of the navigators, he makes a 180 degrees turn all of a sudden and without looking back.

  44. Scott Bruns

    Scott Bruns20 days ago

    Most boats are far less useful when filled with water.

  45. CatchYaLater Fishing

    CatchYaLater Fishing20 days ago

    That invincible at the beginning stuffing every wave just made me sick. What an asshole

  46. Frank

    Frank21 day ago

    The dad was stupid for even having his kid up there . Plus drinking beer while your kid is on the boat.

  47. Scott Owens

    Scott Owens21 day ago

    Glass bottles on a boat are a bad idea. This dad just put clear glass in the water, where it is virtually invisible, for some one in the future to step on. Shame on him

  48. John do

    John do21 day ago

    Wrong decision should never have let go of the beer.....

  49. justsnappy

    justsnappy21 day ago

    *It’s almost like the USCG are experts or something!*

  50. Sailor376also

    Sailor376also22 days ago

    Grady White.

  51. Michael St. George

    Michael St. George22 days ago

    Fountain "captain" total newb. Can't believe he has a boat that size with that much power and he stuffed the bow. Probably should go to Coast Guard school.

  52. Corvettenyc72 OP

    Corvettenyc72 OP22 days ago

    Aren’t any of these people watching your videos ?

  53. Nordmore68

    Nordmore6822 days ago

    The Vandutch was a bit in a hurry. Would have been a much drier run if he just stayed behind the wave. OR doubled his speed.

  54. Onkel Michel

    Onkel Michel22 days ago

    Bowrider- perfect construction 🤣

  55. Darin Allen

    Darin Allen23 days ago

    The ultimate sacrifice.

  56. private

    private24 days ago

    why do people get halfway out and then turn around and go back?

  57. 49827ij

    49827ij24 days ago

    People don't know how to use the trim...

  58. Jeff Yates

    Jeff Yates25 days ago

    4.07. Grady white

  59. AJC1983

    AJC198326 days ago

    Guy looked like he was trying to turn his fountain into a pool.

  60. Tim Fishhunt

    Tim Fishhunt26 days ago

    fountain captain need to suck it up and shit or get off the pot. obviously no idea how to operate a boat.

  61. Tim Fishhunt

    Tim Fishhunt26 days ago

    Guy in the Regal is thinking if I just put the wife and her sister in the front of the boat and beat the shit out of them I will get no jail time compared to beating them on dry land.

  62. Tim Fishhunt

    Tim Fishhunt26 days ago

    woman on bike make sure you get the selfie as no one could live without a picture of you. I'm sure one of 100 since breakfast you self absorbed princess

  63. Tim Fishhunt

    Tim Fishhunt26 days ago

    Vanduch is a horrible design ! I would not take one of them if you gave it to me. As for some of the other people, Wow there are some seriously stupid people with a lot of money. Just shows anyone can spend money if they have it and to have it does not mean you are smart! After all most people in politics have loads of money and are among the dumbest people in America.

  64. Rob Fredericks

    Rob Fredericks26 days ago

    Chiropractors must do great business on days after big wave weather down there

  65. Raysplace

    Raysplace26 days ago

    "Pppssshhhh... That looks wicked easy..." Says me, who has a flat bottom, w/ trolling motor... 😂😂

  66. jannek

    jannek27 days ago

    Survival of the fittest.............. - demise of the stupid is most likely!

  67. Gabe Ramirez

    Gabe Ramirez28 days ago

    I like the quickie intermissions 😜

  68. black wolf

    black wolf29 days ago

    a lot of bad captains

  69. black wolf

    black wolf29 days ago

    dads not to smart or a first timer or the captain is a dummy

  70. Mister G

    Mister G29 days ago

    Where are all the MAGA BOATS LOL

  71. sierpien94

    sierpien94Month ago

    DAD MAKES A SACRIFICE FOR HIS KID!- He better should to still keep the beer instead of this kid :D Beer is better than kids, easy math- kids=no fun, beer=fun !

  72. Luciano Bezerra

    Luciano BezerraMonth ago

    An irresponsable father !!!

  73. j b

    j bMonth ago

    Vandutch is 🗑 , did passenger moron on the yamaha throw his bottle in the water?

  74. Wonka Nobi

    Wonka NobiMonth ago

    Why did dad trew away is priceless beer? 😢

  75. Dave Woff

    Dave WoffMonth ago

    Fountain captain needs to take some courses on how to drive a boat

  76. Dane Abomasum

    Dane AbomasumMonth ago

    I think what actually pissed me off the most about the douche holding the kid was that instead of dropping the beer in the boat he just threw it in the ocean, what a scumbag.

  77. Big Willie Lump Lump

    Big Willie Lump LumpMonth ago

    This reminds me of something my father used to say when I was a kid "some people have more money then brains"

  78. R Snow

    R Snow22 days ago

    Yes, some people have more money then brains! I'm just the opposite!

  79. Christer Axell

    Christer AxellMonth ago

    Midnight express rules and rock the wawes

  80. Christer Axell

    Christer AxellMonth ago

    There is always a cure for beeing fat, but no one for stupidity. Some of tha ”captains” should have listened to captains who made the pass before them

  81. David Smith

    David SmithMonth ago

    Save the beer. You can always have more kids..

  82. Nicholas B

    Nicholas BMonth ago

    Wow human's thought process is getting so bad......what morons...

  83. David Everton

    David EvertonMonth ago

    Brazil boats Madeira

  84. Coatomc

    CoatomcMonth ago

    The fountain captain needs to be fired

  85. Dave Mello

    Dave MelloMonth ago

    The real question is was he trying to soak them or did he really f up

  86. KRL Productions

    KRL ProductionsMonth ago

    That is one idiot dad


    BOBA FEDERALMonth ago

    Forget the boats keep filming the ladies....

  88. Armand Desarrierespays

    Armand DesarrierespaysMonth ago

    Fountain boat, all I can hear is Jeremy Clarkson yelling power!

  89. Rocky Milano

    Rocky MilanoMonth ago

    Look how beautiful the family is behind the raunchy skank on the bike at 4:23

  90. Bruce7

    Bruce7Month ago

    As slow as that 'Fountain' Cap'n was driving it was ready to become a 'Fountain of the Sea.' 'Midnight Express' was like, 'Ocean get out of my way.' ' 'Boston Whaler' 'experience.' 'Dusky' just wanted on camera.

  91. rick culbertson

    rick culbertsonMonth ago

    like a sub

  92. John Bowen

    John BowenMonth ago


  93. t dub

    t dubMonth ago

    Mystery boat looks like a Grady White?

  94. Low Pressure

    Low PressureMonth ago

    So how is the Grady a “mystery boat”? Solid classic! The Invincible Capt needs to go to school 😜

  95. Dave Mello

    Dave MelloMonth ago

    I think he was trying to soak his kids but ethier way agreed

  96. SlothPicker

    SlothPickerMonth ago

    We need to bring them to justice! Or at least start up some sort of protest, with signs and slogans!

  97. Codey b

    Codey bMonth ago

    Aquasport lost her top in the swells that day.

  98. Sordray

    SordrayMonth ago

    The best " driver" was the REGAL - takes all the waves he could get...! :-)

  99. lZEOBA

    lZEOBAMonth ago

    I liked it. Nice & smooth.

  100. Jeff Splawn

    Jeff SplawnMonth ago

    Hard to watch

  101. ChromeDove

    ChromeDoveMonth ago

    His pass was terrible. Another idiot who doesn't know how to use the trim to raise the bow. smh.

  102. Robert Black

    Robert BlackMonth ago

    Beer or Baby, tough choice

  103. William Strahan

    William StrahanMonth ago

    more speed

  104. Fly gal

    Fly galMonth ago

    I don’t own a boat but I think I could do a better job than a lot of these people just from watching these vids

  105. Patrick Craney

    Patrick CraneyMonth ago

    not all heroes wear capes !

  106. Dennis Underwood

    Dennis UnderwoodMonth ago

    The dude in the blue Fountain doesnt know what he is doing

  107. Dennis Underwood

    Dennis UnderwoodMonth ago

    Maybe mystery boat is a Grady White walk around