Boca Inlet always an inlet to navigate with caution. Shallow and rough waves make this one of Florida's most dangerous inlets. Boats constantly run into issues here with lots of close calls. More videos coming from our second home, Boca Inlet.
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  1. Wavy Boats

    Wavy BoatsMonth ago

    We blurred the flag because it was derogatory towards women. It was not a political flag. 👍

  2. C5Ron7

    C5Ron725 days ago

    @heavy impact I'm with you 100% along with 80 million LIVING & LEGAL Voters!

  3. C5Ron7

    C5Ron725 days ago

    👍👍😎⚓ Thank you for clearing that up for us, I was thinking it was another type of Flag, one that is not offensive to me and many others!

  4. Glenn Roberts

    Glenn Roberts27 days ago

    So are you saying all women are whores? My son is a whore.......he has 4 kids by 3 different women.........

  5. Beach Walker

    Beach Walker28 days ago

    LOL It read "Saturdays ARE FOR THE WH......or......e....s"

  6. Victor Buck

    Victor BuckMonth ago

    I was trying to read it backwards, before the blur...and caught one word. I was done, at that point.

  7. Mark Gardner

    Mark Gardner9 days ago

    Thank God you comment was the first I read. I will take back my thumbs down and add an up.

  8. Simon Assouline

    Simon Assouline13 days ago

    Midnight submarine, is one of the ugliest boats I have ever seen! Poor design and layout!

  9. Simon Assouline

    Simon Assouline13 days ago

    Freeman make’s all those monohull’s, like children at a playground! Freeman is the true all around fishing machine, eats up all size of waves!

  10. Eric06410

    Eric0641014 days ago

    Kid in bow without vest. Man I get so 😡

  11. OzZie

    OzZie17 days ago

    I don’t know jack shit about boats. How are the people supposed to navigate that tie coming in and out when they are to got out? I never knew that a tie could be so powerful that even boats have a hard time going against. BTW Thanks for the vid man. Every time I watch them it’s like I’m in a trance. Can’t stop watching them, waiting for asshole to wreck his or her boat😂🤣😂🤣

  12. OG_PIayer242 FTW

    OG_PIayer242 FTW17 days ago

    8:15 those look like Mercury’s to me. I think I even saw a logo on it

  13. Kona Blue GT

    Kona Blue GT18 days ago

    i’ll never get into boats but this is definitely entertaining to watch

  14. ButterBall

    ButterBall20 days ago

    Have you ever seen a boat sink?

  15. Glenn Roberts

    Glenn Roberts28 days ago

    I wouldn't go out of this inlet in a submarine!!!!

  16. STI

    STI29 days ago

    And the ole reliable Boston Whaler comes in and crushes the place while the expensive big boats get stuffed

  17. Mark Simons

    Mark Simons29 days ago

    why the flag censoring??

  18. Victor Buck

    Victor BuckMonth ago

    What was the length of the BW open at 6:30?

  19. khunnicut

    khunnicutMonth ago

    I see these boats looking like a turd in the washing machine as they try to navigate out of the inlet. Do the conditions improve once they are further out, or is this just what their day is gunna be like?

  20. wordreet

    wordreetMonth ago

    Those guys displaying that flag have a dirty bottom anyway.

  21. treashurehunter 800

    treashurehunter 800Month ago

    :30 in should start that song:bang your head!mental health will drive you mad!🧐🏴‍☠️⚔️

  22. Joseph Byrd

    Joseph ByrdMonth ago

    You'd think these stupid morons would all be wearing life jackets, while crossing this treacherous inlet, especially making young children wear them.

  23. The_ Sword

    The_ SwordMonth ago

    Women don't need a flag to degrade them. They do it all by themselves almost every time they get in front of a camera. Usually that flag says, "Saturdays Are For The Girls". Never saw one that replaced the word Girls for Who r's

  24. MegaGuitarpicker

    MegaGuitarpickerMonth ago

    You can meet the most intelligent, intoxicated people in boats sometimes.

  25. Ribbs

    RibbsMonth ago

    Not the sexiest boat, but the Freeman holl design makes quick work of this inlet.

  26. Abbestederweg

    AbbestederwegMonth ago

    No life jackets on (not even a child), leaving the child in the bow, incredibly stupid. It also remains special to see how many people underestimate the sea. Nice videos by the way!

  27. Oh Boy

    Oh BoyMonth ago

    That second boat needs a more experienced captain. It’s a boat, not a porcelain doll. Drive the damn thing like it’s meant to be. It’s amazing more boats aren’t lost at sea with as many inexperienced operators

  28. Damien Marsh

    Damien MarshMonth ago

    Why the duck did you block the flag??????? Free speech ffs😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  29. jeffrey sisti

    jeffrey sistiMonth ago

    Doesn't look fun.

  30. BRAND-X

    BRAND-XMonth ago

    Those Boston Whalers always impress don't they? They seem to make any skipper look good.

  31. Charles Metherd

    Charles MetherdMonth ago

    That guy on the PWC was no gentleman.

  32. Nate VanSloten

    Nate VanSlotenMonth ago

    First couple obviously doesn't value their child

  33. seateg12

    seateg12Month ago

    Did I just watch Mom and Dad sit cushy while their son is in the bow with NO life vest? Omg....I'll never get it😢

  34. Fin

    FinMonth ago

    Homeboy lost his Kools.

  35. Fin

    FinMonth ago

    Fuck blurring the flag. Let folks make up their own minds.

  36. ckhallock88

    ckhallock88Month ago

    7:00 So like is everyone 12 here? I must be getting old! 😲⚓

  37. Aimee Perry

    Aimee PerryMonth ago

    Hi there!!! Visited Haulover Inlet from NC because of your channel

  38. Denis

    DenisMonth ago

    I'm new to this channel, but love the content. As a former resident of Key West and now of Tampa I've seen plenty of dodgy captains. Quick question, is there another way in and out of this area? If a captain see's the inlet is way too choppy for his vessel to come back in or to head out, can he do so via another channel? And if so, how close is it? Thanks.

  39. Paul Mahy

    Paul MahyMonth ago

    Bowriders and Midnight Expresses (and others of that ilk), should be renamed Seascoops!

  40. potato lew44

    potato lew44Month ago

    Those goddamn jet skis should be outlawed in the inlet. There are a few inlets in New Jersey where it is illegal to operate them.

  41. andy bevens

    andy bevensMonth ago

    Why are life jackets hardly ever worn? On the kids forsure? Just don’t get that...

  42. Dis Count

    Dis CountMonth ago

    that dog loves cats

  43. Johan Ankarbäck

    Johan AnkarbäckMonth ago

    What is the advantage with 3, 4 or 5 big outboards? They make the boat very heavy in the rear and they are super expensive. Why not use a couple of inboard V8s instead? They are cheaper, easier to maintain and the boat gets better balanced weight vice.

  44. Douglas Gross

    Douglas GrossMonth ago

    bow dog has better sea legs than some people!!!!!

  45. Alessandro Bacci

    Alessandro BacciMonth ago

    Dangerous boats and dangerous drivers, I would say...

  46. Oleg Sidorov

    Oleg SidorovMonth ago

    Почему люди без спасательных жилетах выходят, это же не безопастно

  47. lfs 666

    lfs 666Month ago

    Cualquier tontería les ofende , es la tónica general en estos tiempos. Todo el mundo se ofende por todo, y se tiene que censurar lo que no nos gusta. Así vamos.

  48. Maersk Jockey

    Maersk JockeyMonth ago

    Nice to see the Chaparral driver slowing down and reading the waves instead of gunning the engines and porpoising like hell.

  49. Johnny schmidt

    Johnny schmidtMonth ago

    Taking kids and families out on a rough day is stupid 🙃

  50. ir4kk

    ir4kkMonth ago

    Loved the Superboat 6:46

  51. Chester Raybon

    Chester RaybonMonth ago

    Looks as if a lot of these idiots get to a certain spot and they shut the engine off. I just don't get it. Great video.

  52. dazaspc

    dazaspcMonth ago

    8:17 I wonder if the dog has ever gone overboard?

  53. rjr 4949

    rjr 4949Month ago

    If that kid is under 13 he should be wearing a pfd

  54. Sa Schok

    Sa SchokMonth ago

    Life jackets must be incredibly expensive in Florida!

  55. tominator23

    tominator2325 days ago

    Stupid people come a dime a dozen though.

  56. Shamus Carmicheal

    Shamus CarmichealMonth ago

    has people died from this place and if so does any one know where i can find stats on it?

  57. Adam Harness

    Adam HarnessMonth ago

    7:00 I swear Boston Whalers handle so nice

  58. deadkemper

    deadkemperMonth ago

    I was thinking the same, they make light work of the rough stuff

  59. Eli Anselmi

    Eli AnselmiMonth ago

    That kid driving the BW at 2:05 just nailed the inlet! I was impressed as to how well he did it! Right pace, bow up, picked a great line, and killed it again the second time @ 6:25 ! That kid knows what he is doing! The Hydra-Sports @ 3:05 and the Contender at 4:55 both just slayed the inlet!

  60. Le Clark

    Le ClarkMonth ago

    Thats the hardest they worked all day, getting them butts back on that jet ski.

  61. Dave Woff

    Dave WoffMonth ago

    FFS keep that dog in the cockpit , let your kids fall off all you like but the dog doesn't know any better, morons!

  62. André

    AndréMonth ago

    Some know what they're doing, others don't, but most just want to be filmed...

  63. Marcus Keeler

    Marcus KeelerMonth ago

    That first boat boggles my mind. him, her and junior, Junior up front in the most dangerous position, no life belts/jackets. I mean, do these people think that merely identifying themselves as people who won't drown actually works?

  64. WD Hewson

    WD HewsonMonth ago

    The dog has sea legs.............

  65. Coatomc

    CoatomcMonth ago

    7:00 children 😕

  66. Coatomc

    CoatomcMonth ago

    That hydrasport cut thru like butter

  67. logan holmberg

    logan holmbergMonth ago

    Jesus if your not going to wear a life jacket fine but get ones for your dogs. From personal experience they are worth every penny. Especially the ones with nice grab handles to haul your dog back in the boat for WHEN not if the fall or jump in.

  68. Jimmy R

    Jimmy RMonth ago

    Love the dog! And what about helping his BIG girl get back on the jet ski?

  69. Wavy Boats

    Wavy BoatsMonth ago

    Jimmy, I'm pretty sure that was a man and not a girl. 😂

  70. Jimmy R

    Jimmy RMonth ago

    @wjatube the stability makes sense. I didn't think about that

  71. wjatube

    wjatubeMonth ago

    Haha.. I've seen heavy people try and pull each other up and fail miserably. With big boy upfront he provides a little stability for girl to hoist herself up. But if she can't she shouldn't be out there.

  72. DeFo Matt

    DeFo MattMonth ago

    That Freeman is a work of art. Such a beautiful masterpiece

  73. R Yeckley

    R YeckleyMonth ago

    I always thought a sailfish had an over pronounced bow which made it a short boat. Guess I’m now schooled at how productive they can be in rough inlets, but that’s all and I still don’t want one,

  74. jroar123

    jroar123Month ago

    Back in 1976 I was 12, my family went on a vacation from the city of Sunrise to Key West. Friends of ours had a sailboat and we all went out. I wanted to sit in the front of the boat and road it like a champ until the waves got large enough to split our rudder. My only regret was not having any sun screen on. My thighs blistered to the point my skin began separating filling up with liquid. We drove back up to Fort Lauderdale for the bicentennial 4th of July fireworks display from barges just off the beach. They we something to see with boats traveling up and down just off shore with lights flashing in all kinds of color. When it was over I asked my father to take me to see a doctor. He told me to suck it up and I did for another hour. Being where we were, the Hospital was close. I walked to it while my parents and brother socialized with friends. I walked in and found one of the doctors. I thought he was going to make me fill out paperwork and charge me an arm and a leg. He took one look at my blistered legs and put me in a room and 2 doctors showed up. I told them Being 12 that I didn’t have insurance nor money and they told me to relax. They put in a room, came in with a few other doctors, gave me an IV with pain killer and pealed the dead skin away releasing all the fluid. It was like magic to feel the relieve from the pain. They bandaged me up and sent me on my way with an appointment to return in a few days. I found my family who thought I went for a walk on the beach. I told them what had happened to me and we went home. After I was all healed up I found the doctors house (actually both doctors) and washed their cars and mowed their grass for 10 weeks. They wanted to pay me but I told them they already did.

  75. LAVIN20

    LAVIN20Month ago

    A complete American horror story. No health insurance neglectful parents.just awful

  76. Jasom Kovac

    Jasom KovacMonth ago

    Not being pc, but wtf was wrong with your parents?

  77. wjatube

    wjatubeMonth ago

    Great memory. Thanks for sharing.

  78. TheGreat Restart

    TheGreat RestartMonth ago

    Blurred a flag?! That’s not cool

  79. Fleebob

    FleebobMonth ago

    At 7:25 now we’re talking! Damn! Love me some Midnight Express!!

  80. Musicians Hotsheet

    Musicians HotsheetMonth ago

    Freeman Cat, Superboat, Midnight Express, and, of course, the Boston Whalers, were the big winners.

  81. frank columbo

    frank columboMonth ago

    07:58 unsecured Dog on the Focsle + Haulover .....What could POSSIBLY go wrong 🤦‍♂️

  82. Jason Johnson

    Jason JohnsonMonth ago

    Why are you blocking out the flags on the boats? This is new! Your part of the cancel culture! Your censoring public expression just like USlikes!!! You have sold out!!! It’s all about the money! You need to stop that immediately!!!

  83. Coatomc

    CoatomcMonth ago

    😂 calm, ALL THE WAY DOWN

  84. westeh

    westehMonth ago

    @Wavy Boats what did it say to be blocked out ? I agree it's pathetic and is un American.

  85. Jason Johnson

    Jason JohnsonMonth ago

    Thank you for the info update

  86. Wavy Boats

    Wavy BoatsMonth ago

    Just this one flag Jason. 👍

  87. frank columbo

    frank columboMonth ago

    06:23 Always the Thinking Mans choice in category

  88. Gary Eaton

    Gary EatonMonth ago

    Another enjoyable video, than you.

  89. Wavy Boats

    Wavy BoatsMonth ago

    Thnxs for being here Gary!

  90. D T

    D TMonth ago

    No lifejacket on the kid in the Sailfish, simply reckless!!!!

  91. pigybak

    pigybakMonth ago

    Boca rocks!!

  92. Tractorman 1956

    Tractorman 1956Month ago

    Haven't seen a FREEMAN in a long time - owned it (of course) @4:00 - was beginning to wonder if they "wimped out" at Boca - evidently NOT !!!!

  93. Christopher Slane

    Christopher SlaneMonth ago

    Didn’t see a boat “caught”. Hey guys, I’m going to watch these if the heading is as generic as “Boats at the inlet”, so stop with the tease.

  94. Wavy Boats

    Wavy BoatsMonth ago

    Noted. Thanks for the support Chris. 😂

  95. Bob Bob

    Bob BobMonth ago

    @1:00 That is not a Pursuit, it is a, Boston Whaler 285 Conquest

  96. Aquatic Mullet

    Aquatic MulletMonth ago

    8:25 we weeeeeeee this is fun weeeeeeeeee

  97. lardo666

    lardo666Month ago

    And the kids on the Boston Whaler at 7:17 show how to do it - just 60hp, wait 'til the waves aren't crazy big, get on the plane and drive sensibly ... There is hope for the future

  98. Sa Schok

    Sa SchokMonth ago



    UBZUKKIMonth ago

    Freeman's always making light work of rough conditions

  100. Musicians Hotsheet

    Musicians HotsheetMonth ago

    The slim cats seem to do very well. Extra stability, but still pretty maneuverable.

  101. Jeff Wulf

    Jeff WulfMonth ago

    Downvote for every uncensored trump flag.

  102. Mike Pilawa

    Mike PilawaMonth ago

    Oh man you really showed him! Watch out

  103. Timothy Mutchler

    Timothy MutchlerMonth ago

    Wasn't a tRump flag, but since you are one of his flock, it makes sense you were not bright enough to figure that out

  104. Jeff Wulf

    Jeff WulfMonth ago

    If you're going to censor flags, censor all the god-awful trump flags, eh?

  105. Unebi _

    Unebi _Month ago

    Ah yes, censorship, only the tolerant left

  106. Freedom Ring

    Freedom RingMonth ago

    I love the snowflakes complaining about the TRUMP flag. I believe it's the democraps that want to ban fuel burning engines... you know ,the kind that run these nice boats.

  107. Coatomc

    CoatomcMonth ago

    I can’t believe how many of those flags are still flying 😂😂 it’s hilarious

  108. Mike Pilawa

    Mike PilawaMonth ago

    Awww poor baby

  109. Timothy Mutchler

    Timothy MutchlerMonth ago

    Came here to say this. tRump is more offensive than that blurred flag

  110. Spencer Carosella

    Spencer CarosellaMonth ago

    start posting the date that the videos were recorded! I always see someone recording me but I can never find my boat in your videos

  111. Lion of Judea

    Lion of JudeaMonth ago

    Thank Goodness! I dont care what exactly the flags say. Just enough of the hate. Love your channel... I grew up at Haulover, circa 1974. 😎👍

  112. Mark

    MarkMonth ago

    Hi Wavy Boats . LOVE your vlogs . Always beautiful quality & content . Thanks for blurring the flag & showing respect to women . God bless . 💘🧡💛💚💙💜 Mark (Toronto)

  113. Blue Friend

    Blue FriendMonth ago

    People in the water next to a jet ski and other boats flying by going 30 knots.. talk about boating a holes lol...Great video though!! 🤠

  114. Mark Wandrey

    Mark WandreyMonth ago

    Love the dickhead in the jetski, not even giving his passenger a hand back aboard.

  115. Dirk Diggler

    Dirk DigglerMonth ago

    *No life Vest Where is CPS, oh yea taking away peoples children!*

  116. Chris

    ChrisMonth ago

    Been watching too many of these, I only have a canoe in Missouri but now at 5:45 I'm like "Too slow, need to be at minimum planing speed."

  117. Benweiser22

    Benweiser22Month ago

    Put a life vest on that dog! Dog is on the bow on one of the more rough days I've seen here, we all know how easy people and objects have gone overboard.

  118. Daffy Duck

    Daffy DuckMonth ago

    @BRAND-X did you see the stance on his front legs wide as hell. Not his first canoe trip.👍

  119. BRAND-X

    BRAND-XMonth ago

    That Salty dog knew exactly what he was doing, very impressive

  120. Blue Friend

    Blue FriendMonth ago

    @Daffy Duck whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 🤪🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🤗😎

  121. Daffy Duck

    Daffy DuckMonth ago

    The dog is fine quit being such a whiner.

  122. Blue Friend

    Blue FriendMonth ago

    My dog's wouldn't be up there on the bow I don't care how much they like it.. I'd wait for much easier waters to let them roam around up front. 👍

  123. Guppy Galaxy

    Guppy GalaxyMonth ago


  124. finster444k

    finster444kMonth ago

    I’m not sure if it’s the hull design or a good Captain but Boston W’s always make it look easy..

  125. Warren Miller

    Warren Miller21 day ago

    Sebastian inlet near me is similar to Haulover. We took my friends Whaler through for years on the nastiest days and it was remarkable.

  126. Nate VanSloten

    Nate VanSlotenMonth ago

    Hull design! Work as a technician @ a whaler dealership/marina they are the best when it comes to rough water

  127. Zarcondeegrissom

    ZarcondeegrissomMonth ago

    @Matthew Mizell Carolina flare, or the atlantic bow on larger ships, yeah, so true. and an idiot (or well-placed ww2 bomb) can still sink them. lack of proper maintenance can as well, however that can be called an idiot sinking a boat I guess.

  128. Tim Wallace

    Tim WallaceMonth ago

    Following seas

  129. Tito Cuba

    Tito CubaMonth ago

    He was coming in tho

  130. Gerhard van Waltsleben

    Gerhard van WaltslebenMonth ago

    Lekker man lekker

  131. Matt Ringler

    Matt RinglerMonth ago

    Tasty man tasty ;)

  132. Spike Bender

    Spike BenderMonth ago

    Cool vid!

  133. Wavy Boats

    Wavy BoatsMonth ago

    Thnxs Spike! 🍻

  134. boosted saleen

    boosted saleenMonth ago

    Where is that kids life jacket dumb ass parents

  135. OldIron Addiction

    OldIron AddictionMonth ago

    That flag that says "Saturdays are for the whores". LOL

  136. Zpeed7

    Zpeed7Month ago

    Man, that kid without a life jacket on the bow 🤦‍♂️...

  137. Peter Savage

    Peter SavageMonth ago

    My view , not held by sone , both the adults should be hauled before law officials for reckless endangerment. I’m really glad the kill chord law has been changed recently but the life jacket / preserver law needs to be sorted and quickly .

  138. Zarcondeegrissom

    ZarcondeegrissomMonth ago

    @Wavy Boats and atypical, antenna folded down for the worst reception possible if any help calls need to be made. completely prepared for staying inside the garage at home.

  139. Wavy Boats

    Wavy BoatsMonth ago

    Very risky at Boca Inlet under these conditions. 😳


    AWAKENSMINDMonth ago

    very nice video!!!!!!!

  141. Wavy Boats

    Wavy BoatsMonth ago

    Thnxs ! 👍

  142. Joey Pinter

    Joey PinterMonth ago

    why did you block or cover the Trump flag at 5:40??

  143. Timothy Mutchler

    Timothy MutchlerMonth ago

    Because tRump is offensive and needs to be blurred out

  144. Wavy Boats

    Wavy BoatsMonth ago

    Wrote about it above Joey. 👍

  145. Linda Butler

    Linda ButlerMonth ago

    Boy its a rough going today wow hang on tight

  146. Wavy Boats

    Wavy BoatsMonth ago

    You sneeze near Boca Inlet and it gets rough. Never seen an Inlet turn on so easy.

  147. Bill vS

    Bill vSMonth ago

    Whalers nail it! Dog riding the bow unattached - not so much.

  148. heavy impact

    heavy impactMonth ago

    Americans exorcising their freedom. If doggy falls in he will swim just fine until his humans rescue him. I'd much rather see him free and happy than tied and miserable.

  149. Wavy Boats

    Wavy BoatsMonth ago

    Love that pup!