Rough waves at Haulover Inlet always a challenge for the small boats.
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  1. Wavy Boats

    Wavy BoatsMonth ago

    So what was the guy in the Intrepid doing? He almost threw himself off the boat! 😳

  2. Dane Rayan

    Dane Rayan12 days ago

    @Zeke Cash Yea, I have been using Flixzone for years myself :D

  3. Zeke Cash

    Zeke Cash12 days ago

    a tip: watch series on flixzone. Been using them for watching loads of movies during the lockdown.

  4. alan6832

    alan683214 days ago

    @dan patterson the boat went straight for a moment while airborne and then jerked to port when it landed, and he wasn't ready; plus he was showing off.

  5. Sven Norén

    Sven Norén16 days ago

    Classic case of "More money than sense".

  6. Jake L

    Jake LMonth ago

    Show boating.

  7. enginepy

    enginepy7 days ago

    There’s Iceman again. Such a great boat

  8. Omnius

    Omnius12 days ago

    Those Sea-Doos look great! Are the Scarab versions pretty much the same?

  9. 49827ij

    49827ij12 days ago

    Those Evinrudes almost always under the water...

  10. Schepp Aviation

    Schepp Aviation14 days ago

    How would a SeaRay 180 bow rider do through here?

  11. NCshooter1213

    NCshooter121325 days ago

    Couldn't imagine the cost on a boat like the beast. Seeing 6 mercs blows my mind. Imagine what it costs for the annual water pump for a setup like im to poor I guess. My single mercury optipop 225 is enough!

  12. Karlees Channel

    Karlees Channel28 days ago

    He must of not of been looking where he wanted to go. I’ve never driven a boat, I have bikes. I know on a bike if you look one direction for rocking you’ll start driving that direction.

  13. Edvard S Curtis

    Edvard S CurtisMonth ago


  14. Aidan van Weert

    Aidan van WeertMonth ago

    Cant believe we made it to video 4:33

  15. Victor Buck

    Victor BuckMonth ago

    Fool. Playing to the crowd at Haulover rarely goes well.

  16. MrTommyjaxx

    MrTommyjaxxMonth ago

    Haha Can't believe I made the video 5:40 Seadoo Speedster. thanks OP

  17. SmashGhost

    SmashGhostMonth ago

    The second Sea-Doo might be equipped with Hydro Turf deck mats, but the model is Challenger 180

  18. Remy Aponte

    Remy AponteMonth ago

    Yes I think it’s a 2008 challenger

  19. Jason B

    Jason BMonth ago

    Thanks for posting. The sound of the first boat is super relaxing, you could even make an ambient noise app out of this.

  20. Scott Andersen

    Scott AndersenMonth ago

    It’s a boat.

  21. fruckler bullpit

    fruckler bullpitMonth ago

    And I love that first boat. I watched that thing hammering along over and over. Some cunts got a bit of cash.. damn, and then I saw them last few YARTS! so I'll rephrase what I said, some cunts got shitloads of cash..

  22. fruckler bullpit

    fruckler bullpitMonth ago

    The second boat had a helicopter engine in it by the sound of it. Even had rotor noise..

  23. fruckler bullpit

    fruckler bullpitMonth ago

    I love how at 2:06, the chick bending over keeps her legs relatively straight. If them bikini bottoms were invisible you'd pretty much see up her..

  24. George B_

    George B_Month ago

    I have a Jeanneau cap camarat 9.0 wa, i have never seen it in your video...😔

  25. Fladydoc

    FladydocMonth ago

    That Lilly boat was gorgeous. Wonder who owns that.

  26. John Hackleman

    John HacklemanMonth ago

    I love when the big monsters come through. I’m like I wonder what country they own.

  27. Steve Sullivan

    Steve SullivanMonth ago

    Haha... agree. They come through the inlet like they own it. Certainly nice to see.

  28. alan norman

    alan normanMonth ago

    I don't see to many steiger crafts outside of the ny area. Nice to see a 28 pilot house in Miami.

  29. Mark Feldman

    Mark FeldmanMonth ago

    I have gone through Baker's Haulover at least 50 times. Just as you exit, the seas get really rough!

  30. waynebrnrd0427

    waynebrnrd0427Month ago

    Mystery Boat #2 John Almand citation 23’ . Built in Dade county

  31. Jimmy Houser

    Jimmy HouserMonth ago

    Mystery boat a shamrock 20' cuddy

  32. J T

    J TMonth ago

    Easiest way to spot a noob/kook? You probably think it’s dude in the lake boat with more than half of passengers in bow but that’s obvious. The real tell VHF antenna ‘s folded down. Plenty of high-quality fishing machines headed out w/antenna’s down. #cluelessCaptains

  33. frank columbo

    frank columboMonth ago

    03:30 ⚠️ His ego is writing Checks his Body can’t Cash 🚫 Get that man an Engine kill switch tether 👍

  34. Swampfox321

    Swampfox321Month ago

    Boats should require seat belts.

  35. Joey 9

    Joey 9Month ago

    A boat of that caliber isn’t meant to turn that fast and sharp. My 20ft you can’t turn HARD at full throttle and not have any problems



    That would of been amazing if he got thrown out and the boat went straight out to sea hahaha

  37. N1originalgazza

    N1originalgazzaMonth ago

    Lol! The guy wanted to show off but the only thing he showed was his stupidity!

  38. Tampa Tom Fishing

    Tampa Tom FishingMonth ago

    3:33 😂 I think he wanted to show off cause he knew he was on wavy boats!

  39. Tom Drummy

    Tom DrummyMonth ago

    Guy on intrepid thought he was on his jet ski . Those evinrude outboards scare me........they look like they are underwater ?

  40. Roger Z

    Roger ZMonth ago

    What do I think went wrong with the Intrepid? The guy operating it was showing off for the camera thats what went wrong!

  41. Michael Wojciechowski

    Michael WojciechowskiMonth ago

    I think that “captain” was just showing off and lost it.....trying to be a USlikes star, but farted and fell back.

  42. TSTDecimatedByMe

    TSTDecimatedByMeMonth ago

    That guy was trying to show off in front of you and the camera and instead made himself look dumb by falling and losing control of his boat lol

  43. mr ReEsH

    mr ReEsHMonth ago

    First midnight express was crashing hourlover inlet

  44. Z 7691

    Z 7691Month ago

    How abiut a view (camera) inside a boat?

  45. André

    AndréMonth ago

    3:41 a jerk at is best!

  46. Mase Sharp

    Mase SharpMonth ago

    That Steiger is well ballasted.... :D

  47. Craig Moon

    Craig MoonMonth ago

    3:37 dude 💩 him self for sure!!!! No 🧠 where are the 👮‍♂️ for a shmuck like this doooffuuss!

  48. llamawizard

    llamawizardMonth ago

    What an idiot in that intrepid. That Steiger with the twin evinrudes was sweet.

  49. Rocky Milano

    Rocky MilanoMonth ago

    So when is the coast guard going to outlaw people riding on bow of boats through any inlet anywhere?

  50. mrwascally t

    mrwascally tMonth ago

    looked and sounded like cavitation then when it set back down it grabbed . reality check for capn dumdum

  51. Ron Duncan

    Ron DuncanMonth ago

    Love seeing the Beast!

  52. Wavy Boats

    Wavy BoatsMonth ago

    It's a beautiful machine. 👍

  53. Darrin Saatkamp

    Darrin SaatkampMonth ago

    Well would you look at that. The Pershing came out to play!

  54. JP L

    JP LMonth ago

    The hissing sound of the Pershing...🍆

  55. Wavy Boats

    Wavy BoatsMonth ago

    Music to the ears! 🎵

  56. Southern Ontario Palms and Tropicals

    Southern Ontario Palms and TropicalsMonth ago

    The midnight express are the best for sure!

  57. Judith Chambers

    Judith ChambersMonth ago

    The Intrepid dude was trying to show off. Too much boat for that guy. I wonder if Daddy knows Jr took the boat out for a spin?

  58. Zarcondeegrissom

    ZarcondeegrissomMonth ago

    mystery boat 0:28 hmmm. maybe that's just the "dukes of Haulover county", social media just baned their iconic car and flag, lol.

  59. Zarcondeegrissom

    ZarcondeegrissomMonth ago

    7:36 I have an idea, lets put a giant window on the side of a small ship down at the waterline, and then let them be used in rough water inlets in hurricane ally... (guinness guys) BRILLIANT! lol.

  60. Maersk Jockey

    Maersk JockeyMonth ago

    Yeah, great idea, can get your cabins washed for free🤪

  61. Stout Tossme

    Stout TossmeMonth ago

    Love it when a show-off eats shit. Lol

  62. kirk0respite

    kirk0respiteMonth ago

    STEIGER CRAFT! Best fishing boats out there Long Island

  63. Jose' A

    Jose' AMonth ago

    What happened is that the boat had more ass than the captain and he was trying to show off for you. What a Squid

  64. NSCR2020

    NSCR2020Month ago

    Showboating led to a little cavitation and loss of control. Dumbass

  65. lpfdemt

    lpfdemtMonth ago

    First of all, showing off for the cameras, 2nd turning broadside into the waves

  66. Chester Raybon

    Chester RaybonMonth ago

    Proof again that you can't idiot proof boats. If he had a lost that sucker it could have killed several people. Great video as always.

  67. Justin Hall

    Justin HallMonth ago

    I can’t believe I made the channel 1:40 this made my vacation thank you

  68. alan6832

    alan683214 days ago

    Nice little boat, compared to most of these monstrous wastes.

  69. Matteo Citterio

    Matteo CitterioMonth ago

    Can an old Glastron Aventura be the mystery boat 1?

  70. Richard Barthelme

    Richard BarthelmeMonth ago

    ...leaned so much the keel came out of the water as did the drives on the starboard side, boat cavitated, stalled for a second, and rip the wheel right out of his hands...and definitely showed little in seaworthy skills, and more like...damn that was stupid.

  71. FruitBasket

    FruitBasketMonth ago

    6:50 Hydro Turf is a company that makes aftermarket products for jet skis and jet boats. The boat is a Sea Doo Challenger 180.

  72. P S

    P SMonth ago

    Yep. Definitely the challenger 180

  73. Roger

    RogerMonth ago

    Mystery - 20ft Bertram Moppie

  74. Roy Heffner

    Roy HeffnerMonth ago

    So where is the small boat struggling??

  75. PA_jeeper96

    PA_jeeper96Month ago

    The mystery boat is called a slick craft

  76. Ryan Wethington

    Ryan WethingtonMonth ago

    you guys rely know your boats lol good job

  77. Michael Davis

    Michael DavisMonth ago

    What if the guy was attempting to splash water on your equipment. A few practices and then when he got in your area he attempted a power sling type maneuver to dump water in your area.

  78. Jewelly 900

    Jewelly 900Month ago

    Love the way they edited the compilation to go straight from the Midnight Express to that tiny Unknown 😄 who says size doesn't matter !!!

  79. Ryan Wethington

    Ryan WethingtonMonth ago

    i think he was just trying to be a idiot showoff

  80. Darris B

    Darris BMonth ago

    6:52 these dudes got a red boat with a pink top WTF to that!

  81. Darris B

    Darris BMonth ago

    @FruitBasket man i didn't even think about that!

  82. FruitBasket

    FruitBasketMonth ago

    It probably was red at one point and is now extremely faded.

  83. Richard Pay

    Richard PayMonth ago

    Mystery boat sounds like a helicopter

  84. ostreds

    ostredsMonth ago

    @3:41...he was on acid and thought he was driving a jet ski

  85. Fleebob

    FleebobMonth ago

    What a way to kick off the video with The Beast!

  86. George Mitchell

    George MitchellMonth ago

    Some of the boats going out to open sea dont look like they belong anywhere other than a lake!

  87. Warren Miller

    Warren MillerMonth ago

    Mystery boat may be an old T Craft, made in the 70s up here in Titusville. Love your channel, makes Sebastian inlet look tame.

  88. alan6832

    alan683214 days ago

    It 's by far my favorite boat in the episode and in the last several episodes I saw. Not of these decadent wastes that are no challenge and a pretty good deck and windshield to deflect waves. A good, affordable boat! that owned that inlet on a per dollar basis!

  89. David Simmons

    David SimmonsMonth ago

    I agree! My father had one when I was a teen. Once we got through the cut at Port Everglades, I got to drive while he took care of the fishing gear. 21 foot, slept 2, had a head. Powered by a Buick V-6 mated to an OMC stern drive. Because of that engine, where the boat in the video had a back seat, Dad's had a big engine cover that you could sit on.

  90. Kind Man

    Kind ManMonth ago

    That seadoo had an extremely lucky day

  91. Frank James

    Frank JamesMonth ago

    Intrepid captain tried to showboat ! Ended up looking like a muppet !!

  92. Paul Mahy

    Paul MahyMonth ago

    That forward Bimini on the Sunseeker is brilliantly positioned to really screw up the helmsman's view from the flying bridge!

  93. navnig

    navnigMonth ago

    7:45 Love hearing those turbo's whine.......

  94. Dominga Venegas

    Dominga VenegasMonth ago

    En el mar la vida es más sabrosa en el mar se vive mucho más

  95. David Rivero

    David RiveroMonth ago

    Perfect Weekender Boat , which already happily started with the Steiger Crew.

  96. Ben Tatem

    Ben TatemMonth ago

    That intrepid was definitely a. Wavy boat.

  97. Freedom Ring

    Freedom RingMonth ago

    Just where do you piss and crap on them open boats?

  98. Guppy Galaxy

    Guppy GalaxyMonth ago

    49th... i was in school!! that was a bad time to upload 😂🙄

  99. Иван Милявский

    Иван МилявскийMonth ago

    If you bought a boat it doesn't say you bought brains

  100. Gerhard van Waltsleben

    Gerhard van WaltslebenMonth ago

    Lekker man lekker

  101. Tommy Gi

    Tommy GiMonth ago

    per minute 1:05 Steiger Craft, my favorite type of boat for a good weekend, hello from Italy.

  102. Steve Sullivan

    Steve SullivanMonth ago

    Cheers from Ireland Tommy!

  103. Moose Weatherman

    Moose WeathermanMonth ago

    Looks like he fucked around and found out

  104. lloyd holt

    lloyd holtMonth ago

    Looks like someone in the Intrepid took his brain out and left it on the shelf at home. To bad the police weren’t their to reaffirm his lack of good sense with a ticket or one hundred.

  105. Jimmy D'Amico

    Jimmy D'AmicoMonth ago

    Thanks for posting my Steiger Craft boat 😎 I bring it down every winter from New York to target sailfish, but usually run out of the inlet before daybreak. Yesterday I took my wife and a few friends down to the Key Biscayne area and wanted to make better time than running the inside. I’m a big fan of your channel & really appreciate seeing my northeast pilot house boat tackle the rough inlet 👍 - Jimmy

  106. Bert Heijne

    Bert HeijneMonth ago

    @Jimmy D'Amico Hi Jimmy, nice to hear, thus also good for the Netherlands. 😁 how about your evinrudes, are they any good? It's sucks that they stoped manufacturing I love them. In my naberhood was an employee and was layedoff sudendly he could understand why, he told me that they keep supplying parts and service. But for how long? still I think that evininrude are good oudboards. What's your opinion?

  107. Jimmy D'Amico

    Jimmy D'AmicoMonth ago

    @Bert Heijne Hi Bert - Love my Steiger Craft boat! Up in the northeast we fish in colder temps and running the cabin heat is awesome. Parker builds a similar boat, but the performance, design & finish of the Steiger is far superior (in my opinion). With regard to the Florida heat, my model is the Miami and with the windows open and fans “on” the shade of the pilot house is awesome + if a thunder shower passes by you stay dry 👍 - Jimmy

  108. Bert Heijne

    Bert HeijneMonth ago

    Hi Jimmy, Nice to see some rudes on your boat, not so common in Florida, how are the preforming and are you satisfied with them?

  109. Eddie Keeler

    Eddie KeelerMonth ago

    @Jimmy D'Amico I figured you were a snowbird. I grew up on the Island, moved to the City, then moved down here to Summerfield, FL. My move to FL was permanent. I miss the food and friends. Tight lines.

  110. Buschelob Ultra

    Buschelob UltraMonth ago

    @Jimmy D'Amico thats really cool I was asking just cause Im from Long Island as well so was wondering where you were coming out of.

  111. Wes Carpenter

    Wes CarpenterMonth ago

    I think the mystery boat is a Bertram 20' "moppie".. shot in the dark.

  112. Vander's Garage

    Vander's GarageMonth ago

    It's amazing the level of stupid some people achieve when they know cameras are rolling.

  113. The Gathering Within

    The Gathering WithinMonth ago

    right! and covid to boot. you can't fix stupid lol

  114. Mark Blackmore

    Mark BlackmoreMonth ago

    Gotta love the Pershings.

  115. C5Ron7

    C5Ron7Month ago


  116. Steve Dolan

    Steve DolanMonth ago

    Those little jet boats seem to handle the rough water better than much larger boats did...

  117. Chris Borona

    Chris BoronaMonth ago

    Ray hunt style hulls are bomb

  118. chuck yeager

    chuck yeagerMonth ago

    What went wrong? Dumb-ass hotdog at the controls.😲

  119. Chris Borona

    Chris BoronaMonth ago

    I think Bertram moppi is mystery boat

  120. Lorenzo Caimano

    Lorenzo CaimanoMonth ago

    shitty boat the midnight!! tremble everythinks

  121. Godfrey Daniel

    Godfrey DanielMonth ago

    A case of male "look at me" almost got the Intrepid "qualified captain" looking at his boat from the channel bottom.

  122. Maersk Jockey

    Maersk JockeyMonth ago

    Qualified Clown Captain 😂

  123. Michael Anderson

    Michael AndersonMonth ago

    The guy showboating could have looked so cool ... but reality is a bummer!

  124. Ryan Fleming

    Ryan FlemingMonth ago

    I'm brand new to your channel, watching from England, and I'm fully addicted to it! Subbed and liked, etc.

  125. Steve Sullivan

    Steve SullivanMonth ago

    Ryan... cheers from Ireland fella!

  126. Chasbo Daniels

    Chasbo DanielsMonth ago

    Agreed. Wavy’s videos are very entertaining and relaxing ... with a dash of boat-envy as well.

  127. Michigan Engineer

    Michigan EngineerMonth ago

    The Intrepid was a case of ""Too much boat, not enough brain". Numbskull let the testosterone take over and he was trying to show off for the cameras, at least it did look like he had the kill-strap attached.