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Wavy Boats
Wavy Boats

Haulover Inlet Boat Action!

As Miami natives, we get the opportunity to view and experience some gnarly boat action. Join me as I capture boats ripping through sunny Miami beaches and inlets!

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  1. Jim, Sr. X- Chief RHFD

    Jim, Sr. X- Chief RHFD9 hours ago

    Two kids, one a little kid, in the Sailfish without PFDs. What are these people thinking?

  2. ابو حازم

    ابو حازم9 hours ago


  3. San Foss

    San Foss9 hours ago

    😂😂😂 ops 😶

  4. TrailerParkPirate

    TrailerParkPirate9 hours ago

    the entire crew needs a napitoff

  5. Joe Schaab

    Joe Schaab9 hours ago

    In his defense, he is going to pick it up. That's way too light.... and beside. The police and coast guard don't patrol in heavy sea

  6. Jake Wilson

    Jake Wilson9 hours ago

    I just found boating videos so the stereotype may be true, I haven’t seen a single black person yet.

  7. Garry Mcgrath

    Garry Mcgrath9 hours ago

    I beat I could cross that bar in a 12 foot tinny with 20hp on the back

  8. Wesley Sousa

    Wesley Sousa9 hours ago

    Otaria kkkk

  9. kb bryant

    kb bryant9 hours ago

    Looks like someone lost there top

  10. whogivesa....

    whogivesa....9 hours ago

    No common sense detected

  11. Joe Schaab

    Joe Schaab9 hours ago

    That's perfectly fine way to tow your ski..... next time take off all the covers and drain plug really wash the inside and out side. Not enough people do it to be honest. It helps lower the resale value and your mechanic will love you.

  12. frank columbo

    frank columbo9 hours ago

    An entire crew of 🍔 McDonald’s Best customers 🍔

  13. Fred Prose

    Fred Prose9 hours ago

    Here, hold. my beer.

  14. gladiatorxxx

    gladiatorxxx9 hours ago

    She’s got all the porno pic in there !!! Imagen the husband seeing that with the others !!!

  15. Fred Prose

    Fred Prose9 hours ago

    Given the other bone-headed moves, I'm surprised they didn't go back for the life jacket.

  16. Fat Daddy

    Fat Daddy10 hours ago

    Oh my God I just realized what I look like when I'm trashed voting

  17. Patrick Herron

    Patrick Herron10 hours ago

    The operator of that boat should be ashamed of himself and that woman should be counting her graces. She is so dumb!

  18. C5Ron7

    C5Ron710 hours ago


  19. Mikka Linka

    Mikka Linka10 hours ago

    Freakin MIRACLE no one went overboard on the 1st boat!

  20. stringer 2295

    stringer 229510 hours ago

    Wow that 'Sunseeker 84' don't they make them in England.????

  21. cathy vollrath

    cathy vollrath10 hours ago

    And hardly any life jackets in sight...... smh You can't fix stupid, especially when they think they're being "cool"!

  22. Eliezer Lacerda

    Eliezer Lacerda10 hours ago

    A mulher levou umas trinta piruleta e não largou.o celular....esta é ninja heim.....😁😁🇧🇷🇧🇷

  23. Meirele

    Meirele10 hours ago

    0:30 Ignorant people are so said to see...

  24. Howard Swing

    Howard Swing10 hours ago

    Well that was a waste

  25. Equinox57

    Equinox5710 hours ago

    Nice Save!

  26. stringer 2295

    stringer 229510 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂😂 Captain Africa.

  27. Deerslyr81

    Deerslyr8110 hours ago

    2:08 damn son I’m expecting to see the boat off of Gilligans island trying to make it through there can you go and throw a yacht in on us!

  28. Jase Romero

    Jase Romero10 hours ago

    Overloaded to the Max

  29. Howard Swing

    Howard Swing10 hours ago


  30. Bret Jefferson

    Bret Jefferson10 hours ago

    Aye, she claims another 🤣

  31. James Bedfordshire

    James Bedfordshire10 hours ago

    Lol, been there, and done that! To funny.

  32. Scruffy NERF herder

    Scruffy NERF herder10 hours ago

    Hey man, I bought a boat.

  33. Naper tandy Issac butt

    Naper tandy Issac butt10 hours ago

    Save my phone

  34. pigybak

    pigybak10 hours ago

    show him the evidence.

  35. Lars-Åke Chesburg

    Lars-Åke Chesburg10 hours ago

    Hahaha, the guy was literally sleeping and this guy tries to blame him.

  36. mariano Wistful

    mariano Wistful10 hours ago

    it is absolutely necessary to list the sailboat, so that the keel is no longer stuck in the sand. The mainsail halyard is usually used, pulling it from another boat, to starboard or port side

  37. Daniel McAllister

    Daniel McAllister10 hours ago

    TRumpland land of the dumb home of the not very bright

  38. Colton Buckingham

    Colton Buckingham10 hours ago


  39. Tony Castle

    Tony Castle10 hours ago

    Not 1 person was seen throwing watermelon over the side to drop weight.

  40. Efe 99

    Efe 9910 hours ago

    Lol phone is dead already. If its not strong waterproof.

  41. Tyson Hirsch

    Tyson Hirsch10 hours ago

    The boat bouta fall over lmfao

  42. James Dorsijiuhjuh

    James Dorsijiuhjuh10 hours ago

    What a FUCKING TOOL!! needed a few more people on that boat! Not a braincell to be found!!!

  43. s k

    s k10 hours ago


  44. Ryan Stanley

    Ryan Stanley10 hours ago

    Work the throttle a little....

  45. Mel206

    Mel20610 hours ago


  46. Tractorman 1956

    Tractorman 195610 hours ago

    Where have all the Freeman's gone - north or south for the summer ??

  47. Rick Fountain, Jr.

    Rick Fountain, Jr.10 hours ago

    my god I want to be the head on that boat full of fine women!!!

  48. Hugh Jaass

    Hugh Jaass11 hours ago

    😂😂🤣😂👏👏 Outstanding driving by the Captain😂🤣😂👏👏🤣🤣

  49. David Prieto

    David Prieto11 hours ago


  50. Kai Hawai!!!

    Kai Hawai!!!11 hours ago

    Greatings from Germany


    MICHELOB11 hours ago

    I never want to see people in danger out on the water! But omfg lmfao 🤣 that is hilarious just seeing that many people on such a small boat! Come on! A little common sense people!Maybe open up the owners? Lol They should not be out on the ocean at all! Maybe a narrow canal for that boat ride! 🤦

  52. LostInPA - Dad Enduro

    LostInPA - Dad Enduro11 hours ago

    If I had a boat, I wouldn’t boat like this.

  53. lawrencemacd63

    lawrencemacd6311 hours ago

    Clueless boat owner

  54. B C

    B C11 hours ago

    I want to see the cabin on that pardo

  55. Todd Bounce

    Todd Bounce11 hours ago

    Wow, she's smart enough to be an anchor !!!

  56. Mari Mancini

    Mari Mancini11 hours ago

    Ah 😳 pobrecita 😂🤦

  57. label1877

    label187711 hours ago

    Nobody can read the load capacity rating?

  58. Adelino Araujo

    Adelino Araujo11 hours ago

    Delícia ao mar!

  59. Damon Denis

    Damon Denis11 hours ago

    The person driving should have his boating license suspended!

  60. vincent vetitoe

    vincent vetitoe11 hours ago

    Serious but dark question... How many people die here every year? This place seems like a free for all.

  61. ModernMuscleCar

    ModernMuscleCar11 hours ago

    It was a hot mess the moment they cast off. Nothing like 8 people in a 18 ft boat. And nobody has a clue.

  62. Piete Koo

    Piete Koo11 hours ago

    Aquatic rodeo.

  63. Kman

    Kman11 hours ago

    Captain of the Sailfish really should have a PFD on the little girl in the pink shirt. Just saying! 🌴😎🌴

  64. Fat Daddio

    Fat Daddio11 hours ago

    These idiots just hoping you will be there shooting video. No other reason

  65. kornhole 75

    kornhole 7511 hours ago

    A bad idea to stop in the breakers like he did. Let's just hang out in the washing machine

  66. M. V 33

    M. V 3311 hours ago

    Stupidità 100%

  67. Murf Rirhke

    Murf Rirhke11 hours ago

    That stray sea cow riding in the Scout is probably bruised.

  68. Erodoeht

    Erodoeht11 hours ago

    The waves are racist

  69. Jr Hembree

    Jr Hembree11 hours ago

    Throttle it up , . When that boat get on plane it will cut threw waves like butter . These boys are not boater or drug smugglers!

  70. Scott Arivett

    Scott Arivett11 hours ago

    You could get one of those picnic tables in the morning and be steadily entertained all day long

  71. Hank Reardon

    Hank Reardon12 hours ago


  72. Lowell Martin

    Lowell Martin12 hours ago

    Not that this dream will ever come true. A 40 - 50 sailing Cat rebuilt and converted to a electric power. That is about the only type boat I'd face a place like Haulover with.

  73. Chillee

    Chillee12 hours ago

    What’s the definition of stupidity, continuing the action without cause or concern........there’s a lot of stupidity in this video.

  74. Brad D

    Brad D12 hours ago

    Not sure , But I think that Hippo [email protected] herself around 45 seconds, either that or chiro will be into play , just saying.


    PROJECT ANUBIS12 hours ago

    You would’ve been better off driving backwards with all that water or putting everyone to the back of the boat and trim up the front…

  76. mr1derful74

    mr1derful7412 hours ago

    Boat sinking? Send it!

  77. Саня Бурят

    Саня Бурят12 hours ago

    Можно и так позвать ихтиандра.

  78. JPfromthaHood

    JPfromthaHood12 hours ago

    Theres something i need to tell you Girl .. If you're dead, that phone becomes useless, just sayin....

  79. Ellsworth Johnson

    Ellsworth Johnson12 hours ago

    That's right baby girl go get that my whole life is on my phone 📱